World of Warships – Kagero by HARVOX

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Kagero by HARVOX on Two Brothers moves to the eastern side of the map and attempts to capture the point. HARVOX runs into multiple enemy ships and must overcome the lack of support from the team. HARVOX is using the faster rearm consumable, which is interesting to see in action. Hope you enjoy HARVOX holding the east and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier IX Japanese Destroyer Kagero Replay


  1. Destroyer Inazuma

    Kagero has worse guns than the Soviets and US t9 destroyers… But they are
    still guns!

  2. Wow i never even knew this consumable existed xD
    That explains some of my strange encounters with high tier dd’s where i was
    100% sure they had already dropped their torps
    Wow just checked i have that on my Hatsuharu how comes i didnt see that
    when changing to premium smoke jeez i need to let my glasses get checked
    again xD


  4. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Incredibly! Harvox like a John Rambo)))Well, this game shows How to a DD!

  5. Another great game, thanks!

  6. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    woots…that was a great battle.

  7. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    IJP cruisers plz!

  8. Brian Lock (神通)

    The reload consumable is actually useful, only disadvantages is no smoke,
    but Kagero got that range and torpedo speed and stealth, the disadvantage
    is neglectable, also an actual advantage over Fletcher. Also, the
    consumable make torpedo reload time to 30 second, not shave the time by 50%
    or so. Inaccurate statement is bad.

  9. Brian Lock (神通)

    Kagero is actually easier to perform maneuver action than Fubuki and Shimy

  10. Brian Lock (神通)

    0.5.4, why not 0.5.5 or 0.5.6

  11. Guys is there in game option for recording? If not what program do you

  12. Good job, nice vídeo! Thanks

  13. I used the torp reload consumable on the Kagero, and it was extremely
    useful. The spot range is just so good already, and CVs are not that
    common. I liked using it against BBs. If a torp hits from the first volley,
    and then you land even one from the second volley, they will flood for a
    very long time! My win rate in the Kagero is 55% with 1.35 kills per game,
    1,813 average exp, and 57k damage. My best Kagero match earned 197k damage
    and 4,470 base exp.

  14. тwιlιgнт ѕcι-ғυrry

    Notser, you should check out 0.5.7 on publictest server.

  15. The recent nerfs have made this thing useless to me since the commander was
    retrained to reduce range and the long lance torps just don’t seem to work
    anymore now that they get spotted so far away.

  16. It’s not uncommon to kill “something”, like HARVOX, shooting torps at start
    in direction on that island, same path: I hit ships there with “blind
    shots” more than in one game. Once a DD too… :D

  17. such a old replay,this kagero is using 20KM, 67kn torp,with torp
    acceleration.can he do it this patch?

  18. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Is he a cheater? Is he a hacker? Is a PROPLAYER

  19. brilliant play. I saw only one fault which is rare which makes it a perfect
    match by any standard. I got duped by the uber reload yesterday. I had no
    idea they were coming and eat them like a boss for the loss.

  20. Torpedo Awareness, look into it

  21. I’d buy another Kagero if torps weren’t nerf’d.

  22. Dick butt Nick butt

    yesterday I was in the t2 jap DD and I fired torps about 2 minutes in and
    they were out there for about 30 seconds and I hit and killed someone

  23. Guys how we can change the torpedo or shell we are watching when we press z
    key? I searched it from Google but couldn’t find anything useful :(

  24. Hey Notser, how about Colorado gameplay heh?

  25. earlier today i was called a hacker becuase i just hit cidadel after
    cidadel it was so funny to see how much players were angry as fuck XDDDD

  26. really there is a thing that lets DD’s that can do 7k+ with one torp reload
    faster really………

  27. Never used that consumable before, only seen it used once. It is just to
    situational to me because of the long cool down to be worth it IMHO.

  28. Sitting here in my Hatsuharu.. very very sad.. *sniff*
    Good game, good video!

  29. I have never seen this consumable being played..but Harvox plays it very

  30. Hi Notser, if you know, that the torpedo spread or ammunition is wrong,
    just change it as you would in a real game and from that moment on
    everything will be ok.

  31. This HARVOX dude sure is a pro DD captain.. He just wrecked house!

  32. Any tips on hitting torpedoes? I just cant. I’m playing the mahan, and i
    know it is a gunboat, but i want to learn how to use the fish of death. I
    don’t think i have ever hit a torp at longer range than maybe 6 km. They
    just turn, and change course, which is of course what they should do. But
    it does mean i sometimes launch thirty torps from stealth in a match and
    none of them hit.

  33. Great game!
    THATS why DDs are KOS!

  34. Way about my Des Moines chan replay :3

  35. well..seems mine did not get taken T_T

  36. I like the consistent uploads Notser, keep it up!

  37. hi Notser can you please check my channel!

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