World of Warships- Karl Von Schonberg First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the new Tier VI Premium German Destroyer, Schonberg, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Hi, Well done on another amazing video! I was in your twitch stream earlier today and I really enjoyed the stream as well. I know that I can personally say that these are some of the BEST videos that I have seen for the amount of subs (and therefore resources) that you have available. I can really tell that you do know what your talking about and that you enjoy making these videos so well done and thank you for the entertainment.

  2. Vasteras is another T6 DD with heal, i think the only one

  3. Unfortunately, since this ship is the unofficial replacement for the T-61, it will always be seen as inferior. But I actually quite enjoy it. I plays a lot different though and serves a different role. It’s really good survivability just makes it very relaxing to play, went with fearless brawler as well and had a lot of successfull matches so far, just because it’s very easy to surivive and impact the game. Also gotta admit, that I had pretty good matchmaking yesterday. The T5 and T6 cruisers are easy to citadel and this ship sees them quite a lot. You fire HE at everything angled to set fires and AP against everything that gives broadside. Torps are quite useful too, just to make some predictions were ships are heading while you shoot them, espceially if they are coming towards you.

    I was getting results from just below 100k or a little above 100k with this ship a lot, so I don’t know how it can’t work for you. But I play DDs a whole lot, also not just gun boats.

  4. Love my T-61 and am gonna stick with her, but thanks for the good review all the same m8.

  5. Sorry but as a german I have to ask: where is the ö in Schönberg?

    im joking, great video once again thx for the overview

  6. T61 is way better but no longer available since WG correctly deemed it was bad for balance. Pass for me.

  7. This just seems like the case of If you have this ship (T-61 in this case), there is no reason to get the new one

  8. This DD is a future short list bote. Prolly in the dollar Christmas containers. Hard hard pass… but that captain however oh I have 26k dubs I’m sitting on and I’m getting him just for the voice over. He’s going into my future tier 10 German battle cruiser

  9. The captain is much more interesting than the ship.

  10. As a german speaking guy the commander is a must buy! It is just so much fun to have the german Bruce Willis shout in your ear whenever something happens.

  11. I wonder if WG will now put T61 back into the game but in a Dutch DD line or second Euro DD line and 1 tier higher

  12. mynameiswritinwater

    they released this so they could take t-61 out of the shop. very simple answer. because T-61 is quite good ( used to be better) and the german lines canonly have a few “good” ships in total. the jury is still out on the Brandenburg

  13. Absolutely love your totally unbiased reviews, the most honest on youtube WoW’s and very detailed, keep it going

  14. THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    Sea Lord: to the best of your memory what is the most ridiculous thing you have bounced a yama shell with.

    For example: i have bounced yama shells off the conning tower of azuma, also off the butt of my shima at extreme autobounce angles lol.

  15. Sea Lord, why have you not gotten the Daring yet. Been waiting for ever for you to make a video on her. Hands down the Daring is the best DD in the game or very close to it. This ship will blow your mind, so let’s get it done. LOL

  16. NGL, these weird German DD cruisers are a weakness of mine. I adore playing them

  17. Tsuboi "Klein" Ryoutarou

    I’ll get the captain but even as someone who’s play style matches the German ships and I have almost all of them I think I’ll pass on this one.

  18. You can’t get the T-61 anymore lol, outside of rng supercontainer or the Christmas event

  19. I agree with what some of the other commenters have to say, sounds like the captain is the best part of the deal—better than BumbleBee or Megatron, I expect, although of course it’s hard to beat the Mighty Admiral Jingles!

  20. Thanks for doing this. I really had no other info on this ship and didn’t know it it was worth my money. I am on a budget now and have to be more careful what ships I spend money on..if any.

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