World of Warships – Jutland WiP – Versatile All Rounder

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Looking at the Jutland, the WiP T9 British tech tree . Currently looking like a solid, versatile, all rounder DD. Take a look at my early impressions and what you can expect from her. Enjoy!



  2. Slightly better concealment can be a game changer. Just ask Haida

  3. plz icahse, the J is pronounced like a Y in Jutland. My ears are bleeding.

    • You mean like how the Worcescesceescescescsecesacescessecseter is pronounced?

      Yes, “Worcescesccescsecsecsesecsecsesesceseter” reads like “Worster”. It’s silly to think it’s pronounced any other way (lol kek)

    • Maybe he is pronouncing it the British way in which case he is spot on, it’s a bit like the whole USS Worcester debate

    • Henry Levenson – why should the J be soft? That makes no sense, it is an English word. The Danish word for Jutland is Jylland, and there the J is soft, but that is the Danish word for their own peninsula.

    • its pronounced with J mate

    • On the other hand, it is not icahse, it is iChase, or iChaseGaming. You really made a hash of this post, mate 🙂

  4. Brit dds are garbage.

  5. I don’t like how they force you to use a IFHE Captain skill but I do like versatile ships. Jutland is one I will keep my eye on

  6. look better then the teir 10 but still would like some speed

  7. These British DDs seem to be just another “stick it” to IJN DDs. IJN level concealment. Hydro so they never take torps. Superior guns. Concealment was the IJN thing and they needed it to survive. Now with 15 radar ships in many matches and every other DD is a IJN DD hunter it just seems like Wargaming wants the line to go away.

    • Yeah, I am a bit worried for the IJN DDs as well. The hydro is not the problem; it’s the concealment. That said, IJN DDs are not meant to fight other DDs anyway (in game, obviously, not in history).

    • Cries in gunboat shimakaze

  8. Mateusz Wasilewski

    So another gunboat. Japanese dds will be sad 🙁

  9. Sorry, but these look dull as hell to play.

  10. I don’t like this “If you don’t have IFHE, you’re useless”-thing.

    I believe they did the right thing with Akizuki, but why doing this with RN DDs?

    • So nerf ROF then. What’s the meaning of high rate of fire if you can’r do anything with it? And many player don’t have 14 p. caps.

    • At Tier 9, you should at least have a 14 point captain.

      On the subject of RoF, where do you want to nerf it to? IJN levels, USN levels, etc.? From my perspective, RN DDs have a lot going for them. Good Torps, Good Maneuverability, Meh Smoke, Hydro, etc. Personally, I think that the RoF should be lower than IJN levels, given the comparable concealment and hydro. But that’s probably only me. To answer your second question, you said that you have Aki and Hare. Did you have a 14 point captain, or a 10 point one? If 10 point did you go CE or IFHE first? Did not going with IFHE do you any good? No. Did going without CE but taking IFHE help? I will bet that it did. I think the point that WG makes with the obligatory IFHE is that you choose, at 10 points, to either go sneaky breeki, or go and shit on anything close to you.

    • Fuck you, its fine with ijn but dont do it with royal NAVO bias crap

    • Again, what I think doesn’t mean anything to the game. I’m not a CC or anything. Im just putting it out there. I know that people don’t want the RN DD line to be a repeat of the RN BB line shitshow.

      On the other hand, why is it fine with IJN? I just want to see why you think its okay.

    • I’d give the T9 and T10 1/5 penetration. I don’t think this would alter anything and allow the RN DDs to pen some weird armor thresholds, sounds like an easy fix. However, they could just decrease superstructure armour and dd plating across the board to allow all 100 mm guns (and larger) to pen. This means that there wouldn’t be any secondaries or main batteries that couldn’t deal any damage to any ships.

  11. Ichase, great video capturing the strengths of the Jutland. However, this entire line seems a little derivative and boring to me. They do not play like DDs, but like an HE version of the RN CL line. They are too slow and I do not like floaty shell arcs. I just don’t see the point, other DDs do a better job being defensive. The ships seem like an answer to a question no one asked.

  12. I don’t like the Lack of speed boost.. it means RN DDs will struggle in a lot of DDs primary roles. Also redeploying to another flank will be slow and difficult

  13. Another pain in the butt for IJN DDs

    • IJN mainline DD’s have been constantly getting fucked since the start, i mean from t6-7 onwards they loose all their power, you start meeting hydro dd’s, your concealment advantage starts disappearing yet you get nothing in your arsenal to compensate since your torpedoes gain detectability for negligible range improvement , your guns stay virtually the same, the turrets turn like three legged hippos, the speed is equal to or slightly above the competition (with the exception of the russians) which does not allow you to run away comfortably. Seriously there’s no reason to play anything past T5 on the IJN DD mainline tree.

    • Yeah, my favorite high tier torpedo boat is the fletcher. Seriously, it has more usable torps than any of the japanese torp dds.

    • elmateo77 yeah Gearing for range and Fletcher for reload are very good torpedo boats better than any of their IJN counterparts

  14. Pretty good ship, but could be a bit faster. Btw, iChase – why no premium consumables? 😉

  15. So they keep sticking it to IJN DD’s already one of the most challenging lines to play, i mean they buffed Shima’s Concealment to make her more “competitive” and then they release Gunboats with better concealment and Hydro to fully negate any power the IJN has, and then people are surprised when Shima, Yougumo and Kagero capitans spend their days on flanks never capping and launching 10-12km torpedoes, anytime they try to do any actual DD work they get wrecked by Z-52’s, Gearings, Yeuyangs, Fletchers and the likes because let’s be hones 100-300 meters better concealmet is not nearly enough to get out of dodge before ships like those mentioned above fire at least twice if not three times at fast and their turrets turn on a dime, why would they even risk going in, an argument could be made with using 20km torps again on Shima i mean why even try when 80% of the DD’s in game will wreck you unless they eat a random one of your torps and or they are the ultimate potato?

  16. We need more brexit jokes 🙂

  17. That no Spood Beest tho; Mongo not like.

  18. Christopher Roberts

    7:06 I see what you did there “royal screw them”

  19. 5centsperkittykat

    I’m still excited for UK DDs.

  20. Destroyer Inazuma

    Can the Jutland and Daring slot a heal instead of the smoke?

    • No. The Tashkent and Khaba can do that though

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      Thanks. I was thinking that since the heals were such a feature of Brit Cr and DDs they’d offer the option. Interesting that the Russians high tier DDs will be keeping it after all, a few stray premium ships aside.

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