World of Warships- JUST STAY ALIVE!

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So again, another instance where the just has to do one single thing to win, well……you’ll see.

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  1. hello mount batton

  2. I was in this fight. I’m chat banned in game so couldn’t say hi. GG mate.

    edit: Over at the C cap earlier on in the game the Moskva and Montana ( on your team ) over extended to far into the open when several of us tucked in behind the island. We burned both of them down within two minutes – along with the Des Moines and DD shortly thereafter. It was odd, because at the beginning of the match your team had excellent island cover and left it. After that, everything in game is visible from your perspective in-game. In this battle there was a lot of victory disease LOL. GG again mate. Cya out there!

  3. I’m grinding to get Worcester I’m on Brooklyn

  4. Laughing Cavalier69

    Well played throughout man, nice game to watch! It’s so satisfying watching a Smolensk get rebalanced right at the beginning of the match! GG!

  5. The desync is the problem, that is trolling your aim…

  6. Stayn’ alive intensifying in the background… oooh aah aah aAH STAYN’ ALIIIIVE

  7. Just curious…. – what is automatically enabled now??? I couldn`t hear you 🙁

  8. (looks at Colbert’s HE fire) Jeez, that thing’s much like the Atlanta…an He Machine Gun.

  9. “He does a very Halland thing” *Mr.Pickles would like to know your location*

  10. The last 20% of damage to a BB should be from Bombs, Torps or other BB guns, NOT 5″ DD or CL guns.

  11. Sealord, i have never cared about anyones subscriber count before and its getting more and more exciting seeing you get closer to 10k…. can’t wait for that day, it’s gonna be soon! keep up the good work.

  12. When i saw the title i was thinking…

    “well obviously”

  13. Thank you finally someone who states yami does mainly over pens

  14. Dude…. “you sunk my Smolensk”… I wonder if the victim has forgiven you yet? 🙂

  15. A reminder that “winning harder” is endemic to World of Warships. Do what you can to eliminate it.

  16. apparently I own a yammy, everytime I go into random my ammo becomes overpen or ricochet central. I only get high pens in coop

  17. If the Worcester shot AP, he probably could have killed you.

  18. Nice entertaining game !

  19. Over penetration with battleships? Fire HE all the time to stop the problem, so is it spam? or an avalanche?

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