World of Warships- Johan De Witt Random Bundle Scam

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the JDW poll I put up over my vacation and the outright scam that appears to be happening.

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  1. At this point, anyone who is still interacting with WG’s bundles and containers are just asking to be scammed

    • @Kieran it takes two to tango, or to scam

    • @Kolyma indeed, one genius and one fool. Which one is the player base ?

    • I suspect each bundle an independent event. The odds then are 1-(71/72)eN, where N is the number of bundles opened. In this case the odds approach 1 as N increases but never actually equal 1. It would also result in a distribution like that reported in the poll.

    • Ib Erik Söderblom

      Absolutely true !

    • @Patrick Smith Doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s not a independent event.
      If the first bundle didn’t hit the jackpot, the next bundle’s possibility slightly increase. The possibility is “dependent” on the last try.

  2. Antonio Hagopian

    If you want a FREE ship this bad, you kind of deserve it. I mean, someone has to pay wg…

  3. And that’s why I am not paying a penny to WeeGee, and instead grinding out the early access to get Kijkduin (tier 6), and possibly higher.

  4. I’m starting to lose interest in WG and these bundles have a lot to do with it. If i want it ill grind it.

  5. Lick Kitty Split

    I just wish they gave more than what you get for each 1000 doubloons!

  6. Sorry, but who – after the last years’ actions – still throws money at WG is either an idiot or rich enough to burn money in his fireplace instead of wood.

  7. I got it on the second bundle. Was only going to do three. I don’t think the poll results reflect the reality. There’s definitely a large number of people who would just hit the last option. That being said, WG is scum incarnate when it comes to microtransaction FOMO manipulative bull.

  8. The guy who decided the business model at WeeGee is a genius.

    People will pay almost any amount to get their precious little pixel ships “before the plebs”. Reminds me of one of the truest sentences ever uttered by any man (P.T. Barnum in this case).

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

  9. Ive not been buying random bundles for years. WG sells their reputation all the time

  10. Got the 80 token pack as the first item, so I just bought it to get the camos

  11. tamas lapsanszki

    Wait, WG is focking over the community again? And people are throwing money and defending it?
    Jeremy: *Oh no. Anyway…*

  12. I trust that prince in Nigeria more with my money than WG

  13. People love the thrill of gambling. Especially when there’s a guaranteed win in there somewhere.

  14. if players want to pay thats no problem, the non even chance of getting the ship, well that’s another story.

  15. I remember when eairly access was free…

  16. Save your money boys….subs are coming!? And you know there will be an OP “rare” premium sub haha

  17. I guess the key question is how “random” legally does a “random” drawing have to be, is there a legal requirement that it is correctly proportioned, have WG made any statements to the odds in connection to it? Having played in SecondLife back when they allowed Casinos I have seen pretty much the worst of regulation in this regard

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    By your precise calculations, that means that Wargaming has scammed over $4 million dollars off players.
    Now, that’s just the 58%. Think about the rest of this poll and all the other players who Wargaming cashed in on that didn’t respond to the poll.
    That’s a lot of stupidity out there!😲

  19. While these bundles seem to be wildly skewed against early wins for the ship, it’s not like WG is money laundering or anything.

  20. “At a gas station in Arkansas” has surprisingly become my favorite phrase of today.

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