World of Warships – Jutland in ranked

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Here is 1 of ranked games I played in a Jutland.
This ship is pretty good all around but I believe USS Black is number 1 pick for this season.
Nothing can compare to that radar + smoke utility.
Needless to say I hope this helps you you have fun watching 😉


  1. Flam in the morning.

  2. I cant understand that u play this game after 0.8 anymore it complete lost its charme

    • +MrSpud my atlanta cant kill shit anymore. Despite fully specced for AA

    • +XHitsugaX That is because of changed AA dynamics Atalanta has a huge long range AA but that is quite useless now.

    • +Fanatik Little tip, I know. Play tier VII and below. At those CVs are normal or subpar.

    • I’m a DD main and a have zero problems with CVs. Why are you annoyed by a single squadron flying around instead of 6? If anything it is way easier to pass undetected or even to be on the other side of the CVs area of operations and NEVER get spotted. This was definitely not the case when they could have 6 squadrons flying around….

    • Vasilis, your main job in domination mode is to cap, so CVs know perfectly where you should be, unless you are one of those selfish DDs that are going around the caps in the hope to torp CVs in the background. Before, it was relatively easy to dodge torps and bombs from bombers. It is impossible to dodge rockets in clumsy DDs like IJN gunboats and high tier Russian DDs. Before, it took times to go back and forth between the target and the CV. Now, you have no return time, you have no reload time. You just send another squadron when the previous squadron with its job. It is a non stop dodging. Watch the 2 videos from IChaseGaming and you will see no pause in the harassment whatsoever.

  3. yo flambooooi

  4. I just got done watch both of the Subnautica videos and now this!!!

  5. Stephan Stockinger

    Flambass: There is NO range restriction on getting the buffs in this mode anymore. If one of your teammates collects a buff, the entire team gets it regardless of how far away they are.

    • not true. the loading screen specifically says 12km from the buff, and based on observations i’d say roughly 1km for the double buff.

    • Stephan Stockinger

      +Dillon Kerbs the patch notes specifically say “all teammates” will receive the buff, and I have yet to notice someone activating a buff that I do not receive as well. But I may be wrong.

    • Stephan Stockinger

      +Poroeporoe you definitely only get the double buff if you are in the cap circle when it is activated.

    • Yes it’s true apparently but at the time I didn’t know they changed this, so you’ll probably hear me say it in few more vids 😉

    • Stephan Stockinger

      No worries! I wasn’t complaining, just trying to help with information. Can make a difference to how you play, obviously.

  6. The great Flambass is PINK? roflmao.

  7. It’s really funny that the 2 best changes they ever made to this game turned out to be bugs and they “fixed” them even after player base reacted positively to them instead of just saying “totally meant it” ?

    • Which 2 changes are you refering to?

    • The concealment bloom that was “fixed” in 8.0 and my all time favourite, consistent long range citadels on broadsiding BB’s that was an unintended result of a change they made. That got patched out quick though because can’t be upsetting BB players apparently ?

    • How did they change concealment?

    • +mrb692 concealment bloom after firing your guns remains for 20 seconds after firing even after breaking line of sight or getting out of the way of hydro/radar. The “bug” that was around for a few patches was the concealment would go back down to normal as soon as you broke line of sight with enemy. It opened up options playing around islands and being able to move around them more instead of just hugging them aswell as other things that made the game a little more fluid instead of the jarring “spotted, not spotted…spotted again just because reasons”

  8. I’ve seen a few Blacks so far and they really haven’t done much. I’ve torped two in smoke myself.

  9. I was thinking when was the last time that a premium wasn’t the best choice for a ranked season? Has that ever happened?

    • Faragut at tier 6 back in the day when 1st time ranked was at tier 6. Amagi in tier 8 some time ago as well. This tier 6 ranked sprint season you could have also played with Faragut no problem or Nicholas when it was tier 5. Gearing at tier 10 😉

    • Last ranked (VI) I used FUSHUN. A beast.

  10. Pink Flambino?
    Flambass… have you been naughty with torps?

  11. Flambass, is there any chance you could show your build + captain skills either before or after your vids?

  12. 8:11 PEDOS TO PORT

  13. Like how you ignored the yugumo for a solid minute

  14. Real question why would you ever NOT use the single fire torps when you have the time to do so?

    • Jarred Emanuel single Fire is usually only used when a ship is bow onto you and therefor only a small part able to be hit. Otherwise the “wide spread” makes it’s so even if the targeted ship turns youre likely to hit at least one torp.

  15. For sale, one World of Warships account, lots of ships, slightly used, fun not included.

  16. Jutland, peninsula. Pronounce like in Croatian language. ?

  17. 9:14 “Torpedoes to port” Flambass looks right/starboard. Remember this: In sailing they always say a ship has ‘left port’.

  18. Flambass how would you compare Jutland to Kitikaze?
    I’ve had many knife fights with Jutlands but it seems the kiti has much more dps.
    Also Kitikaze seems a bit overpowered at t9…

    • Kitakaze is the most powerful tier 9 DD and you don’t want to engage it 1vs1 in any other DD unless you have significant HP advantage or backup

    • Kiti seems overpowered because it is If they rolled back on the buff they made to the 100mm guns or nerfed the crap out of IFHE it’d be a bit closer to balanced. It would still be a nasty bugger for other DD’s to deal with but right now it shreds everything with those guns and it’s a baby compared to the T10 ?

  19. game is hopeless broken with the carrier rework, game is no linger fun…..unscribed

  20. Flambass how many times do we have to tell you, you cant punish your team for not showing their papers

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