World of Warships: Just a Thunderer

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Thunderer is great. Even mediocre gameplay can lead to great results!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy Thunderer on the map Crash Zone Alpha.


  1. Dang, the voice over on youtube sounds worse than it seemed like when editing. Hope it doesn’t grate on your ears too much.

  2. Even though you show us the thumbnail and title, you still make us keep second guessing which ship you are actually going to play.

  3. is that ship angling widget thing ingame or is that a mod?

  4. Nice i just got the thunderer today and my first game was over 160k lol.

  5. Not enough lead….over and over. Is this is a replay bug?

  6. Love the Thunderer .. deleted over 12 cruisers (detonation full salvo) this week in ranked with it (Thunderer loves blow mino and smol to bits).. absolutely recommended. Also its also at times easy to get carried away with such a powerful ship and bite more than we can chew.

  7. If your team is skittish.
    And the enemy team is mediocre or comprised of sniping battleships…

    Any half decent ship used well is OP.


  8. What’s that relative heading indicator you have under your reticle? That isn’t baked into the game, is it?

  9. shooting he on azuma is really hurtful

  10. Marcus Jones Stinks

    What sight do you use? I can’t seem to find that in game

  11. Thunderer is just a tier 10 Warspite.

  12. Bwahaha. Let your … aircraft carriers tank for you.

  13. It was a fun match yesterday, I had a good day sailing with my Gearing!

  14. david and martine albon

    I dont have enough coal to get Thunderer, is going for Conqueror instead a good alternative? Or is Conqueror not worth it?

    • Thunderer is much better i think especially at range due to her incredible accuracy, and has AP shells which they work! Conqueror is HE only with super heals

  15. 6:06 “which is, unfortunately not how you make more Soviet destroyers” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. There is a tier 8 Belfast now? Oh noes!

  17. i find that RNG will sometimes kick your seemingly perfect broadside aim either HIGH or LOW, causing complete misses when you most expect huge damage salvo’s 🙁 seems to occur quite a bit with the Thunderer.

  18. 11:58 nice one…

  19. Just couldn’t get my Thunderer working 🙁 Started out with some promising games but fell over in a heap. Might take it out for a spin again after watching this…

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