World of Warships – Kamikaze R Torpedo Action

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on Ocean moves to assist in the capture of B point with a friendly . We torpedo a couple enemies as we move to capture the southwest point from the enemy. I eventually move to attack a enemy destroyer that has broken through our defenses. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Destroyer Kamikaze R Replay


  1. Nathan Hendrickson

    Lol. What a coincidence. I’m the Fujin that you killed towards the end, and
    the guy who said, “We got raped.”

    Good game, man.

  2. low Tier farming

  3. Brian Lock (神通)

    St. Louis is a Battleship

  4. Hey Notser;Recently been having LOTS of trouble with lag, freeze and
    drops. Its not my computer. Is there a chance you could go through
    whatever settings I can influence to improve the game settings. Its
    driving me crazy.

  5. what hapend to yubari video? wow make yopu take it down?

  6. this video was miss leading showcase for the Kamikaze R, it didn’t really
    show its pros / cons, it was to much of a steamroll of a game in my

  7. ‘Acclimades’? Good wording, Nots!?

  8. Hey Notser, any chance you can put the Commander and Ship Upgrades you use
    in the descriptions of your videos?

  9. Stephen Shaw (Undeadmac)

    rush B!!!!

  10. Notser, I must say the Kami R is quite a jewel in the WoWs crown. I’ve
    reached T8 in the major lines (USN/IJN) and T6 in minor lines (Rus/Ger) in
    destroyers, cruisers and battleships. The Kami R is by far the most fun to
    play – and to believe she was a giveaway! Let’s hope they don’t get out the
    scalpel and nerf her! By the way – have you yet explained your in-game name
    of Notser yet?

  11. Notser – nice game, but your team did have DD advantage and there were no
    CVs in this game to mitigate that fact. Stl was obviously so new to the
    game he didn’t know to use damcon. Konigsberg = full potato as well as
    Tenaryu poor play to rush in but he likely felt obliged to “do something”
    due to DD imbalance in a domination game. This kind of DD imbalance in
    standard battles is not nearly as big of an issue. One other point is you
    were top tier so it was just a bit of seal clubbing for a player of your
    ability. I would honestly enjoy seeing game play in some of the “not so
    good” ships like the Karlsruhe, Mutsuki, Colorado, Hatsuharu, or Yorck for
    bottom tier. Keep up the good work and see you at sea.

  12. I completely agree with Rpr A and others, that chat in Wows is incredibly
    toxic, at least in random. I’m also one of those who enjoy the game for the
    game, and can do without all the comments from the 6-year olds who run
    their mouths without thinking. PVE is actually quite fun, has decent teams
    and chat, though not nearly as rewarding financially. Good game, Noster.

  13. Akari “Furutaka” Akaza

    the tier 3 cruisers like St louis get really slow reload on damage control

  14. Hey notser could you do a quick comparison video of the minekaze and all
    the sub variants as I see a lot of them but don’t really know of any
    differences other than paint job and name

  15. Alessandro Calame

    Notser, when are you going to take out the Arizona? I heard it’s coming to

  16. Get the commander’s concealment expert skill, and the surface det goes down
    to 5.4 km. The Fujin, also a Kamikaze class destroyer, helped me get
    through the first stages of Ranked.

  17. Hey not’s, review the lo yang please

  18. Something i have always wondered, how do you get this ship?

  19. Hay notser, keep up the good work, my hit rate has gone up and my game has
    improved thanks and look forward to more

  20. Tommi Ridanpää

    I’m stuck with the Nürnberg. Have you progressed through the Königsberg to
    the Nürnberg yet, because I need help.

  21. Ahhh my daily dose of Noster.

  22. On that STL I can only guess he was a very new player and had not yet
    figured out how to use damage control or what it does exactly.

  23. What does the “R” stand for?
    Repaired? Refit?

  24. showing a below 100k dmg game in kamikaze kek

  25. nice round. thank you for the good videos. :)

  26. Pretty much an average game for me in the Kamikaze R. Never afraid to use
    guns vs Minekaze, Fujin and Kamikaze R – I know I can beat them most of the
    time, unless they have multiple cruiser support. But Kami and Fujin are
    inferior to Minekaze in 2 respects: their AA (not saying much as minekaze
    has 7 rating) and their speed/rudder shift. However they make great IJN
    commander retraining vessels – I’ve had everyone from the BB captain down
    qualify for their ship upgrade in the Kamikaze R. They also make a fair
    amount of money – use it to fund Premium Consumables for Ranked Battles,
    and for ship upgrades.

  27. Hey Notser, could you do a Sims vid due to the premium action at the moment

  28. great stuff sir…how about a hipper vid.

  29. 4TH

  30. Interresting tip for everybody.


    If you say something in WOT – you are insulted, but in the same time some
    people agree with you and you even quickly with no problems pick up
    teammate for platoon in next battles.

    In WOWS you generally have voted negative after battle. I was even voted
    negative after battle when i was talking about game mechanics with
    teammates, with enemy players after being killed for example. I said gg to
    enemy, teammates said gg to me and how suprised i was seeing that i was
    voted negative after the game. People in WOWS chat are even worse then in
    wot chat and after playing and stopping to play wot because also of that
    element i am shocked to see that in wows there is even worse situation.
    People talk to you, you have 1st or 2nd exp in game with couple kills and
    you are voted negative … To stop ability to vote you by enemy players
    will change nothing because many times i think that my team voted me
    negative after i was 1st in exp ship in battle … beccause they expected
    that i will carry them even more … Strange …

    This is my experience, yourself (other players) might be different.

    (Do not try to find my in wows – i use in wows different nick to be able to
    say here what i really think)

    Good luck to all

  31. Prabaditya Rahman

    hi notser, do you recomend the Japanese BB line or the US BB line ?

  32. Hey Notser, love your videos. Keep it up pal.

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