World of Warships: Kaga is Fine and Balanced

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Kaga is strong. Pls don’t nerf. I also discover how to play against submarines.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Captain Skills & Upgrades
0:33 Kaga Match
19:35 End Screen
21:00 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 Japanese aircraft carrier Kaga.


  1. JumpIntoConsider™


  2. Or maybe the ship just fits me very well? I could play this ship every day…

  3. Yes the best time of the year, an Aerroon video!!!

  4. Zachary T (Resident Digimon Enjoyer)

    Hey! Happy to see ya upload! Hope all is well.

  5. he’s baaaack! =)

  6. 50 torps?????? WHAT???

    Btw Aerroon, have you tried any of the Japanese light cruisers?

  7. The only CV player ill watch

  8. Well played, Aerroon. You’re the only balanzed CV player I’ll watch.

  9. The reason I never get drops of when playing the Kaga, is because the games just end to quickly. As in my team losing 5-6 ships within the first 5 min of the game. Happens 9/10 Kaga games.

  10. Balance? Fun for MOST players? Accept entirely justified criticism?
    Why bother with those when people STILL put up with all the crap they’re fed, and even REWARD those companies with money for such treatment. Gamers are such an atrocious customer base when it comes to Both companies appear to have decided they’ll pander to the many gamers who are utterly two-faced on this stuff; gamers often will make statements about balance etc while privately being happy to have something as OP as fk provided THEY and FEW OTHERS can get their hands on it.

    It’s also why the MM is perpetually worse than it needs to be. BOTH companies have admitted in part they do it so as to provide people with battles where they get to kick the hell out of people and feel like a boss, even when skill is next to irrelevant.

    Speaking of which, as you know CVs in this game were specifically redesigned in part to LESSEN the relevance of skill. WG couldn’t balance them, so it made it less crucial to have a crap CV on your side vs a good one on as an enemy.
    Let’s face it, as you pointed out, the fact they sink subs with the player doing NOTHING AT ALL vs all other ship classes is just so absurd. Fun watching the two most protected, sheltered workshop classes running into each other. I suppose it just shows WG will continue to protect CVs from ANY realistic threat, even the next most atrocious class the vast majority didn’t ask for.

    My view is that WarGaming and Gaijin, the two companies who dominate this space, have a typically Russian/Soviet Bloc approach to capitalism and customer relations. Which is to say they’re nakedly exploitative and treat their customers largely with indifference if not contempt (Gaijin is notoriously intolerant of criticism). Before anyone jumps on me for making their nationality relevant, those were the conclusions of my late partner who was born in St Petersburg and left Russia in 1991 (she always was partly amused, partly shocked and frequently rather horrified by what she saw in all sorts of stores etc whenever she went back).

    Much as I love the ideas of these games, I wish online gaming weren’t run on the most negative, crass and duplicitous means possible. But they are, which is why I for one stopped playing any of them.

  11. Wargaming can not have Submarines attacking and killing Carriers. So they put stop on that!

  12. had WoWs on my mind for a few days. decide to watch some vids, see CV gameplay. ah yes thats why i stopped playing in general.

  13. I always play with Kaga and I can confirm it’s not that difficult to hit a submarine with the dive bombers, but what most help is the perma fire

  14. I fondly remember the time when I parked my Halland next to a KAGA that was blasting the battle chat with all sorts of BEST wishes towards me and my family some time ago 😀

  15. ive got only 7k less average damage in kaga than in haku and the biggest avergae dmg in tier 8 AND 9 ships

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