World of Warships – Keeping it Close

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Close match with the , Muchas takes us through a game where he has to carry the team. The game is neck and neck all the way to the end. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VI Dunkerque Replay


  1. this october rev was pretty stupid :/

  2. Nice battle

  3. Very nice replay and commentary Notser.But this october revolution missplayed it so hard….

  4. I used to get that weird clipping and ship going invisible when I played on my Imac. The OSX port is super wonky, though I don’t assume Muchas was playing on a Mac.

    • Dave Kimball I doubt it’s because he’s on a Mac. I have a Mac and the game keeps crashing right before the battle or right afterwards. It’s very annoying. I’m glad I get to play a full battle because the game takes forever to load up!

    • Had that happen to me as well, drove me insane and drove me to build a new PC for the first time in a decade. Unfortunate that they don’t update the OSX port as it still emulates Windows XP, I think.

    • Yes. I’ve been in contact with an Administrator on the WoWs forums. Been sending them info for over a month and a half now. Nothing has been done about it. I’m just glad the the Admin I’m talking to is nice…lol

  5. About those quad-turrets getting incapacitated – that is excatly what the French anticipated when they designed the ships, so those quad-turrets are divided into two completely separated compartments for two guns each – meaning that a penning hit into a turret (unless it touched off a magazine or something else catastrophic) would only mean the loss of two guns. You can even see it on the turret barbettes – they named each “half turret” separately. Too bad WG doesn’t model that when considering turrets getting knocked out. Think it was the same on Richelieu, too.

    • they are separated only by just 40mm (380mm mounts had 45mm plate) plate at gun mount and 25mm at base.. that isn’t a lot shell can defeat them.
      also there’s turret rotation mechanism with is for entire turret.

    • True, but I think the plate between the two is just meant to contain the explosion since an inbound AP shell will only penetrate into one of those compartments.

    • arczer25 1 it did work on reality however: “To help prevent this, the Dunkerque-class battleships’ quadruple turrets had been divided internally, with a 25–40 mm (0.98–1.6 in) bulkhead to localize damage. This method proved effective at Mers-el-Kebir. The first British 381 mm (15.0 in) shell to strike Dunkerque hit the second 330 mm (13.0 in) turret; this killed the crew in the turret’s right half, but the left half remained operational.” from Wikipedia

    • i didn’t mean that it was totally ineffective, it will work against direct hits at turret face from front (unless shell detonated close to bulkhead), but against hits in barbette or from side not exactly

    • While it true the turrets were divided, WG currently does not have the ability to incorporate this design feature into French BBs. The same issue was brought up when the Dunk entered the game. The physics model cannot allow for it.

  6. Yeah… the RNG on the guns is pretty random… But when they kick they kick hard. Once i had a triple citadel on a NC from 10km (33K). …which seems to be a interesting distance. At closer distances there is a fair chance of overpens, but at under 4 and round 10 its nearly guaranteed citadel. Its one of the ships i got the most games in.

  7. Notser encourages ppl to ram
    –> regrets it a day after

  8. Notser have you even checked out the French battleships? The only ships with the forward facing turret layout are Dunkerque and Richelieu. Alsace semi-resembles the two but it has an AB-X layout with one more turret at the rear, the rest have either their turrets spread out all over their ship or 4 front 4 back in the case of the T10

    • That’s one of the things that bother me, I’m not sure how thick Normandie’s belt armor was but if it’s both tougher and has better firepower I’m worried Dunkerque will be completely outclassed

    • it was already outclassed by about everything at release… it’s just going to get even more ridiculous because it will be compared to its own nation’s counterparts…

    • Yeah that’s what I meant. When the tech tree equivalent outclasses the premium. I still think Dunkerque is fun though but the reasons to bring it to a battle just keep dissapearing as T6 matchmaking kept getting worse and more ships being able to overmatch it kept getting added to the same tier

    • maybe if we ask for a refund en masse they will finally listen to the complaints… not sure how to achieve that though.

    • The new line will be interesting.
      I don’t know if WG has ever down-tiered a Premium.
      Also, I had a 1v1 against a Bismarck that I almost won. He started full-health and about half. You really need support, but it can work in the right situations.
      I love deleting DDs in it.

  9. gracias

  10. the tier 8 will be the Richelieu she was an upgraded dunkerque class and she was built for the war, she was the proud of the french navy and she served with the americans in Pacifique

    • Some little corrections. Richelieu’s design was based on the Dunkerque but it was not an “upgraded” Dunkerque but rather an “enlarged” Dunkerque.
      And she sailed with the British fleet in the North Sea and Indian Ocean, not with the Americans in the Pacific.
      Cheers =)

    • She was the pride, not the proud.

  11. I want to play this game but the problem is I’ll probably like it too much and I need to focus on my studies 🙂

  12. Any one notice the face in the island at 13:40


  14. Did somebody say fast reload with terrible dispersion?

    German BB’s say hi.

  15. More people should ram?? Why don’t we just get out our Trireme’s and kettle drums?! 🙂

  16. Love to watch a heads-up player like this! Excellent entertainment! Thanks Notser.

  17. Thanks for the post with a ramming finish. I had a great finish in my Tirpitz today taking out a Fred with my torps & ramming a Izumo to win the match for my team. Earned a Kraken for my sacrifice.

    I don’t know why people don’t ram more often. I think you should get a medal for winning a match with a ram.

  18. I remember a while back when I was cutting off two nearly full health BBs, in my Fuso, I think they were a Kongo and a NY and both of them tried a ram on me when I allowed myself to get too close.

    After several close calls where they were focusing too much on their rudder and not enough on their guns I sunk them both and they both whined at my “cowardice” at not allowing myself to be rammed.

    Ramming is viable but really risky, they should have had me but they decided to go all exotic. Doesn’t stop me from trying when I am in the same spot as Muchas was, but more often than not I get sunk before making contact because it’s fairly easy to steer out of the way.

  19. 6:15 the E-Z-MO lololololol

  20. Andreas luis Almeida

    In the next update he puts in the tail the Radar, also puts the HE shot of BBs 10,000% of fire rate, I am to see game more rotten totally unbalanced and full of bullshit that should not exist in a game where in the war it was solved in the powder, not changed radar garbage from incompetent!

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