World of Warships- Just What The Hell Are The Devs Cooking Up Now??

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Well well well, this is getting interesting now


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  1. sooo..more gimmicks.

  2. Honestly, I’m totally down for “support” abilities and consumables. I recall in the past jokingly they would add Support ships via Fleet Tenders which is obviously STUPID but it gets the old wheels a turning. So being able to heal your allies or help them deal with Fire and Flooding would be AWSOME.

    Maybe people will finally start understanding the value of a Smoke screen (and not plowing straight though it when you know full well your about to encounter the enemy) and Escorting your teammates.

    • I enjoyed playing support in overwatch , so absolutely sign me up for a fleet tender, just give me like a triple 152mm and some AA guns to let me defend myself , I’ll will provide all the Genji DD mains with the Heals

    • ​@@00spinz35would be great if support ships generally have superior AA or a skill that buff the AA of surrounding ships

    • The thing is that smoke is a double edged sword.
      How often does someone smoke up and just block vision for the entire flank, only to get radared and absolutely dumpstered a few seconds later.
      Also people often times forget that smoke is only helpfull for ships that have a decent smokefire penalty. That stat is absolutely inconsistent and the values are made up bullshit most of the time.
      In most other team games your support abilites can not hinder your own teammates in a way that a badly placed smoke can in WoWs.

    • @binstar8269  they would have to buff AA to actually do much first, only time my AA feels effective is when I Def AA at 4km or so in my Halland

    • @@BestShifty I’m an absolute pro at not blocking vision with my Halland smokes 😉

  3. I’m sorry MB but that is just ridiculous. Everything they do takes us further and further from the core game of boats shooting boats. If we can’t get them to fix little things like the line of sight issue for hydro and radar why would we accept this nonsense?

  4. No Vodka, LSD. The Devs are high.

  5. Mountbatten, unrelated question: Is it just me or did WG stealth eliminate Wolfpack? I saw no announcement, and yet it’s gone from Operations? Why couldn’t they just make it a regular operation with Players being both Surface vessels on one side and Subs on the other? They did away with the only place where subs actually get to do what they were designed to do! Maybe do a video on this subject?

    • They say you can choose that mode if you have a full div before choosing operations. Have not tried it out. Regardless, it’s total BS they did that since it was an easy way to go play subs in a fun way and not lose all your karma.

    • @@kingofcastlechaos You can’t. They’ve gotten rid of it. All they had to do was make surface ships escort and eliminate the requirement for a full div. Simple fix.

    • Matchmaker coulda fixed the div part.

  6. A quartet of B-25Hs armed with 75mm guns to harras ships with would be a Recon Squad consumable worthy of its name 😀
    Or maybe the same with Wellington/Liberator GR1/PB4Y-1/PB4Y-2/Ju 290 patrolling area and attacking surface ships with rockets and submarines with depth charges…

  7. I dig the idea of support ships. I’ve been playing the Yorktown for a bit lately and i have to say it feels pretty good when you can save a teammates ass. When i see one of my allies try to run away from enemies that are focus firing him, i fly over there and drop a smoke screen over him. Saved quite a few ships this way

    • some one did this for me in a game and I was like WTF where did this smoke come from, and when I finally figured it out, it was like the first time ever there was some serious team play and support in this game.

    • Plus, you can go nuts with the advertising saying there’s a whole new class of ships.

    • @JohnsRandomVids_US

      I 100% agree with this. I had a Yorktown keeping me smoked when my smoke ran out when I was in my Michelangelo, and I was able to secondary down a DD and a cruiser without being detected. I complimented the player for it. I can count how many compliments I’ve given to a CV on one hand, so I definitely appreciate this change in CV interaction.

    • That might have been me lol

    • I remember smoking a Michelangelo

  8. Gimmick printers go BRRRRRRR

  9. This may be where subs will shine and be loved by other ship captains, think of a sub next to or under a allied ship providing shield or repairing or smoke for instance or sub turning in shield and ramming cv or super ship from underneath

  10. Sounds like WarGaming needs to make a fantasy shooter game. Some of this stuff is right out of a fantasy combat game, I was reminded of World of Warcraft for a moment there. I want a bubble hearth for my BBs. 🙂

  11. I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the Reconnaissance Squad, as my head instantly went “hold on a second, aren’t you changing carriers precisely because you don’t want planes performing recon?!”

  12. nice, if a Vermont shoots me full broadside and there’s perfect shima torps headed my way, I press that immortality button and basically made them waste everyhing.
    and giving Colbert a smokescreen will definetely not be a toxic mess

  13. Time to recreate “Meet the Medic” lmao

  14. A support ship class WOULD help to counter all the power creep that’s happened in the game.

  15. There should be a mechanic that you can help put out a fire on a teammate’s ship if you’re close enough

  16. The Commonwealth cruisers are gonna be extremely popular in divisions.

  17. The damage control measures and fighter squad should be features, fighter squads can be useful on ships with no AA or terrible AA.

  18. Great shot on the Mino

  19. I’ve thrown out the idea of support ships several times. Makes WOWS more RPGish, have ships that can heal/resupply others.

  20. Does anyone remember Twilight Battles two Halloweens ago? I loved playing the DD that gave HP and consumables to my team. Might be interesting this game mode.

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