World of Warships – Johan de Witt Review – Airstrike Inbound!

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Review of the tier 9 Dutch tech tree cruiser the Johan de Witt, her strengths, weaknesses and the new air strikes. Enjoy


  1. Lovely, being first. Also, WG do be pretty disconnected tbh.


  3. Although I like the new Dutch Ship, and I am looking forward in seeing videos of the future Dutch Cruisers. I am really hating the new Captain Skills and the rework. But there are some… Reasonably good skills so I feel like if Wargaming is ever going to revert the original Skills, they should keep at least a few skills from the rework.

  4. i have been getting some weird over pens with the AP, and it feels like its lacking some penetration for BBs. Btw how do you like the aiming for the bombers especially when you want to aim max range?

  5. @18:41 you said the Atlanta should go with AP? Against your armor those 5”/38’s would have very little chance at shit!!!

    • superstructure and upper belt is both easily penned at that range by the Atlanta, he would have eaten my HP faster.

  6. 🙁 don’t spend any more, wait till the line releases

  7. Antonio Hagopian

    Finally something that hard counters island camping.
    Edit: the turtleback only works for cruisers, just like the italian bbs.

    • Scharfschutze 99

      Cvs already does that

    • @Scharfschutze 99 light cruisers are the ones that are annoying and camp islands, they always have excellent AA, no cv with any bit of skill will go for them unless everyone else is dead

    • Scharfschutze 99

      @Antonio Hagopian true but they are noit that hard to counter, cause every ship can do damage to them. i find HE spamming heavies are more annoying cause they bounce shells and also has good firerate

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @Scharfschutze 99 you need to actually be able to shoot them. Since they hug islands you can’t and that’s why they are disgusting.

    • Scharfschutze 99

      @Antonio Hagopian thats true but i still think they are not op, its the HE which is broken

  8. Look up who Johan Witt was en what happend to him and his brother. Warning: not for people with a weak stomach..

  9. Faint praise indeed. I wonder if WG looked into the name they were going to give this ship?

    • The Dutch navy does have a LPD named Johan de Witt at the moment, a name specifically picked because of the influence Johan de Witt had on the formation of the Dutch Marines, the Raid on Chatham and promoting Dutch naval power during the 17th century.

  10. Purely stat-wise, she seems to be very similar to Drake. Similar guns size, very similar DPM, health, range, very close in maneuverability, speed and concealment. Main differenes would be strong(-ish) AP vs very strong HE, fast heal vs. super heal, air strike vs torpedoes. Drake of course is way more accurate, but has slower shells. de Witt burns as well. I don’t have de Witt and I can imagine their playstyle might be different, but I still found the similarities curious.

  11. I really don’t like the airstrike mechanic. In my opinion, it is a stupid way to “fix” island hugging BBs.
    The problem with that is: The reason BBs are island “camping” is that their survivability is a f***ing joke. Those stupid fires do so much damage and CVs constantly force you to either eat a bunch of damage or give broadside to the enemy team if you are out in the open. Instead of improving BB survivability they now implement a new, kind of braindead, mechanic that comes with its one set of new problems: What if you have either 3 of those airstrike spammers or 2 plus a CV in a division and you actually time your drops? One of you forces a damage con and the others farm him afterwards. There is no counterplay to that but to not be on this flank. The only thing WG achieves with this mechanic is that even brawling BBs will camp several kilometers further back now because they will get blapped the second they are spotted.

    Also: I think all the gimmicks result in an unfair advantage. Whether it’s being able to see the current speed when switching to your torps (even when they are way out of range) or getting that bird’s eye view with the airstrike: It’s basically a passive buff to your ship giving you information you cannot get if your ship isn’t equipped with that gimmick…
    They should make those things permanent and available to everyone since none of those buffs are rooted in realism anyway: Having torps doesn’t magically predict the enemies path for you. And the airstrike airplanes (which have to be ground-based planes if you think about it which makes the whole thing even more ridiculously stupid) cannot help you look over an island if you don’t actually call them in for a strike.
    So just screw realism and make the game actually balanced. Half of these ships are completely invented anyways. And several of them would probably sink the second the weather gets even remotely rough…


      If BB have bad survivability, what about cruisers?

    • @OJOU’S CUTE GIGGLE Cruisers and BBs have very different tasks in a game of WoWs. Generally speaking, a BB has to attract fire and absorb damage to allow cruisers to survive longer and do more damage. Cruisers are the main damage dealer in WoWs but should be less tanky (looking at you, Petro).

  12. Spee has 182m base max dispersion, this ship has 170m.
    3:25 – I guess you mean GS sigma?

  13. Very last bundle for the ship… same dude, high five!

  14. Many things happened, sadly. Needlessly happenings.

  15. @Oyamada13 like what? I didn’t follow wows the Last 2 Years

  16. Theokolese The Shadow Of Death

    Before Wargamming ruined this game with the CV relaunch I used to play every day. I used to laugh at people who would sleep on the Atlanta’s AP. I can’t count how many heavy cruisers that would come around an island at very close range thinking they had nothing to fear. Two salvos of AP and 13 citadels later they had realized mistakes had been made.

  17. Layered armor in WoWS is such a liability. if the outer-belt can’t bounce or shatter shells you might as well not have it. Belt plus torp bulges are the only exception cause you don’t take hp damage from bulge pens. Anything that gets past the belt will do damage. Literally the best ships in game tend to be those that have all or most of their armor on the outside belt

  18. @Alessio Bubbles Not going to go into it but I can say two words… Community drama… *sigh*

  19. @Oyamada13 like the Zeppelin thing?

  20. Would be interesting to see the bombers used as a counter to a ship parked in a smoke screen.


    Finally I can ship on Russian BB with cruiser without much risk


    Thanks for doing your part for paying this game and made it free

  23. kingofcastlechaos

    Glad you are back, but your audio is really low (your voice has gotten deeper too, which doesn’t help).

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