World of Warships – JUNK vs TWA – amazing KotS FINALS match

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This is 1st match of KotS X EU finals between JUNK and TWA and my God was this unexpected.

Have fun and enjoy watching 😉

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  1. Just started playing a week ago. Watching your videos just showed me how bad i am at the game 🤣

    • We were all bad at the beginning ^^

    • @Neishark And some of us are nostalgic, and stay that way.

    • austinpowersfasjer

      @Neishark not me not me!!

    • Prisoner of the Highway

      I was soooo crap when I started lol. Someone was talking about TheMightyJingles videos one day and I started watching. He led me to Flambass, Flamu and iChase. I’ve finally clawed my way up to 51% win rate. Just in time for the plague to start and matchmaking to go straight into the toilet lol. Welcome aboard Maikel. Glad to have you.

  2. Both are pretty great teams but I am slightly biased towards JUNK

  3. Great game well played junk 👏

  4. great content keep up the amazing work

  5. @Flambass: Its actually IKEA Anleitung meaning IKEA manual, not sure if compares his usefullness to those though …

  6. Great cast! o7

  7. Don’t know either of these teams, just love the Flambass commentary. That was a good one to watch.

  8. Well let the junk beat that TWA is a thoughtful team

  9. enjoyed

  10. “Oh my JUNK is sending a huge force over to A.” Flamu 2020 😀 0:54

  11. Mad plan executed to perfection! This is how football would look if the absurd sponsorships and transfer money be banned.

  12. Nice play by JUNK. The way they played, they made the 3 ships in TWAs C flank basically useless for the entire game. And the TWA stalingrad at the B cap also did not much during the entire game, even though B cap was mostly empty …

  13. The Pyro Jawsome

    JUNK’s strategy was to keep Stalingrad, two DMs, and the Kurfurst tied up with B and C. Kleber likely deliberately got radared in B so Stalingrad would stay there, while Yueyang and Ohio made an illusion of a push into C, while capping it with minimal engagement. Both teams sent skeleton crews to northeast, but Junk’s was better because they weren’t committing as much force to B and C. If the Kurfurst had been at A, it could have helped TWA push Junk at A, and if those DMs had been there there would have been an increase in volume of fire on Junk. This is really an example of how high-level teams can execute plans on the fly. A great match by both teams.

    Now if only I could get put in random battles with these dudes instead of the weekend potatoes.

  14. I can’t understand a single word of the other guy…

    He is whispering compared to Flambass

  15. I am rooting for the twats, at least their fleet is made up of ONLY 4 reward ships.

  16. The personification of over exhuberance 🙂

  17. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    That Kurfurst threw it

  18. where do you get that mod where it shows the health of both teams shops?

  19. I love when you do these

  20. Hey Flambino…

    Hiya guys!. Can we maybe try to go with this
    saying in the words of ‘Timber Hawkey’?

    ‘You’re Not stuck at home, you’re safe at home.’

    ‘One word can change your attitude, and one cough can change
    a life’.

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