World of Warships – Judge Dread

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Yeah, I know that’s not how you spell “Dredd”, but… oh forget it.

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  1. Missed the Perfect opportunity for a Fear God and Dread Nought for a title you’re slacking old man

  2. “Honestly more luck than anything.” Pretty much the case for most Battleship to Battleship victories in the really world. Lucking shot, or right place right time.

    • IRL the battleship that lands the first hit is probably gonna win, even if its weaker than its opponent on paper

    • @yippyrodney468 Ala Bismark v Hood. Plus that was a lucky detonation. Got them just in the right place.

    • @yippyrodney468 Right place right time I think of Battle of the Philippines and the US BBs crossing the T on the Japanese southern force at the straits.

    • @Gryphon As some other commenter on a Hood documentary put it: the Hood and its outdated armor scheme that the Royal Navy never got around to upgrading in the interwar years had a lot of “just the right place” vulnerabilities that were likely to cause a detonation.

    • @Gryphon While there certainly was some luck involved, IMO Bismarck vs Hood is a bad example of lucky victory. Bismarck was superior to Hood in pretty much every way just by the virtue of being a modern WWII ship against a ship that was designed during WWI. Most importantly, Hood’s armor was hopelessly outdated against modern Battleship AP, and her exploding dramatically was most likely a matter of when, not if. As it happens, the “when” turned out to be pretty early.

  3. I like how the announcer said “Fire!” right before he shot the last volley.

  4. o7 Thanks Jingles, your laughter and humor really make for a wonderful time.

  5. Hey jingles this might be an odd request and i don’t know if you’re going to see this but i love your history lessons and detailed backstories about different warships. we don’t see many low tier battles for obvious reasons but i personally would love to hear the stories behind some of these rarely featured ships when we do see them. It’s always a pleasure to listen to as well as the gameplay commentary. All the best!

  6. Actually jingles the Dreadnought can bring 6 guns to bear when firing forwards. Those wing mounts which decrease the broadside power of her were a compromise to give it better frontal firepower. Now I’ve just heard I’ve got a triple shift in the mines so I’ll take my leave.

    • you still here mate?

    • @Pukovnik 7 I thought the reason for the wingmounts was to not compromise the engine space of the triple expansion engines, I agree that even at the time they would of preferred superfiring guns but the wing mounts chosen were for forward fire power, as opposed to say a Nassau layout or similar offset wing mounts to allow for full broadside at limited angles. Fisher who was the driving force for dreadnought had a belief that the Royal navy would often be chasing ships down so forward fire power was always considered and lead him to later on design ships with triple or even quad stack superfiring guns in some of his cruiser designs.

    • @Izzetguy Dreadnought used turbines, not triple expansion engines.

    • @Pukovnik 7 oh yeah that’s Nassau I’m mixing with there, my mistake

    • @Izzetguy Yeah, Nassau had to have double wing turrets (1 – 2 – 2 – 1) due to not having turbines, whereas Dreadnought only had singles. (1 – 2 – 1 – 1).

  7. “You can tell his engine’s been knocked out by the flames coming from his turret”. Oh Jingles, don’t ever change 😀

    • Heard him say it and immediately went to look for someone that’s already commented on it. I think someone should do another Jingles drinking game like they did with Subnautica.

    • Kholdan Staalstorm

      @Sir Cottonman
      Ye gods!
      My liver hasn’t quite recovered after the previous drinking game!

  8. The first time I encounter any bots at all when I had started playing was when I managed to reconnect early after a server restart. I though “Oh my god, I’m wrecking these people.” then “Wait a minute, why is that person just spinning in circles.” and “Why do all these people have colons in their names?”

  9. I love when jingles Starts talking about the Real life counterparts of the ships that are being Player, Nice to know about the history and fun facts of These machines

  10. There are some fun maps in the lower-tier games, but to gain rewards and daily stuff you have to be at 5 or above, I still have 2 level one ships as I found them handy if you went pink after someone normally sailed into your torps, but you have to really try hard to go pink now, or the normal one simply lose connection and come back pink nice one WG.

  11. Low tier battles can be really good fun. Can’t go wrong with the HMS Dreanought, but it’s way more fun to bring a secondary build Mikasa, and when you get into secondary range…. Let the fun begin, watching the enemy melt from the barrage. Actually got an enemy player DD that way, and he accused me of cheating. Just told him that no, I was not cheating and that the Mikasa has a LOT of secondary guns, wich means a lot of dakka.

    • I just wish the main guns could hit the broad side of a continent

    • Mikasa is the most fun ship in the game, sometimes.

      I had a 10 kill game in her once…survived two rams, had six close quarters experts, and nearly got the third ram kill on the last enemy ship (human Mikasa) but settled for a close quarters expert on him too.

    • @AR, use HE with her guns. They are accurate enough to hit the enemy ship…more often than not. You just aren’t going to hit citadels with any consistency. So don’t try.

  12. I find this thing has even worse dispersion than other low tier battleships, but amazing HP and still fun to play, especially if you stick on a speed flag.

  13. If you watch Drachinifel’s excellent breakdown of French predreadnoughts, some had seven types of gun aboard – with separate fire control systems for each turret and casement weapon. Certainly made things confusing.

  14. Honestly the best way to start the afternoon, coffe & jingle WoWS commentary video

  15. Love the look of Dreadnought and the later superdreadnoughts like Iron Duke. They were steampunk before there was steampunk.

  16. Geoffrey Entwistle

    I did enjoy some of the chat interactions in this game. I remember getting hit in the ammo magazine in a Japanese destroyer, seconds after spotting the first few enemy ships. It was so ridiculous that I had to congratulate the player who got the kill… And even he admitted it was way more luck than skill. XD

  17. Just wanted to say thanks for a first rate video. I always enjoy your perspective and humor. Especially the lower tier matches where skill is more important than a reload boost etc etc.

  18. Actually Dreadnought was slow by world war 1 standards as well and out of the battleline by then – which gives you an idea of the pace of development. The advantage of Dreadnoughts turret lay out was that it enabled more guns to be fired forwards and astern which at the time was thought to be important.

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