World of Warships – Just Shippin’ Around

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Some memorable moments in Warships during that 2 week break, enjoy 😛


  1. Wildx_I_LOVE_YOU lol

    Chase can’t play wows dang laptop broke and yes I am a laptop plep

  2. Love the video so far!

    Can you do a video on how it would seem they have Made it Possible To citadel conquer FINALLY!!!

  3. something in current year

    1st clip: TK’ing
    2nd: Going A as a baBBie
    I wonder what the rest of the video has to offer.

  4. Its a shame nobody in those divs plays in clan battles.

  5. can you please do a tech tree review on the French Battleships?

  6. I wish I could do that much damage using a BB. Ive had perfect hits that do at most 3k dmg… So annoying

    • Warner Moczulski


    • Perfect hits would do more than 3k (Yes I’m fun at parties). But I know the feel of RNG screwing one’s aim. Recently I was playing the Yamato, and there was an ennemy Yamato sitting still perfectly broadside 4.5km away, I aimed at the waterline and the shells went pretty much everywhere but the citadel. I should have one-shot the guy, but instead got about 6k damage with half the shells falling short or going high….

  7. Chase, are you doing a review of the Gascogne??

  8. Lol, Gangut and it’s stupid accuracy, if it wasn’t for the awkward turret placement I’d love the damn thing so hard.
    By the way I think the Benny Hill theme could have fit that skirmish with the Normandie pretty well xD

  9. Pink iChase best iChase

  10. You actually broke his middle turret at the end too lol

  11. no??? ??????? ?? ?

    I’ve both gotten both turrets destroyed on the Richy and done it to another Richy in my Tirpitz recently. The value of aim is up there

  12. Nice to see you out and about again Chase. It seems I will have to depend on YT for my Warships fix, because WG has broken my install with, and I’ve been running around the forums looking for a fix for the past 4 hours. I thought we were past the UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION_ERROR phase, but it seems to be back. Oh well…

    • Surrounded that one does nothing. I had to reinstall all the vc++ libraries and delete the (blank) Preferences.xml file before I got it to work. FYI I would advise from now on, that before every patch, make a backup of the file to prevent nonsense such as this.

    • Akshay Anand Strange. I never had such a problem with the Warships preference xml. It seems your vc++ libraries might have been corrupted though, which happened to me once as well. I never found out what caused it, and it never happened again since.

    • Surrounded it’s something a lot of people in the forums have faced, and so I tried it and it worked. I do think they may have changed prefs.xml’s behavior, to reset it somehow in case something goes wrong, but I’m not sure that’s the case. I was getting memory out of bounds errors, basically it was reading non-existent page memory. What’s weird is it’s the same memory address on every PC, regardless of memory size or type(32 or 64bit) , according to the screenshots others posted. Weird programming if you ask me. I think the engine is from before PAE was implemented in 64bit versions of windows, so that’s the cause of the weird behavior.

    • Nice to know. Stronk russian coding it is then.

    • Surrounded lol sorry for the stupid theory rant. But yes, stronk russian coding fueled by one of the dev’s Babushka making borscht and mixing it with vodka. Who drinks water in Russia anyway?

  13. This type of content so entertain, could you make a series of Just Shippin’ Around?

  14. Your new nickname shall be “iPinky”. Or “iPink” maybe. “iPinko”?


  16. Of course, when I do that in a DD, all the guns are facing me and I get deleted!

  17. Senan Wickramaarachchi

    lol hes in my clan!

  18. social3ngin33rin


  19. Hey chase I have a question/video request. Is it possible and if so how do you remove the frame rate cap present in World of Warships? I would love to better utilize the components I have in my PC for this game. Many thanks for all the videos you do.

    • If your game is capped at 60 FPS, that’s Vertical synchronisation (V-sync). You can disable it in the graphics setting of Warships, but you might also need to disable it in your graphics card control panel (Nvidia or AMD settings) as well. Also make sure you don’t have Framerate target control (or Nvidia equivalent) enabled for Warships.

  20. iChase can you comment on the minimum dispersion on the Musashi and the Roma, does the fact that they have significantly lower minimum dispersion affect their accuracy or compensate for the low sigma? Thanks

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