World of Warships – KAPACHOOOOOW

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There are those moments in gaming where you feel slight tingling in your pants……those moments are rare but priceless…..WHAT??? I know it sounds weird but just watch xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. The Great Mighty Flambass, where were you on 9/11?

    • I really don’t know why that’s important but if you are talking about the incident itself. I was home asking my mother “why is the same movie on all the channels”, there was a tower burning and it was on all channels and ofc nowhere in my mind even came a thought that what I’m seeing could be real, until we came across CNN and few other channels. If I recall correctly 2nd plane crashed into the 2nd tower and that’s where we lost our shit. My father was in USA at the moment working and ofc we couldn’t reach him because phones went dead or super busy. It was a sad day and terrifying day. Especially watching all the videos that were collected afterwards on various different news channels where you could see every little detail that those poor ppl were forced to do.

    • Flambass
      Thank you, I’m asking because I know how it affected most people in my home country, the US. But I’ve always wondered how it affected other people in other countries. I’m not sure if you’re American but I couldn’t help but wonder where you was.

      I’ve asked jingles, and I’ve gotten an answer but I still don’t know how it affected him nor the duties he did on the ships he served on from there. I’ve asked a few times if he could make a video on it, but so far nothing, which I’m fine with. Jingles is jingles, you gotta love him.

      I plan to ask Flamu and Notser as well, to see where they were.

      Thank you for the great content, and the awesome work.

  2. LMFAO did I watch a Flmabass video or BangBros video???


  3. That musashi simply gave up trying to hunt you. Payed for it.

  4. Poor Misses Flambass – two pulls of the trigger 30 seconds apart and you are all spent 😉

  5. That was your funniest video yet! I loved it!


  7. Had the enemy team not spent the first half the match Flambass hunting and getting badly out of position, they could have won. But as usual, you prove you can tank like a champ.

  8. Cumming again…lol…. Mrs Citadel needs to buy you new pants every month! Lol

  9. Extremely entertaining as usual, hail the mighty Flambino.

  10. LMFAO … Your passion for this game is never ending. That is why i watch you .

  11. It’s pronounced “Rohn”. Dazzle your friends with flawless German!

  12. I shall henceforth call it “the Flamgasm”


  14. I watched this at work and people were checking on me to make sure I was okay because I was laughing so hard!!

  15. Killing a Musashi in a Lyon should provide a special medal 😀

  16. “Notser here I come” hahahahahha!!!!!! 😀

  17. Who the hell gave Musashi’s key to that guy

  18. I wasn’t impressed with the first few Flambass videos I watched, a great player but far too superior and egotistical.
    So I kept watching for some reason.

    Just subscribed to a funny man who remains a great player 😉

  19. Hey flambass challenge for you, play my ranked season. At rank 8 and I only have a Des moines lol have fun.
    Where’s the Lyon cancer division?

  20. You need to play triple Lyon div, sychronized salvo’s!!!! Trolling at epic levels

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