World of Warships – Jutland Impression

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Playing Jutland as a defensive dd, not excited over having to let enemy make mistakes rather then winning game. Hope you have a wonderful day I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX British Destroyer Jutland Replay – Discord Server

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  1. sounds like the brit dd line will fit well in the meta of radar, dds spotting with enemy radar ships in game is very iffy. Having a dd line that doesn’t do spotting and instead hides and lets other ships spot seem the direction wargaming are pushing dds.

    • @Jerry Glaze: However, there is counterplay against Smoke(radar, hydro, torpedoes, blind fire) and it is far more defensive now than it used to be(You cant hide an entire fleet in there and be invisible, due to the “fire while in smoke” changes).

      There is no counterplay to Radar, other than trying to stay away from the ships that have it, or focus it first(which is also a counter against smoke. Simply avoid the area, or sink the ships capable of using it ASAP).

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      “There is alot less radar these days per game”

      Yeah, we’re down to 3-5 radars now as opposed to 4-6.

      A LOT less, indeed.

      I am one of those radars. Radar ships are ridiculously easy.

    • the game is a fleet and team game, capturing cap circles SHOULD NOT in any way be solely a DD job, get in there and own some realestate.

      check out the left flank in this video, falling back with only 4 enemies left. WTF? i could solo all 4 of them in a BB. People dont know their ships’ strengths and weaknesses, and play like grandmas who knit. Id love to know how many of those team mates falling back have full HP. In a normal game, im willing to bet some kind of Montana falls back before taking any hits at all, the Yamatos start reversing at the 20minute mark, and the GKs get killed in 5 minutes trying to do their job. This game is so fucked up because you people dont know how to do your jobs. SUPPORT YOUR DDS, it isnt their job to spot, kill, cap, and win.

    • radar ships are easy when you continue to get shitty team mates that cant delete cruisers. Deleting cruisers is the one thing battleship players need to learn by tier 6 before progressing any further. Doing 5k per salvo isnt helping the team, play a cruiser if you cant delete cruisers in 2 salvos as a battleship, gotta do shit better at t10 because the time to kill is 10 times faster than at t3, and people cant keep up for lack of skills, so you end up with half the team doing everything on Notser’s flank, and a bunch of peasants fleeing from nothing on the other. The skill imbalance at t10 is phenomenal

    • i like that idea a lot, i also thought about making radar a blip on mini map only so you actually had to do some legwork, however surviving a radar sweep for 45 seconds(no longer 56seconds on minotard) is quite easy, if you die in the first 4 minutes to radar sweep, youre playing perfectly incorrectly. Bow away, aft wiggle, WSAD hacks implemented, works wonders and if not, drop down some tiers, play russian DDs, and learn how to stay spotted while doing your job. Here have some free advice.

      this game is just a huge rock paper scissors fuck fest, if you put yourself into only smart situations, and play your best, you will come out of it ALIVE STILL with fewer HPs, so you can try again, and again, and again, for 20 minutes straight, instead of getting BLAPPED like a noob. What’s the difference between two ships that always hit with their shells? angle, alpha timing, allies. This game is so far from first person shooter and closer to an intellectual card game than anything. Use your strengths, mitigate your weaknesses, if you arent, go die in t3 please.

  2. Not more Camping behind islands, the game becomes less dynamic by the day.

  3. I normally like your commentary Notser but I disagree with you entirely. Other CC’s who I also follow definitely disagree with you as well. But still love ya so keep it up!!

  4. whats the concealment as opposed to other DD’s if you slot the Concealment mod. and if you do have it you can usually spot other dd’s prior to them spotting you and then get the jump on them. So I think your review is potentially way off. These DD’s can lock down a capture point to other DD’s. just my opinion though.

    • ” These DD’s can lock down a capture point to other DD’s”

      You’re not wrong, but I wouldn’t take these slow DDs anywhere near a cap. It’s hard enough running from a Radar cruiser in Gearing, never mind in something even slower. I see a pure DD vs DD encounter like once every 40-50 matches, but usually it’s one team assfucking 1 DD and then the other running away from the radars…

      Nowadays, it’s radars locking down caps, not DDs…

    • Donald Picard yeah it can maybe it can in an one on one engagement. But remember there will most likely be other cruisers and battleships in the area. So yeah you might kill the dd but you aren’t as nearly capable to other dds in disengaging. I have never played a dd, entered a cap, and had a one on one fight with an enemy dd. There have always been other ships pushing in the cap and either focusing me down and killing me or I just escape with half of my life left or barely any left.

    • well yeah i get, but that unless you have tons of radar in one cap then you just stop firing smoke up or sneak away. if your running sonar youll see all torps and crap on other dd’s. I think these British DD’s like another CC already said are going to act as a screening force to the main fleet. No they will never be able to sneak the flank.

    • By tons of radar do you mean, one radar cruiser? Typically there are three to four in most games, sometimes with a radar BB or DD thrown in as well. If your max speed is 34 knots you are dead. in the first 25 s. Concealment is fine, but unless you can get out once you are radar detected, you will die.

  5. so let me get this right, Wargaming in there wisdom have made the British Destroyers just lighter Light Cruisers.

    • That is what they feel like to me

    • Looks that way how else would you play them with the poor speed and no speed boost to get you out of trouble? Great if an enemy DD pushes into you, but your not going to be able to outrun a cruiser and definitely wont be able to chase another dd.

    • Leo jiang the great

      So, this is the new RN light cruiser line.

  6. Would be nice if they could just do a RN line right, every RN ship so far has been gimped in one way and over buffed in another. BB’s stupid high fire %, CL’s SAP only and before its said about concealment, it can be worked around by stealth radar ships especially at high tier.

  7. John Scarborough

    I understand that camping cruiser meta for the US and UK boats but it just makes me crazy to play that way. I think I’ve taken the new Cleveland out less than 10 times since the split and the Edinburgh frustrated me so much that I sold it.

    • John Scarborough well you are the same as me.. i just dont bother playing it because it just kill my patient if i camp and shoot

    • Same here The WG killed the Cleveland and the Eddy is well I find a mess.  Fore every great game its 10 bad games.  Almost never a avg game

  8. I love the British Gallant, got it in a container over Christmas. Took ma a while to figure her out, but she’s a great ship.

  9. I know people are going to cry when I say this but….CC’s need to teach people how to use cover and move. The reason people hide behind a damn rock is because you CC’s dont teach or show people how to hit and run, PROPERLY use cover and how to out flank the opponent. You show people how to play the game lazy then wine when people play the game lazy.

    • i think your missing the point, with slow speed and no speed boost you cant hit and run, most CL/CA’s will be faster than the RN DD’s, all other DD’s are faster than the RN DD’s so you cant out run anyone in these, camping and smoke play is pretty much the only option for these DD’s, not good!.. or more to the point, boring gameplay!

    • Hiding behind rocks wasn’t even a thing back in 2016. Des Moines did that. DDs wrapped around rocks to attack and BBs ALWAYS hid in the back. 2017 was the year of pain. A lot of good players quit the game because of static playstyles. No one supported DDs or objectives and everyone hid behind rocks which means no one can cap or shoot back. Nowadays more and more people are playing strategically and entire teams are putting down trolls in chat. I hope by sometime in 2019, we’ll see people not camping behind rocks too much.

      This game is always changing.

    • A T, as a mainly DD player i have all but given up on the game due to all the radar and camping, if i try to play the objective im lit up bu radar that lasts forever and get slaughtered, it was not so bad when radar only lasted 20 or so seconds but with these new super modules radar can last for about a minute, combine that with the amount of radar equipped ships in the game now, the radar never ends. such a shame, i loved WoWs but now rarely play.
      i hope there are some changes made to the game that will bring the fun factor back!!

    • Problem is the all seeing eye of radar, as a DD you can’t take any risks until every single ship with the I win button is eliminated. Usually that means you can never take a chance because they’re NEVER focused down with the same ferocity that DDs seem to be facing at the moment.

  10. I saw the name and got all excited thinking we were getting a Scandanavia line. Whenever I feel a little too excited and want to get all sad, I always use WOW news.

  11. Torpedoes are worse in every way to Fletcher’s. Guns are fairly equivalent, barely more DPM, needs IFHE but more fires. Ship is slower. Trade of speed for concealment. Bad-hydro for engine boost looks a poor trade.

    ‘Defensive destroyer’ is a desperately poor, frustrating looking joke.

  12. Good video Notser. I think they are slow because they are such powerful gunboats against other DDs. Yes, radar is an issue, but I’m still looking forward to this line.

  13. I agree these look uninteresting… i say give it speed boost and British super heal

    • Ok… legendary gearing has all that. 16km torps, concealment, fast firing guns, speed boost, manuverablity. Plus it wayyy faster, And Def Fire

      That and i didnt say dont nerf something, and quit your crying about the guns it has high fire chance because the guns cal Is basically pea shooters IFHE is mandatory so the fire chance has to be high or this line has no chance of dealing damage at all. AND THIS NEEDS SPEED BOOST as the slowest t10 DD giving it speed boost is common freakin Sense!!!

      And super heal on a low health pool DD would simply NOT break the game.
      And i know your butt holes are sore and traumatized from conq but that ship it OP for COMPLETELY different reasons…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Improved speed and speed boost is sufficient. Plus Daring has yet to receive a legendary upgrade – so comparing it to Gearing’s legendary upgrade is rather pointless isn’t it?

      “low health pool DD” – lol what bullcrap are you on about? Gearing has 19400hp, Z-52 with while Daring has 20800 – YET manages to hit 5.7km under full concealment build compared to Shima’s 5.6km that only has 17900hp.

      A DD with 20800hp, 5.7km concealment and 2.5 second reload on 114mm guns – thats pretty fucking impressive mind you.
      Clearly a potent Gunboat DD and a Shimakaze killer/eradicator.
      Which is why I ask, why the hell such a stealthy DD with already an excellent HP pool, have a super heal??? completely mind boggling.

      Its like you want this DD to lose over half HP disappear and reappear near full health like a Conqueror WHILE managing to spot any other DDs at ease. Super heal is not the answer to everything, if anything Superheal is cancer for the game (only RN light cruisers should have it).

      All Daring needs is higher speed and speed boost – that’s it.

      114mm/45cal which are super heavy 24.9kg shells almost the weight of USN 127mm 38cal guns at 25kg. Clearly the penetration power at close ranges should be sufficient and explains the high fire chance of the shells.
      Daring is clearly a Gunboat DD with excellent if not god tier stealth and spotting capabilities and somewhat good HP.

    • I meant low health DD, as in make it one. Nurf the HP to lowest in class and give it the super heal or maybe somewhere in between super and standard… or even reg. heal with like 17 or 18k HP. Either way i think the ultimate knife fighter “defensive” DD should have heal. Its a nationwide trait i think its a good fit!

      The guns are terrifying, yes, AT CLOSE RANGE and against anothe DD but that caliber at long range will loose all pen power rendering them near usless against BBs at range other then fire damage

      And that speed boost just needs to happen regardless of any other stats! you simply cant not make a DD the slowest in class and not give it speed boost!?! especially when speed boost is a class wide standard issue consumable

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Even a DD with high HP and standard heal – such as Khaba.

      Is nothing in comparison to a low HP DD with Superheal (not to mention the stealth).

      I’m pretty sure you understand how Conqueror despite its pitiful health – The total sum of all the potential healing and HP is literally 40k more than every other T10 – that’s just cancer.

      WG calculates HP by displacement – I doubt they will even dare break that rule to reduce HP. – just so you can add superheal – which is far too much clearly.

      Hell Daring Classes IRL has 30knot speed – wg buffs it to 35knots.
      At this point I think they just need a good old speed boost to balance them.

      Perhaps wg can give these dds that RN cruiser acceleration as trade off. To help with knife fights.

    • Yor not entirely wrong btw i do agree with u for the most part. i just think a heal would allow them to be more aggressive knife fighters in the caps rof is great but so is American rof and pan-asain that and there are enough island HE spam ships in game already. And i still think heal is not as troll as radar dds or hydro dds.

      They need an identity, they are just slow Americans with single launch torps… yes they have hydro but its usless and id take spood beast over that trash hydro any day

  14. Aha!
    WG acutally hates British
    Look at the ship tech tree design concept
    Selfish CL camping in his smoke, BB acting like giant HE spamming cruiser, never try to tank any shells, and now what? DD that doens’t do DD role?

    WG must be devaluating Britishality!!

  15. Thanks for the review Notser and I hope Wargaming changes this DD as its just not gonna be fun to play with all the radar about.
    Its just the same as playing a British cruiser. what were they thinking? Gutted, was so looking forward to playing the British DD line.

  16. Kameel Hutcherson

    Currently we don’t have a defensive only destroyer. Gearing and Yueyang can be played defensively but are more hybrid in nature. The Russian DD’s are long range support destroyers, the Japanese are best used on a flank and the Germans are all around destroyers.

    To say that this is not what a destroyer should be is really false. The game already has a loose description of what a destroyer would be. The Khabarovsk can’t contest a cap to save its life but it’s still classified as a destroyer. If anything this ship can contest a cap more like a destroyer because of its low concealment and good guns.

    I feel like a lot of the hate that gets thrown on this line are because it’s campy. Just because it’s not fun for you doesn’t mean it won’t work. In terms of balancing its not about what is fun it’s about what is effective.

    The notion that the radar meta will make this ship impossible to operate is a little off. This ship will parked behind islands, hard cover, so when radar is used it will light the ship up but how many ships can arch the shells over the island to reach it.

    This ship is going to play a defensive role in the game, I niche that no other destroyer performs in the game currently.

    • Not really, any other dd can also hide behind an island and not spot for the team. If you’re gonna hide behind islands and fire over them you might as well just play the british or american cls.

  17. I hate the concept of defensive DD, the agressive concept is right there in the name DESTROYER! Imagine being a BB or a long range cruiser sailing to one side of the map and suddenly your entire fleet are all hiding like moles ( a Worcester, Des Moines, Jutland, radar Mino) so Yamato is now expected to spot and contest caps

    • Already happens, lol. Too often I’m playing a CL/CA and I’m stuck with spotting duties while everyone runs and hides because it’s the path of least resistance.

  18. Please stop asking for more and more uniqnes because WG do not know how to do that. I do prefer a new line just a shade or two away from an old one instead of going full pan-asian line again. Do not get me wrong PA is ok and fun to play but WG are running out of options and we will soon have dds that do barel rolls and bbs that handbrake

  19. To me, this looks like a DD that is more intended for divisional play rather than solo. It seems to me that rather than the ‘hunting dog’ style of other DDs, these ones work better as either an area denial weapon or working in tandem with another DD that lures prey such as overconfident cruisers to you so that you can ambush them. Even better you could team up with a RN CL and use your slow speed but good concealment to your advantage and reverse the roles given in the example above – the target expecting an easy kill suddenly has a surprise Minotaur to deal with.

  20. MajesticDemonLord

    So, I’m not a DD player – so take everything I say with a massive grain of salt – I think this is right. It’s a unique playstyle, it’s not massively OP line (cough Khaba cough Belfast cough) I think that it’s right for WG to release a line that is not capping focussed, not DPM focussed – but is focused on area denial: Get into position, ambush the target, slink away.

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