World of Warships- Just What The Hell Is Going On With These New Ships??

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the recent trend of WG Copying/Pasting ships, enjoy!

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  1. “Designing and constructing warships is not an easy task”

    Russian ships in wows: sure…

    • Western studios art departments make such awesome sci-fi ships in movies, but since Wargambling is too greedy they won’t hire one of them to make some cool new egyptian battleships or some shiet 😀

  2. @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

    Everyone wants more historic ships, then when they get them they complain art dept is dead and the game is dying

    • Nobody’s complaining about getting historical ships – we’re complaining about getting ripped off, with lazy premiums (for Supercontainer) and copy paste cruiser lines with redundant and useless gimmicks, that only serve to provide WG’s priviliged classes – CV’s and subs with easy cannon fodder. While all the actual good premiums are either for doubloons, or behind a gambling event with bundles, or the terrible dockyard grindfest which is also paid.

    • There was also that time when WG refused to differentiate the new economically hampered Missouri from the original version because they purportedly didn’t want to bloat the client with multiple versions of the same ship. That excuse has now been shown to be complete and utter BS with every clone ship that they release.

    • @@LTC_Tiger (And never forget how they removed the Missouri in 2018, just to bring it back in a gambling event in 2021)

    • @drakeconsumerofsoulsandche4303

      @LTC_Tiger  they had literal clone ships pre-MO, like the ARP ships that the CNY myokos

      Also differentiating it would’ve just been confusing for newer players since it makes no difference except to the person playing it, and even then only in terms of economy

    • ​@@meganoobbg3387 Absolutely. No one complains about historical ships. But about how lazy they are implementing it by reusing assets and charging a lot for that. You can bet that they will milk the shit out of the playerbase with the Wisconsin (on what i think will be july 4th). And with the hype around her announcement I’m sure most people already decided, that money won’t matter for them in this case.

      And another thing is, of all announced new ships, not a single one is unique, but a kitbash clone of another one. Not one is using a new hull or superstructure. Of course this raises questions.

  3. Both can be true at the same time. The copy pasta is to be expected at this point, but also, the Lesta version has had more visual additions. Michelangelo had a much more detailed camo, new port, new camos for other ships, as well as other additions.

  4. Me still waiting for HMS Royal Oak and ships like Prince of Wales or Ajax.

    • Yes agree, the kgv class had 5 ships in it, they could make one a teir 8 and put some better armour on her (given irl she was 2nd best armoured ship to the yammy) and improve the guns, which would be a nice way to avoid simple copy paste. The oak would also make a nice teir 5/6 ship

    • @@kennyforgot83 Amen.

    • HMS Revenge and Arkhangelsk – since they’re not in tech tree, you can bet they’ll make em overpriced premiums.

  5. I would prefer new game modes and maps over some of these ships. Problem for WGing is they can’t put those in the store. Love to see them get away from the square maps and add something more interesting then a few dots of islands. Like a channel map, shoreline on both sides with far less flanks to move up. Make us go more head to head. Or a new storm mode that moves much much slower across the map. Making the map basically smaller and smaller as the storm moves in. But I imagine these things would be to complicated and or annoying given the common strategies players prefer.

    • Hear, hear!

    • I think they could do some really fun things with the Operations mode. There are any number of historical things that would make it interesting to do.

    • @@Norbrookc Definitely, operations would be an easy place to put in odd shaped maps and crazy scenario’s as operations are linear in play style. But, I do think there is room in PvP for something outside the box ( square maps ) too.

    • @@quor2243 I think there could be some PvP in operations as well. For example, one team guards a base while the other team pushes to destroy it. You get ship to ship, and ship to ground targets.

    • I’d like to see varying kinds of fog brought into the game as a new weather condition. Treat it as a form of Smoke. It could be uniform across the entire map (possibly worsening OR lessening as the game progresses); or exist as fogbanks (clouds) slowly moving across the map.
      Under those conditions, emphasis on Spotting, Stealth and Radar / Sonar usage – anyone spamming at the wrong time could unexpectedly find themselves in a world of hurt.

  6. @jaythekittydragon3525

    one ship i am waiting for is ijn shinano yamato sister aircraft carrier

  7. Only so much you can do somewhat realistically with design in the ww2 era. Why Gaijin had to start modernizing vehicles after awhile

  8. I uave said before, they should have had the class named in the tech tree then make named ships of the class with add ons based on what they did in real life.
    That would let them copy paste for content but still change game play so ships would sell.
    Take the Johnson ( i know another Fletcher) but it gets a damage reduction against 8 inch guns and above. To go with her taffy 3 history. So not a cap contesting DD but one to hunt larger ships like the deep water torpedoe DDs.

  9. Enough ships we need more game modes and maps!!

  10. I think we are approaching the end of Lesta stuff that was already developed before the split. The new art dept if exists is struggling to come up with new stuff

    • Or… They’re doing what they did with Tanks by making Project Cold War.
      Might see a Cold War ship game come out as well so they’re slacking on purpose to let WoWs slowly die to be replaced with a new ship game?

      I could be wrong but when I thought PCW was a rumor, turned into a reality.

  11. I’m really excited to see the Alan and Sumner class destroyers! Like Laffey in the game!!!

  12. @theiranianputin2770

    The Tier X Komissar and Tier X Wisconsin look pretty cool.
    The other newer ships are so-so imo.

  13. Let them add frigates, corvettes (sub hunters). Game modes like protect a convoy with small ships and let surface raiders and subs attack.

  14. New maps, new game modes…..New game modes for specified ships…Txs for adding the dolphins i only miss whale sounds in my sub…

  15. Wargameing is going to have to do one of two things…go either forward or backward in time to introduce new ships . And personally I love me some games at teir 4 and below , maybe go all the way back to Iron clads.

    • Or, they follow Project Cold War with a ship version? That seems more logical to fit with why they’re putting forth so little effort on WoWs

  16. @ericnetterstrom8050

    I’m looking forward to the Washington, too. Maybe a Vice Admiral Lee to go with it.

  17. There are way more real steel ships unused than you have reckoned with – particularly for the Royal Navy. For battleships there is St Vincent class, the Colossus class and their near sister HMS Neptune, the Invincibles, the WW1 King George V class and the R class. There are also the partially modernized Queen Elizabeths, Malaya and Barham, that looked quite unlike the model we have in game – and could we please have a historically accurate Iron Duke? There are also several light cruiser classes like the Southamptons, Gloucesters and Minotaurs (the historical pair) that are absent and enough destroyers to do an entire line spilt.

    Also, I would still be prepared to pay money for a historically accurate Konig and Bayern for the Germans – made all the more frustrating by the fact that the Bayern used to have a historically accurate A hull – and what about the Helgoland class or the interwar Emden?

    There are enough Dutch destroyers and submarines to do a line for each just as there are enough cruisers from Austro-Hungary and the Baltic states to get you up the to middle tiers of Pan-European cruiser line, especially if one included the Midilli (ex-Breslau) from Turkey. One could also easily populate the first three tiers of a Pan-American battleship line with the Minas Gerais, Rivadavia and Almirante Latorre classes from the ABC arms race.

    The problem is this is all distinctly low and mid tier, which is not where WG makes their money…

  18. I think it was a few weeks ago, WG had an article about Monitors. The designers could really have some fun with those. (Or support ships.)
    Ok- for a monitor- how funny would it be if they made a ship with a single 20″ gun or something?

  19. Oops, thought I was subscribed. I agree with the theme of your video. I was also looking for this replay because I was the enemy Kagero… hey, I get my minute of background YT fame lol. I thought the replay might come online because you were smashing it. gg!

  20. I had suggested WG make a Korean War thru Vietnam War Era battle mode, they would have a huge new list of historical ships they could build. Very good perspective video SL !! Then there are PT boats !!

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