World of Warships- Karl XIV Johan First Impressions: New Secondary King? Or A Waste Of Pixels?

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the new Tier IX Swedish Battleship Karl XIV Johan! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Ship Intro
2:32 Economy/Exterior
3:52 Ship Armor
5:30 Ship Stats
9:50 Ship Consumables
10:25 Module & Commander Build
17:14 Gameplay Review


  1. Knew i wanted that thing the moment the stats were released, i guess i was among the first on EU to buy it. So far that ship is hilarious in ranked.

  2. Who needs a jager anyways

  3. I almost got a kraken on this ship in a 10 player match in a storm, torpedoed two ships to death sitting next to an island, 4 kills set 14 fires

  4. Things you didnt mention about the armor, it has shell catchers on the upper decks and the turrets are easy to pen and disable

  5. I really hope this gets included in the Santa crates.

  6. Karl Johan is a dubble name. The name means the 14th Karl-Johan. Karl 14 Johans family name was Bernadotte (Karl IX was a french general that sweden recruited as its king)

    • Jean Bernadotte was actually a Marshal of France (and a pretty two faced one at that). Son of a French lawyer who joined the French Revolution and would rise rapidly through the ranks through the Revolutionary and Napoleonic army before becoming the adopt son of the King of Sweden and then switching sides and joining the Coalition against Napoleon. While a good officer he was also incredibly selfish in when and where he would commit his forces leaving his Marshals (Davout at Auerstadt) or Allies (Blucher during the 1813 campaign) in the lurch.
      An interesting choice for the name of a Swedish ship.

    • @David Whitfield Karl XII would be a better choice imo

  7. Its the legendary “Lets Imagine” ship, a true Wargaming special

  8. I LOVE this ship. So fun! Its a quick torpedo delivery system.

  9. If WG releases this thing for Coal, I will definetly get it, but only for dublounes or money without being able to use any coupon on it, it is really to much, even if the ship looks like a ton of fun, especially for ranked.

  10. It’s stealthier than the French dds. 😅

  11. Anything truly unique is a win. Looks like a fun ship

  12. An oddball for sure. Somewhat like a midi-Schlieffen. Not getting high damage but still managing to end up pretty decent. Got her funded by a welcome back package since I had the ships already and got Dubloons. Won’t say no to that opportunity. Definitely a better addition to the game. I like her.

  13. I’m not going to spend $70+ on it, but I’d _love_ to get it. I’ve seen a comment or two hoping it’ll be a coal ship, but I’d save for it even if it were a steel ship.

  14. could be really fun. throw he and torps at randoms, then switch to sec build during rank or smaller teamsize battles

  15. She looks like Schlieffen with different guns, which would make sense if she originally was German

  16. It’s a little nuts that she’s almost as stealthy as CLEVELAND, an LIGHT CRUISER that’s TWO TIERS lower than her

  17. one point you could have said ( but maybe it odesnt work?) you could buy it using the 50% doublon off you can get with the anniversary event ( cost quite a amount of token a bite more than 3k)

  18. Actually, the torps are from the Ostergotland. Shorter range than the Holland (which is 15K), but same speed, dmg, etc., as Oster.

  19. Seems to have a lack of Consumables compared to other tier 9s. The torpes seem to be as fragile as German BB torpes.

  20. She’s supposed to be a torpedo-focused BB from what I’ve heard, since the only real benefit the secondaries get is that the concealment almost matches their range, while not having special accuracy or penetration buffs.

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