World of Warships – Just Teasing: Update 0.5.3

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The first major game update of this year is incoming with the speed of a retreating destroyer. We have got a teaser for you…

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  1. lol so – an entire patch for ONE BUTTON? … for a function you had in 2
    other games… which basically does not need any additional work, since its
    all the same engine/system/servers XD
    hahahaah … great job

    and now watch any eve online trailer and compare the content…………..
    yep. thought so!

  2. Retreating FRENCH destroyer*

  3. I hope we get to keep our test server accounts when is released

  4. Why do we still not have the Royal Navy, it should have been in the game
    before the Russians

  5. yea looks more like advertising to me than a teaser…

  6. So a free jacket for every player! nice update! :)

  7. Fuck man, when will we get the Royal Norwegian Navy? We all wanted it for
    so long now! WHY YOU NOT ADD THEM!?

  8. Needs less RNG to be even remotely competative.

  9. You dont see any new content, except for team battles…
    But then aigan, it is just a teaser. And when you look at the previous
    updates which all featured a tonne of stuff, I am excited about what is
    gonna come on top of that.

  10. meanwhile at steel ocean hq….

  11. And here I thought it will be exciting…

  12. “incoming with the speed of a retreating destroyer” = French destroyers
    confirmed !
    (I’m kidding, i’m french :D)

  13. looks like they patch jackets in the game with the 0.5.3 updatexD

  14. just get on with the work for RN cruisers…

  15. yeh well teams will work better than your horrible matchmaking i suppose

  16. Fuck your team battles. Where is the Royal Navy?

  17. well that wasn’t much of a tease..

  18. Still waiting for those shiratsuyu class destroyers. I will wait wg I will
    wait, pls don’t let me down

  19. Team battles? Esport confirmed? Yeah, am sure the team who IJN ships will
    always over USN ships because the poor balance and the meta.

  20. Will the jackets be sold bundled?

  21. YEEESSSS!!!!

  22. Royal Navy is still missing.

  23. The same mistake as in WOT… Noone needs those “team” battles. Just
    improve gameplay for single players.

  24. Wie werden die Teamgefechte aussehen ?


  26. where IS coming test server to wot?

  27. nice…can not wait for tactical gameplay with my clan /teammates : ))

  28. At least, team battle ..

  29. It looks like they want us to buy jackets

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