World of Warships- Just What The Hell Are The Devs Smoking With These New Ships??!!

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Whatever they’re on, I want some.


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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:15 Picardie
3:51 Michaelangelo
9:49 Navarin
13:59 Kommisar


  1. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Im actually looking forward to Navarin. Been wanting a Soviet secondary bb for a while. 1.4 sigma is brutal though. On the other hand Komissar has a fitting name for that abomination of a ship.

    • Gonna be honest I’m kinda concerned over it. It has lower-than-average secondary range to her contemporaries and it looks like it will be eating pens for days. It’s also looking kinda slow, tbh.

    • Have you read dev blog ? , you know that airship escort will be one of RANDOM modes …

    • @Huzarion is this addressed to me? if so, then what? yeah you’ll be able to get into melee fights but I was thinking more about general utility. 27 knots means it’ll be run down by everything at high tiers and it’ll have a harder time getting around the map (and into range)

    • Professional AntiChrist Hater

      @roys.1889  Yeah, it probably won’t be that competitive, but it should be fun. It seems mid enough to be the next dockyard ship.

    • I thougt sun yat sen also could be used for secondary build

  2. As the joke goes, in hell the Italians have organized everything. Wg just took the joke literally.

    • Kaworu Ikari Von-Einzbern


    • LoL. Though you have to admit that if the Italians organized Hell, then all the sinners would be wearing fashionable clothes, eating well, and driving really fast cars.

    • @Paul Oakwood Oh no, the cars in hell are made in the Soviet Union. The food comes from food rationing era Britain. And the fashion is inspired by Antarctica (very useful in the flaming sulfur lakes).

  3. Can you show the images for a longer period of time? every time im looking at my second monitor they are already gone. And it feels weird to not see them while you talk about them, their stats and their look that much.
    Nice video! <3

  4. Real hope they enable fredly fire for the Commisar. So that it is able to execute retreating team mates.

    • christopher shrank

      Or if you are in a German ship, you can kill the Commisar on your team. But yeah, FF for shooting cowards on your team should be allowed no matter what ship you are in.

    • As a Pommern lover, I approve these comments.

    • maybe with next 40k collab? commisar kill some allied ship, other ship in team get a 20% reduction in reload time XD

    • I’m just happy I can look for enemy DDs myself when friendly DDs either bailed or YOLOed. Hybrid cruisers/battleships have been a net positive to me.

  5. Flamu absolutely correct every time the man goes on vacation they come out with cracked out ship

  6. Believe it or not, the Michelangelo is based on a real Italian design study. Obviously the Italians didn’t build it, but it’s not WG’s who were smoking something…

  7. The screwed up thing is Kommisar is an actual design!!! It also was supposed to carry a pair of mini subs amidships; thing was designed to be a commerce raiding nightmare!

  8. The worst part about these thing is, we will get these in Christmas containers (assuming there are Christmas containers).

  9. 16 gun battleships with shitty dispersion are the perfect thing for the large majority of the WoWs playerbase. All you have to do is “spray and pray” in the approximate direction of the nearest cruiser. Don’t worry! Even if your aim is absolutely hopeless, at least one of those shells is bound to wander off course far enough to find it’s way into the citadel.

  10. When I heard of the French alternative lyon i figured it’d be it’s controversial turret arrangement where it has a superfiring pair up front and in back. IMO it looks like it was supposed to be designed that way. But WG back then wouldn’t do that for balence reasons.

    • i want WG to either put more french CV like bearn, or the Rich/ Jb refit project to turn it into a hybrid ship ( they just put deck at the back like Tone, but i would love to see 2 small runway going from the back and parting on each side of the superstructure

    • @kao chat ew no

  11. Bogusław Łęcina

    I’m actually looking forward to kommissar, wonder what resource they’ll release it for

  12. Ah, I see WG is expanding the design bureau with these new goofy ships

  13. Going for the Italian BC and Russian tier 10 cruiser they seem interesting. I’m just after fun ships

  14. I really want to try the ninja turtle ship, great for a secondary build ahahaha.

  15. Kommisar air strike:
    6 🛩 per 120 ⏱
    4 🚀 per 🛩
    4050 💥 per 🚀
    ~ 92k 💥

    It’s so nice that AA gunners stop shooting when the rocket plane attack animation starts!

  16. TheGuardianofAzarath

    The secondary module only adds 20% to the range, so 7km base would only go up to something like 8.4km, so they better give that cruiser some serious built-in secondary buffs if it is to be viable in any way.

    As for the T9 Russian BB, seems to me like they’re aiming for a secondary build on that one.

  17. The reload time on the Russian BB is great for being able to pour oneself another shot of vodka between salvos. Perfect.

  18. It was kinda inevitable that we would get a ship called Michelangelo and some people are saying that it’s going to have napoli’s secondary performance

  19. Can I say.. I started off just casually watching this, but mostly listening to the new ships.

    Then I got super invested in the game in the background. Woah! Amazing game!

  20. The devs don’t make the decisions, they’re just coders. It’s the project managers and project owners that are making the decisions.

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