World of Warships – Just Mino things

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Here is another match in Minotaur where Mino does what Mino does best…the mino things xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Every time I watch you in a Mino it just pisses me off I suck so bad in it lol.

  2. Do you know when they will finally nerf the _Belfast?_

    Right after I pull it our of the 100th Santa mega gift box I bought.

  3. 3rd comment 😀

  4. Looks like that Shima could outgun a Gearing at range!

  5. Time to Mino up.

  6. Notser did a video of playing Shima as a gunboat. Quite entertaining and effective. Should be a nice change from being a bit of a 1-trick pony.

  7. Mino things. Like it

  8. Where are these german skills from?

  9. Sorry Flambass but I missed your gameplay; that Shima stole your vid and the entire match. What a legend :p

  10. That gunboat shims May be a result of notser’s vid on the sigma a few days ago

  11. Its you or otherwise I love getting citadels on minos in smoke. I see smoke, and if its mino in there I feel some kind of wild compulsion to shoot and get citadels

  12. Haha, That was me who said I would watch a just mino stream once a week. (Masada25S)

    Still feel the same way, but I understand what you mean, Flambass.

    This from 2 weeks ago, ain’t it?

  13. Gunbote shima is actually legit now after the gun buff

    Even in CB its very viable

  14. That heart rate is not ok! You either have to quit smoking, or see a doctor!
    It’s that, or you’re getting too excited!

  15. Would you ever consider sharing with us your CPT skills and module breakdown for ships you’re playing?

  16. Gunboat shimmy™

  17. Is that actually his heart beat?

  18. This Shima prob thought he is playing Khaba

  19. Flambass what‘s your opinion on Z-39?

  20. My favorite YouTube is dd lives matter. :)!!!

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