World of Warships- Just Buy Jean Bart B

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Hey guys, with the Black Friday Event expected to drop today or tomorrow I discuss what you need to buy if you are planning on spending money on the event, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. I have Miss, JB, Musashi , and few more i think.

  2. Thunderer B for Black Friday 2021. Heard it here first

  3. damn that georgia in the chat box.

  4. Understood. Buy ARP Yamato. Affirmative!

    • The only few things the ARP yamato have over normal is the camo the captain and the legendary mod upgrade along with the camo it just halves the service cost per battle, the ARP yamato does not have a credit multiplier and it’s actually not really a premium ship by any standards

    • @skyler price best grabe the thunderer.

    • @skyler price Keep in mind, that legendary upgrade is ONLY AVAILABLE if you buy the full package for just over 55K GOLD, if u do not buy that big package and you only get the one that’s 34K the downgraded package does NOT come with the legendary upgrade. IF u buy the downgraded package you can NEVER have the legendary module on the ARP Yamato, it’s an exclusive to the upgraded package which gives u another ship u don’t need and the legendary module.

    • @Arcmagee I am aware of the legendary mod and what it does and how to get it

    • @Arcmagee yes but 55k dubs is $200 nearly for a ship that’s not even a premium it’s more of a special reward ship than a premium, if it was to be a premium the symbol would be gold but it’s not gold therefore it’s not a true premium tier 10

  5. I bet it’s going to be a container that has 1 black ships that is random, if you get the same ship twice you get doublons instead

  6. Wargamming NOT squeezing every penny out of players?!?!?! Best laugh I’ve had in a while.

    • Their objective is to make money. They are doing their job. Its still our choice wether to buy or not.

    • After what gaijin have done they have to step up their game

    • They have their families to feed, also no one has to do anything to you for free, painter paint your portrait you pay for it, you go to barber to have your hair cut you pay for it…

      There are planty of T9 ships you can get for FREE and this one is for $ (yes all are balanced, buyer doesn’t have any advantage in battle). If you don’t like their work, just uninstall the game. No one forces you to play it and buy in game items.

    • Problem is they have more parasite players then wallet warriors.

    • Marcus Jones Stinks

      @A H agreed, its just too bad most of the player base won’t see the reason you make, and will instead complain and keep playing.

  7. The jean bart has made me rich, i love this ship.

  8. “Hahaha” me laughing while i play my coal Jean Bart XD

  9. 2021: the USS Charleston B you heard it first

  10. Wait, what?!? $80 for a single ship??

    And that’s a good deal? 0.o

  11. Good god and here’s me trying to spend as little as possible on other shit when i still haven’t recieved my 3080 yet.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      The 3000 series is a myth as far as I am concerned

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten No they’re actually real. I got one yesterday. It’s a darn furnace. Someone will be getting an open box “deal” on it in a few days when I take it back.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Myth? It’s even on the official nvidia website. Go check them out. Huge improvements over the RTX 2080

  12. Or you can buy NOTHING, as the game is in downward spiral last year or so.

  13. i 2nd this, jb was the best money I spent in wows and never regretted it 😉

  14. who else at first interpreted him saying “Jean Bart B” as “Jean Barbie” ?

  15. Just played a game with you. Super cool dude! Thanks for all the videos. Started playing in September and I have missed a bunch of ships. Looking forward to the JB-B!!!

  16. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Ok guys, the event has begun on the SEA server. Ships are available for individual purchase! The Jean Bart is marked as $66, which, if holds true for the NA server, is a great deal.

    • @David Olinger It’s on purpose, it’s to kind of compensate anyone who already has the ‘normal’ version of the ship

    • $99 NZD for me way over priced

    • @Matthew James still kinda bs. Should have made the mission have a secondary win condition to achieve it. Like 50 or 100 wins in the jean bart B. More difficult than the 5 wins in the jean bart, but makes it so those without the original jean bart have a chance to obtain that sweet 20k coal and 3k doubloons

    • 83 cdn lol

    • @David Olinger It’s meant for those who own the regular version. This way they can earn some doubloons for basically a duplicate ship. But I understand where your comming from, I was confused the first time it happened to me aswell

  17. I just opened my 1st crate and received this ship woke my wife up lol.

  18. $20! That’s a steal. Around here, on “sale” it’s for $60…

  19. I got it, but now cant find the Jean Bart for sale antwhere. Now I cant do the mission for the coal and gold

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