World of Warships- Just When We Thought Brawling Was Dead, Its Saved, For Now

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Hey guys! Today we take a romp around in Airship Escort! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I would brawl every day of the week..its when the ones behind you dont follow in and instead go to the other side of the map.

  2. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    This game mode is everything great about WOWS. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  3. Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    The collective hate expressed towards that submarine at the start brought tears of joy to my eyes. Beautiful.

    • @CylonRed Have you ever played DDs? If there is no support, why any sane DD player would push in alone and die after spotted by sub (that you can’t kill with depth charge because you are killed first when you try sailing above) or CV? Have you realized that only BBs have effective ASW at the moment? Passive BB gameplay is the reason I dislike the game now.

    • @hond654 Yes – I have and BBs support DDs and they can do it from 2 squares away and so can CAs. We DON’T have to be on top of the cap to support.

      Early game – the DDs need to try and prevent caps from being taken but especially to SPOT. BBs can’t support if the DD immediately smokes up and they are spotting. They need to find out what is there to help the rest of the team as well.

      Too many DDs rush in blindly (into a cap) then wonder why they die early – and it turns out that there are 6 ships there and concealed He/torp spammers.

      NOTHING in my previous post said DDs should rush in and cap blindly. To take out subs, DDs can work with the BBs but my fac ships – the JB is handicapped my a 5 km range on the airstrike.

      The biggest problem with the game is HE/torp spammers from concealment – far more than any other “issue”.

    • “YESSSS, let the hate flow through you.” Jokes aside when you get THAT MANY charges dropped on you, well now you know why subs play like BBs, torping from max range and never using the normal torpedos.

    • @hond654 key word “unsupported” same applies to sub, of the ate alone they are screwed.

    • Subs are even more hated than CVs. I got chat banned for calling one a clown. No offense to clowns.

  4. This needs to be added permanently as a game mode. At least GK could be meta.

    • wg already considering it in randoms will be death neel for wows because people will always pick brawling ships

    • GK is already meta in clan battles this past season. War gaming buffed the guns when they made it a premium and now you can actually blap ships from across the map

    • @Techy tube What are you talking about? Right now the meta is everybody sniping and barely anyone brawling. People want to brawl in their battleships But the current game design makes that extremely difficult. So brawling will actually be good for the game.

    • @Techy tube but people LOVE brawling.

  5. Hey Sea Lord, great vid as usual. Thanks for supporting brawling in this game the way you do…
    Btw, i would love to see your GK build. I think I’m missing something in mine…

  6. i love the airship mode but putting tier 8 into a mostly tier 9 and 10 battle is making the live of tier 8 ship driver really really hard.

  7. My German BBs have been loving this format.

  8. Glad you guys got to see this mode. Fun times in public testing!

  9. Only in NA server will you see 11 ships rain death on a sub the second its spotted.

  10. While I like this game mode I had zero success last night and I can’t blame anyone. It’s weird how if you take a couple of days off you need a few games to get the mind in gear.

  11. I’ve played more in the past week than the past 6 months. This is how the games should be played as cvs are irrelevant due to aa blobs and subs are just pests. Brawling and PTFO is life 😅

  12. Its bad when 3 or 4 teammates sit in the back sniping, afraid of scratching their paint.
    You sometimes lose after 2 mins when the only dd dies.
    Or when somebody doesnt understand that they have to be in the circle to push it along.
    When it goes well it can be fun.
    Its too RNG for me right now.

  13. Having the most fun in a year playing Airship

  14. Love having to brawl again!
    Don’t love teammates that sit 15km away from the airship trying to hit enemy like they’re playing a random battle.

    WG, keep this mode!

  15. They should make Airship escort and Convoy escort part of randoms instead of letting us play these once or twice the year…

  16. Pommern does great in this mode. I got 304 secondary hits in a battle the other day. Wish I had the GK! 😀

  17. This mode is SO MUCH FUN. I played a number of games yesterday with the Mecklenburg, a blast to play 🙂

  18. If this is not the right mode to play GK with Lutjens on full seccondarys..i dont know what is!
    I also Wonder why so many Just dont want to enter the green or red zone, even if they are Close.

  19. They need to keep airship mode in game permanently as it in many ways alters the meta very positively in my view. In fact I could see them changing it up with things like ships that aren’t invulnerable which you must protect creating a more “real world” game experience.

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