World of Warships – Katori Impressions

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is a interesting tier 3 premium ship, it has a fantastic camo and can use a very nice module. The ship is a slug though and it is very difficult to get out of the way when torpedoes approach it. I move forward on Solomon Islands and just try to shoot my way out. The torpedoes exist but they require you get close which takes forever and makes you vulnerable to torpedoes. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier III Katori Replay


  1. Wolf of the Aurora

    Kashima is not that kind of girl!

    Kashima is a good girl!

  2. The Iwaki Alpha can also use the Aiming Systems Mod 0, but of course only alpha testers have that one.

  3. I took her out once…that’s all it took. She’s rusting in port now. 😉

  4. The ship has its Weaknesses, but since most of the time your fighting against noobs, its basically OP in my opinion. Anyone who say’s its crap really needs to take a second thought.

  5. 5:00 You could have easily dodged the torpedo by slowing down or just turning right.

  6. Wait tier 3? Wtf, this ship used to be the IJN tier one cruiser.

  7. The ship is the worst just because of the speed. It feels like a BB 😀

  8. I have Katori on EU, 43k average damage and 76 WR in 29 battles. It’s a great ship, with that accuracy and range you can rack up really goood results with it. You just need to get used to slow speed, plan your moves and not get zoned out of combat.

  9. Yubari has like 30cm dispersion

  10. Katori actually maneuver good

  11. This is one of those reward ships that’s “one and done” like Albany.

  12. tbf at about the 5:09 you should have cut speed to full reverse and turned in hard right 😛

  13. Just going to put it out there, for every bad aspect anyone finds in the Katori, there is one very important thing you need to remember: the Katori used to be the Tier one before they brought in the Hashidate, and as far as i can tell by memory, the Katori has had barely any of its stats improved, except giving it torpedoes and the scout plane.

  14. LMAO because it is exactly this – ahahaaa… grind grind grind for this turtle 🙂

  15. katori is glad she will never see a tier 9 match 😛

  16. … They brought back a T1 as a T3 premium?…

  17. the katori class were training cruisers. 3 built 2 sunk.

  18. SEA; where is the “Katori” ?

  19. Shame WGEU is too fucked up in the head to give the rest of us a chance at getting this ship.


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