World of Warships – Kamikaze R Center Dominate

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Kamikaze R on Fault Line moves toward B to secure and decide what the next course of action should be. We encounter nobody at B, but move to try and torpedo enemies as they move to A. A enemy destroyer pushes forward and we try to escape. Torpedoes do a good job landing on target. We keep giving ground while doing damage to the enemy team. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Japanese Destroyer Kamikaze R Ship Replay


  1. Destroyer Inazuma

    GG! That Fuso half dodge reminded me of a close game where I was left alone
    in a Kuma vs a very decent aircraft carrier. The guy dropped everything he
    could on me, I was so busy dodging I forgot to torp and shoot. One torp
    blew off 95% of my hp but he was left with all squads reloading. Sunk him
    with torpedoes as he typed “good dodge”.
    Too bad I didn’t know how to record at that time =(

  2. Is this ship coming back on sale any time soon? Just got her in Kancolle
    and would love to have her in WoWS too

  3. I sense an Iowa video up next :D

  4. existentialvoid

    Kamikaze vs fujin

  5. Can I just add you on WoWS and hope one day you aren’t busy? :D

  6. You should do a captain skills guide… if you already havent

  7. 1337 Makrelenboy

    Are the EU Servers currently down ?

  8. Sweet game, keep them coming.

  9. i have a question abt ship commanders. is it better to keep 1 commander
    from low tier all the way to high tier or is it better to purchase a new
    commander every time i purchase a new ship?

  10. Do a video on the new c hull furutaka!!!!!!

  11. I don’t like the Kamikaze R becoz it is so hard to detect. Really annoying
    pest LOL.

  12. I’ve watched so many of Notsers videos…It’s time for me to finally get on
    board and do this.

  13. AA for this ship is 2 blind guys on the bow with shotguns………..

  14. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    Still running mainly 5 and 6 ships….give a shout out if you ever see
    Gothicmace on the seas.

  15. Notser, you need to join me and Isaiabt for a Kamikaze squad!

  16. Yes… being aggressive and firing your guns when torps can still be dodged
    doesn’t have the impact of firing and hitting the enemy a few seconds
    before the torps hit. Kind of a slap in the face. 🙂

    Have to say the Kami R is my favorite premium… then would be the Ark B…
    but the Kami R is quite the ship…

    Enjoyed this video immensely – feel free to do some more mid-range ship
    videos Notser :-)

  17. fat american bbs so slow huhuhuhuhuh

  18. When Wargaming massively changed the tier 8+ IJN DD’s torpedoes, they made
    the expensive Torpedo Acceleration skill totally useless for IJN tier 8+ DD
    captains.* I no longer get to play the Kami R (or the Fujin) the way I
    really enjoyed playing it: a high tier DD captain with concealment and
    torpedo acceleration. It was far more sporting, with 5.6 km ranged, 73 kph
    underwater rockets and a 5.4 km detection. It was very challenging and I
    HAD a lot of fun with it.


    Wargaming is steadily taking everything fun out of the game for me, which,
    considering I am a good customer, confuses me as much as it makes me angry.

    Seems like the W, A, S, D “hack” is too hard for many players to master, so
    they will nerf IJN DD’s until the Russian DD’s look great in comparison.
    Sailing in straight lines is the same as putting a “kick me” sign on your
    back, and one ought not be surprised when either tactic causes them some

    It also doesn’t hurt that there are remarkably few competent CA captains. I
    think part of it is because (most) CA’s lend themselves well to every task
    in the game. Except taking on BB’s, all other things being equal (skills,
    tiers, player abilities, map position, hit points, blah blah blah), the
    CA’s will lose horribly. I have been in 7,080 battles, and I know it is
    going to really tough to win without CA’s to defend the BB’s: the threat
    from enemy DD’s goes up a few orders of magnitude without CA escorts.

    Unlike escorting a CV**, escorting BB’s is beneficial to the CA too, as the
    BB will attract much of the enemy BB’s fire AND your friendly BB’s are DD
    MAGNETS! Planes too, but I find the AA Bots v Plane Bots aspect of the game
    as exciting as watching two computers play Pong against each other. But it
    helps the team and all I gotta do is ctrl+LMB and get back to the fun, so I
    do it.

    * Thanks again Wargaming for wasting my money with willey-nilly rules
    changes, had to retrain those capt$. I think it was a tad crooked.

    ** Sailing around with a CV as extra AA is very unrewarding in every aspect
    of the game I can think of, from the game mechanics aspect (credits/XP) to
    the various, intangible reasons you play a game, such as entertainment. I
    guess the latest CV buff, “Mad minute” AA fire addresses this issue for

  19. Yes the is a worse ship with AA. It’s a St. Louis!

  20. >sending torpedoes

    can there be a more retarded way of putting it? It’s ‘firing torpedoes’

  21. TheFlamebarrier

    Notser, your channel’s content is one of my favourites. Thanks a lot and
    keep at it!

  22. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    I think The st lou IS the worst AA +Notser

  23. Im amazed notser – you dont have a ijn non-premium DD like a fubu or shima
    to use its at least 15 pts concea l cpt on the kami?

  24. but Notser we love you…PLAY WITH US!!!!!!!!

  25. Cheers for the free fun Notser, keep it up bud

  26. Time for a Pensacola video!

  27. notser ignores me because i pester him in game and in reddit lol <3

  28. you could rent a server for one day and start a battle with all subscribers
    and u in it.
    this would solve two problems, the desire of some guys to play with or
    against you and the high possibility that no one on that server plays too
    passive in the background.

  29. +Notser you made 2 mistakes 🙂 both regarding that Fuso, ironically. you
    had an opportunity to torpedo that Fuso in the beginning of the match and
    at the end. you would have been successful too if you wouldn’t have
    announced your presence at the end.

  30. How could i play with him?

  31. It would be nice to see Notser stream on Twitch one day

  32. BakingPowder Liew

    Any Asia server player here want to form a team/ division? I often play at
    weekdays and Tier 4-8 :P

  33. I have seen a number of youtubers in game so far but so far have not ran
    across you yet.

  34. I play this little ship way too much. It’s just too much fun with a 15pt

  35. Notser, could we play together, that would be so cool, (NA server). I have
    it on my school computer and I could play today 11:58 (Lunch starts then)
    to about 12:30. Then I could also play after school. I will send you a
    message in game. PLEASE KEEP UP WITH THE VIDEOS!!!!!!!! Can you take out
    the Pensacola?

  36. Kirito Kirigaya

    +Notser please play as the Hakuryu

  37. I hate that this ship is no longer available

  38. One of the best ships to farm credtis, and again, great video keep it up

  39. Im still downloading the public test now and it HAS 9000 MB! i’ve been
    downloading it for 12 hours now… I TELLING THE TRUTH and my pc is so hot
    now.. :(

  40. are you on the NA server or EU ?

    if you are on the NA server i cant play with you :'(

  41. I really hope we get access to the kamikaze again, I love the minikaze.
    Nuked 2 Farraguts this morning that popped their smoke to early and did not
    expect a minikaze charge.

  42. again nice result notser

  43. why didnt u use ur shima captain

  44. why didn’t you used you japanese destroyer captain? GG :)

  45. Love the vids! and no, we won’t kill you if you don’t upload a video every
    single day :D

  46. Notser, have you played on the test server yet? It’s amazing. I love the
    new minimap. They give you detection range and last known position along
    with a lot of other stuff. It’s awesome!!

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