World of warships – JUSTICE

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When it happens I’m pretty sure everyone will be satisfied that “someone” got rebalanced.


  1. Had a guy like that pinkie Mis who died 2 minutes into a game to go hunt the dd that killed him. I was busy sinking two battleships. I said so many unsporting things that day like you would not believe.

  2. All skill no luck! 🙂

  3. If it was possible that Missouri would’ve had a spotter plane guaranteed…

  4. Battleship players have lower skills & intelligence than an average cruiser or DD player.

    • what about a cv player

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Cruisers, Carriers, DDs and Lastly Battleships – ranging from the one having the most influence in games as the game progresses… and is somewhat similar to skill floor requirement and average intelligence…

  5. Flambass O face

  6. the reply shouldve been “get gud pink boy your color attests to your ability to contribute to a loss”

  7. Noise 😀 I was live by that “Hans-gazmus” 😀
    btw.: 1 downwote…hmm, i dont think its the Conqueror, maybe that pinkie noob in Missori ? xD

  8. How WG should balance the Conq…Detonation chance 50 % higher than on any other ship 😛

  9. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    By the way – what is it with German Ships detonating other ships in your vids…
    When you got detonated in your Musashi by a Kurfurst – with 1 AP shell…
    Now this with your Z-52 detonating a full hp Kekueror/Canceror with 1 torp…

  10. And I hit a BB with 4 torps and get 20k damage.

  11. I’ve done that to a conqueror in an atago very satisfying

  12. Don’t worry I had the same thing with an idiot who called me a moron and useless he’s had 2500+ games I haven’t had 1000 yet and my stats aren’t that worse than his and I got 4th on the team he was last ?

    • Thel ‘Vadam honestly I’ve made shit tons of mistakes in every game but I’m keen not to keep making them

    • brent8335

      Doesnt care what some random people say to your especially in the Internet. …..ther are a lot of idiots in the world and since today everyone has access to IT. ….idiots are quite common… sadly

      But i try to help newer players when i can and when your are opened enough for critic ( and come over your ego )

    • Thel ‘Vadam I know I’m not very good but I’m trying to get better

    • brent8335

      That actually makes your better than 1/4 of the player

      a friend of mine oneces said ” you cant call your self a good Player without playing this game ATLEAST one year long and in regularly times ”

      or what i like to say you are not a *experienced* player if you didnt (WIN AND) *FAILED* every possible situation

  13. Great detonation! I thought Conqueror was immune to those things as well? ? What is the downsides to the Z-52? Just started to play LoYang and think its pretty OP with its smoke/hydro, only DD i fear pretty much in that ship is to face Z-52 due to its stronger hydro. So what are the downsides to Z? Or is it pretty OP?

    I know german torps dont deal as much damage and the smokes dont last that long but is that it?

  14. Was in my yamato. Kept missing the salvo on broadsided 14km conqueror 4-5times because of my stupid aim. But the sixth salvo with one she’ll… U can guess what I did to him 🙂

  15. Z-52 come here and do something useful! Other than sink the only two ships so far, spotting half the enemy team, protect the Des Moines with smoke…..what more does the idiot want!

  16. Balance lance strikes again.

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