World of Warships – Kaiser The Kraken

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Kaiser on Strait moves out to only be greeted by a large group of enemy ships. For most of the early game we’re just giving ground to try survive. It gets a little hairy at times, but the enemy team eventually makes a couple mistakes in their assault. We fight back and try our best to take them out. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV German Battleship Kaiser Replay


  1. first finally

  2. Notser do a live commentary again.

  3. This turret traverse speed is so painful. But it’s a WW1 ship after all. US
    is even bad in higher tiers. (I’m talking to you 21 knt ships)

  4. Didn’t like the Kaiser – nearly as inaccurate as the Wyoming which I hate.
    Nassau, König and Bayern were ok, will buy the Gneisenau probably tomorrow

  5. Tbh you sound more like Scott Manley

  6. Can you teach me how to aim with the Kawachi? :P

  7. I’d like to see a game where Poinmane carries =)

  8. TheHardstyleMusicz

    Really don’t like this ship, will be selling her when I eventually get the

  9. Poi lasted a while considering there were only 6 minutes left in the match

  10. Kaiser is HE not she. :D

  11. That one shell to the dd reminded me of last night on my Amagi, I shot 1
    full vollet against an almost dead New Orleans across the mountain, 9 out
    of 10 shots clipped the terrain, and only 1 shell managed to cross it,
    which funnily enough, landed on the New Orleans for the exact amount of
    damage to kill it…I did not deserve that kill, but I laughed at that 1
    shell…granted, he was running away from everyone and I just caught him

  12. Your team’s carrier fetish worked to your advantage.

  13. Notser, can we see a Nagato game sometime? The lack of Japanese battleships
    in general this month is heresy!

  14. Why would you refer to ship called Emperor as SHE

  15. Kaiser Franz Joseph I

    someone called a Kaiser?

  16. Just watched your stream today after work again, got to see last 1.5 hours
    . Was great as usual!

  17. Kaiser is a he not a she @)(

  18. Notser! A couple of times you said that your very rarely get the chance for
    Solo Warrior. Hint: You are too good and eager. Balance your effort. I mean
    keep back your full potential to a certain point in the match :-)

  19. BakingPowder Liew

    14:13 damn I cant stop laughing there XD

  20. I did 140k damage in a Bayern, I’m really liking these German Battleships.

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