World of Warships- Just When You Thought Submarines Couldn’t Get Any Worse…

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier VIII Premium British Submarine Alliance, enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I got the T6 British sub and ill stick with that one.

  2. If they made a game mode with NO subs and NO CV’s most people would never play anything else. CV’s and subs have NO place in a game of this scale!

    • Not to mention a lack of teamwork regarding roles and the ships’ capabilities.

    • I know people who day the EXACT same thing about War Thunder’s ground Battles and being revenge bombed by no skills in planes.

      Unfortunately for WoWS they’ve already released all those vehicles so adding in a mode that excludes them and would basically lead to 20 minute waits for games would probably piss off alot of whales who shell out hundreds or ever thousands for the new ships and premiums.

      But I 100% agree. Id actually pay for premium in WoWS and WT if they added in a mode that took the lame ass CVs and Subs out.

      Honestly I highly recommend the community suspend it’s premium membership and season pass payments and demand a game mode like that be added and watch them be forced to do it or lose a lot of money.

  3. That’s why I always have secondaries on. While my main guns reload, I let my secondaries do the work and hit the sub.

  4. Tha magic with that thing is, that against dd its torpedos are homing til 70 meters. Its possible to cross torp on youre own every 30 seconds, or less

  5. You forgot to mention this sub does an easy 32kts on the surface. Faster than most bb’s the same tier.

  6. It doesn’t matter whether the alliance’s torpedoes are slow, homing torpedoes are just the worst things in the game. It’s one thing dodging torpedoes that go in a straight line, but when the torpedoes can turn and come at you at any angle, apart from hitting you it will also put you in positions you don’t want to be in (e.g. broadside to a battleship).

    • Tell me that the game is dying without saying it is.

    • There is a training room game where Flamu tried hunting an Alliance in the Kiev; it cross torped him. they shot torps to one side, turned away and shot the rear tubes to the other while keeping the ping up. the 2 sets homed from opposite 90 degree courses and pincered the Kiev

    • @Stephen1R2 I noticed. I doupt many sub players are going to pull that off in randoms.

    • @Jay Werner Agreed. Subs that ping this fast are dead – unless the other team is just clueless.

    • @Dirk Daring Agreed. Depends on how quick they are on the ASW trigger, but generally if your pinging CONSTANTLY your are going to die quicker then if you don’t.

      Thats probably the weakness of the alliance, its homing torps are so slow you can’t just “fire and forget” them or they will miss. you MUST use the ping to get the benefits of the “enhanced homing torps”.

  7. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    The low speed makes the homing even better. Once you figure out your timings with the pings, it will become hilariously easy to cross drop torps on any target.

  8. WG is slowly killing their own game at this point.

  9. Lucas The Lucario

    i will say though the Alliance’s design looks really nice display wise. It is what you think all subs look like black with a square in the middle sticking out.

  10. I could see Soviet subs getting high homing and relatively fast torpedoes making them the best torpedo subs there is, but with their other typical characteristics like really bad concealment. And that will be the “counter” to this.

  11. Leon Peters-Malone

    Who sent Mk 48 AdCap’s CBASS to WW2?

    Torpedoes like this I’d wish I had in Cold Waters.

  12. You’ve missed the worst thing about Submarines… everybody is even worse about playing the A lines and camp sniping, nobody dares to approach the enemy, they can’t! DD players are forced to be well in front of any support and a sub can just pop up to periscope depth and spot you and you’re dead, hell you don’t even know which way to run.
    Worse yet is… just try to chase down and sink a lone sub without having hydro, half of my game is “wasted” chasing a damned sub and he’ll often get away, AGAIN… NOT FUN!

  13. I’ve been thinking that subs need to be made to play at closer range with shorter range torps and ping – high risk to the reward, but by the sounds of it that might not actually be an improvement.

  14. i don t really see the problem with torpedo speed, i mean if they are that slow, launch them then ping when they are close. after i saw flamuu testing it seem the better ship to avoid those torp are BB as the guiding stop farther than for cruiser and DD. but running away isn t a counterplay. also those torp are very stealthy it seem.

    and alliance can do cross torpedo by it self -_-

  15. Those torps turn really sharply. Do you think it might be possible to torp yourself if you ping something at the right angle to your travel direction?

  16. I am surprised that WG hasn’t make the torps that can cloak then appear just before they hit the ship. Must be update 12.2 that this will happen.

  17. Subs are very easy to kill, there are not many good sub players at all. It’s fun hunting them. On the flip side, they are pretty fun to play.

  18. Honestly, the more people complain every match in chat about submarines the more I keep playing as a submarine.

  19. The problem is not that it is op, the problem is that it kills the gameplay. As you mentioned, the counter-play is to just turn around and run away, which is incredibly boring for both players

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