World of Warships- Just When You Thought Petropavlovsk Couldn’t Get Any Worse

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new upcoming superships for the British and Soviet Techlines! Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
1:09 DevBlog Intro
1:30 Devastation
5:34 Novosobirsk


  1. And now you get a unique upgrade to make Petro even more of a AP monster

  2. Krzysztof Narloch

    Fun fact. If you see ingame a funny named Petro – thats the UU version of Petro

  3. That_Pushup_Guy Tough

    Tier IX takes another hit

  4. Personally I never had an issue against Petro, It’s not that strong at least from what I’ve fought in randoms but it’s definitely a good ship in a team environment

    • Jugaloking69 Dope

      as long as your teamates have your side. i trade gun repairs all the time in cb but 1 hit will nuke you from the side. a open water island hugger. gota think and know where the enemy is shooting you from in the petro slow to turn too

    • agree ,
      used to hold up the red team a lot in petro ,
      just by tanking them , but as for doing damage , good players never showed their side to me.
      i did get good spotting damage , if my team were awake to the fact they had borad side ships to shoot at

  5. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Average WG defender: But But But russian bias doesn’t exist. Nakhimov and Ushakov enters the chat: What did you say? – (meanwhile Novosibirsk is getting ready and thinking about Nakhimov and Ushakov. Whats that crap?)

  6. Super ships WG’s way of bilking more resources out of players trying to push them to spend $$$$. Credit sink for sure!

  7. You are probably going to love the Illinois…. Des Moines guns attached to the best overall USN BB hull. Just swap shell types and have a blast..

    • A cruiser with battleship armor to accommodate with mediocrity, lol.

    • @LeckMichImArsch Afraid I’ll have to disagree with you on that one. Iowa hull with DM 4×3 guns is both affective and rather fun.

    • @Malgus Kerensky
      I never said it wasn’t effective and fun, I just said the ship was made to accommodate with mediocrity, A.K.A. people who are used to battleships but don’t know how to survive in cruisers.

    • @LeckMichImArsch Gotcha, I misread the phrasing!

  8. You forgot to mention devastation has better concealment than super petro.

  9. devastations heal is insane when you build for it
    also super petro has kremlin style troll armor

  10. The super petro is said to be a middle ground between petro and stalingrad

  11. One thing that slightly worries me about Devastation is that she’s based specifically on ‘Vanguard’, and not Conqueror. Meaning that the rear two turrets are likely to have absolutely abysmal turret angles. Which, with 35 second reload, and 305 dispersion, 32mm armour and low health for a supership makes me really worried that you’re going to be in a Marlborough situation where you can’t afford to use the rear turrets, and in reality Devastation is going to end up with only 8 usable guns at any one time.

    • If you add 4 more guns on a Conqueror you have to give it severe downsides. “Low health” means nothing since superheals. And as almost always they will buff the reload before release. Concealment will also be better than on other supers.
      I dont want it to be able to sit around steeply angled, with that concealment and blasting everything with this brutal HE broadside it will have. No thanks.

    • @Gothia I have a question. As the british superheal something to do with history or is it just some random gimmick to make the british battleships and cruisers more interesting ?

    • @Hmmm Random gimmick of course.

    • @Hmmm I like to think that it’s because all WW2 Royal Navy Warships had full machine shops on them to be able to build and remake any parts of the internal ship required for seaworthiness (within reason). Along with having a strict doctrine on Damage Control, the machine shop and historical sturdiness of Royal Navy warships I like to believe that it’s a slight call to history in that regard.

  12. Some Russian engineer at a party in 1938 scribbles a fantasy ship design on the back of a vodka label and WG makes a ship out of it in 2023.

  13. It looks like a super-riga to me

  14. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    CBT pretty much describes the kind of people who will enjoy it

  15. Enjoyed your daily video as always. It’s always sad these days to see so many of my formerly favorite T9 and T10 ships gather dust in port due to Super Ships.

  16. kingofcastlechaos

    Superships belong in their own game. I would actually play them then. As it is, I am looking for another game (not War Thunder though)

  17. The super petro was the petro itself, until they nerfed it into oblivion. So this new ship will just be nerfed at some point.

  18. Im currenlty grinding British DDs (up to T9) German BCs (up to T9) and Japanese Heavy Cruisers (Up to T8), and enjoying all of them. What would you (any of you) recommend I try next? I enjoy all the playstyles but seem to do best with the sniper cruiser playstyle.

    Was thinking of doing something American (american BBs sound like they fit the meta perfectly) but should I maybe try out the Soviet cruiser line? It kind of sounds unique. Is it any fun?

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