World of Warships – Just how many planes can a tier 8 CV have?

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Let me present to you USN tier 8 premium CV, Enterprize.

It has been removed from shops (besides crates) a while back but plenty of ppl, including me, have it.

I don’t play it very often and I prefer Kaga if I want to ruin someones day, but here is one example.

Oh yeah, I was having lunch in the mean time so pardon me pls xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. And so we reached the epitome of wows commentary: grunts and moans. Thanks for existing Flambass

  2. Watched this video, logged into game, opened a supercontainer I earned after I logged off last night, got Enterprise :~O

    • lucky bugger. i got useless shit.

    • I thought they weren’t giving her anymore.
      Congratulations buddy!
      I guess I’m gonna keep hoping. The enterprise is my biggest wish in wows right now.

    • @Joel Almeida Thanks! it was the last prem CV on my list. Even though I don’t play CV’s, they’re beautiful to look at.

    • Jimmiar Reltherford

      Nice lol

    • Joel Almeida Enterprise is not removed from the game. Only from the store. The only way you can obtain it or any OP premium is by opening containers. I got a Saipan from opening a Supercontainer. And it’s the only ship I have gotten from a container. I’ve been playing this game a year or 2 later when WoWs officially released so you can see how rare getting a ship is.

  3. autopilot needs a nerf 😛 To OP. Takes the best routes that will throw of anyone

  4. He’s literally eating lunch while playing CV.

  5. Autopilot often works completely backwards in most basic situations – it’s like Wargaming is not testing it at all.
    When you’re stopped and ant to go forward, it will first go into reverse to make course adjustment (you never click ideally in straight line on the minimap) and only when it’s done adjusting course n reverse, it will go forward in straight line.
    And when you want to back off just a little, it will prefer to go forard and make a full circle.

    The inability to make small course adjustment while moving forward is the funniest one. You always need to take that into account when you try to stay ahead of some enemy ships chasing you – that your autopilot will stop and reverse, just to make a small course adjustment XD

    • When I set autopilot to move my DD towards the cap while I was finishing my lunch, my ship went in zig zag lines just alternating between hard left and hard right. And 9/10 times you return to your CV after setting autopilot you think “how the fuck did I end up here??”.
      The entire autopilot feature reminds me of my first software engineering projects, when I was looking at all the bugs and thought “nobody is gonna notice, right?”

  6. So pre-rework Enterprise had 96 aircraft with 43 fighters, 25 torpedo planes and 28 dive bombers, in this battle you had 104 planes shot down plus 7 ready at the end of the battle, total planes: 111. I’m not counting fighter patrols cuz these things are useless and they are basically for feeding plane kills to enemy, also they are a consumable. So if WG decided to cut amount of rocket planes, Enty would be pretty much similar to pre-rework one. I posted this just for information, do with it whatever you want 🙂

    • xyre I have seen Enterprises in game lose a total of 186 planes.
      CVs in the rework have unlimited planes.

    • But its not true, you use fighter planes to soak up AA dmg so your strike planes live longer + they do shoot down some planes, keep DDs scouted etc. They are not exactly useless so you have to count them in

    • @Flambass Fair point, I usually just use fighters to cockblock enemy CVs trying to lewd my lolibotes, so it’s just purely defensive matter. I wish there was more CV vs CV interactions, that would definitely spice things up.

    • You can also use fighters behind enemy positions to keep cruisers and BB’s hiding behind islands lit up for your team. They are almost more effective as extra eyes than as fighters

    • @Flambass AA deals the same damage to every squad in it. If an AA DPS aura deals 50 DPS and there are two squads in it, both will receive 50 DPS.
      “The damage dealt is DPS multiplied with Hit chance, so, if you have 100 DPS and 70% hit chance, you will deal 70 damage per second. This damage is being dealt to each squadron in the AA range (and it’s not being spread – each squadron receives full DPS).”

      Honestly, who even fed you that bs?

  7. And the Lady Lex only had a compliment of 78 planes historically

    • @Eldinox Is that the same mighty glue stick that BB players are chronically addicted to sniffing and/or eating?

    • @Eldinox Forgetting the fact in reality its hard for a single ship to shot down multiple planes especially those who doesn’t have a good AAA capability not also taking account surprise attacks and etc

    • @Eldinox frankly, tape was actually used to cover holes in some F6 fighters. no, i’m not kidding

    • @Frosted Cat They sure did. Im mostly talking about regaining lost aircraft over and over again. I dont think there was a lot to tape on planes that crashed into the ocean =D

    • @Eldinox absolutely not. though, lack of aircrafts isnt really an american thing

  8. IJN Kaga – The Eternal Waves of Annihilation

  9. I really want a 2 brothers mid rush with a Graf Zeppelin secondary build lol

  10. Some things that I noticed when Flambass brought it up. AA doesn’t engage aircraft at the range it’s supposed to engage. For example your AA has a range of 6km but it doesn’t engage the enemy aircraft until it’s 5.6km from you. I never understood when playing as a CV only 3 aircraft from the whole squadron attack at a time while the whole squadron takes damage. It’s not practical that when a squadron attacks then the whole squadron should attack not 3 at a time. Oh and autopilot is still broken lol

    • Mouse explained this, is because the AA reloads before engaging the first time, and if its a subsequent strike and the guns were empty, they will reload again

    • Gustavo Escobar But realistically this doesn’t make sense. If you haven’t been engaged by an aircraft why reload your guns once you do get attacked? Shouldn’t they be loaded as soon as they say Action Stations?

    • @BladeKi11a Yes, you are totally right, but it is the way of WeGe.

  11. “Easiest Class in the world to play.”
    Proceeds to get shredded by a Smolensk… CV’s are the 2nd most easy class, Russian ships are a Class of their own.

  12. Comrade WHAT?!!! Is Monkey drunk or something?

  13. I’ve actually somehow managed to beach while using autopilot

  14. that was a long dive at 7:58

  15. “how stupid can that design be” – usually that is taken as a challenge 😉

  16. Flambass sees Two Brothers map on rotation has orgasm

  17. Maximum deck layout in WW2 for the Enterprise was 135 planes and that included the ones stored in the hangar.

  18. Spectacular_Insanity

    Enterprise best girl.

  19. Can anyone make a compilation of all the stuff Flambino has said about CV and what he failed to demonstrate in this match?

  20. Yep, just played a game in my Massa against a Kaga, shot down 44 planes myself and 102 total cross the team. He was still putting out full squadrons all the way to the end, wtf?

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