World of Warships – Kaga Preview – SKY CANCER REPORTING! [WiP]

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  1. Wait, I though Wargaming was not gonna release premium carriers until a carrier fix.

  2. I really want British battleships

  3. The US CVs couldn’t be worse when compared to IJN.
    WG: “Hold my beer”

  4. A new, powerful strike carrier? Oh yes, yes please. We need this.

  5. WG really needs to help the ranger

  6. WG: we should really fix carriers
    Inner WG: let’s drop double torp bombers at T7

  7. Kaga is totally fine, how well kaga play is depend on how well enemy CV play. if enemy cv know how to use fighter, kaga could really is a bad position.
    is look broken because well….. you just seen it from someone who knew how to play cv, think about average play who will be playing kaga.

  8. This is why I went with a full AA build on my North Carolina iChase…

    My booty is safe


    Oh…almost forgot…when a Kaga sees a Hood…the Kaga is going to have the biggest smile on his/her face.

  9. WG logic 101. American Cv:s are really struggling! Eureka we got it let`s introduce a beast of a CV that is Japanese.

  10. Some random guy from the beyond

    i detect a slight bit of IJN bias…

  11. CommanderJam Gaming

    Bloody hell iChase, I thought the US carriers couldn’t be screwed over anymore by Wargaming. I suppose I was wrong. With no buffs in sight.

  12. Another T7 premium CV to ruin the grind through T7 tech tree CVs? Good job WG

  13. Doesn’t matter; a well placed Cleveland or NC will still wreck your T6 planes before a decent strike can be lined up.
    P.S. the Premium T7 USS Saratoga (and T8 Enterprise) BETTER have dot sized dive bombers squadrons to balance this shit out.

  14. My Cleveland will be happy…haven’t played it in a long time

  15. Legend says Ichase is still stuck in that island

  16. Aerroon thinks its weak, Chase thinks it’s borderline OP. Why do i feel like im dating my ex again….

  17. Kaga comes with Austin Powers as the captain.

  18. Well…. back to therapy for me again.

  19. I would be excited about those post game stats as a tier TEN. Jesus, Kaga.

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