World of Warships – Ketchup match

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New tier 10 premium DD Småland playing “Ketchup” with enemy CL and CV, also trying to catch up on points the entire match. This is what you can expect out of the new DD. Strong AA and decent guns with poor concealment + radar.

Do not get caught or you die.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That kremlin was extra spechuel…

  2. Remember WG doesnt want u to have fun.
    They only want your money.

    • Spreadsheets say otherwise

    • @Elder Lich The reason WG is obsessed with spreadsheets is because they believe it directly correlates in how much money is spent on the game. And the data might suggest that this is true. But alas we dont have acces to their marketing department.

    • I think WG lets you have fun as long as they also get their money. This two can go together. Remember, you having fun means the enemy sucks. Everyone cannot have fun at once

    • @Jozesef Toth for me, fun means having a good fight. hard to have a good fight when they put in ships that can melt ships that they would never actually hurt in real life…

  3. Småland! Have accually been on that ship 😍

    • Why does Scandinavia even bother with a military?

      They allow in violent inv4ders who bomb their cities, so why not just save the money on the military budget?
      Who would they be willing to stop from invading? As long as they arent carrying rifles, they enemy can waltz right in with a welcome committee.

    • @michael srite Dude, lay off the kool-aid, look outside for a change, see that the Scandinavian countries are the safest in the world and don’t pollute a channel devoted to games with political nonsens.
      FYI: the only bombing in decades in Norway was by a white supremacist.

  4. I’ve seen some radar minos who actually did well before 🤷‍♂️

    Usually found in a div, but still…

  5. 3:45 Smolensk got killed by G.K
    See the mini-map for his adventure.

    • For those too lazy to rewind, the Smolensk just sat there like a monk for multiple minutes until the GK obliterated him

    • ​@xierus That Yoshino really distinguished himself as well. He turned and ran from a flank that really needed him and then went AFK around 12:00 and drifted to the J line where the CV eventually killed him.

  6. Enemy team : Oh flambass, time to throw

  7. Flambino becomes the father of all salt lords the minute he comes across a radar mino. Funny AF

    • Nothing wrong with a radar mino if he used it right. Instead of using it to chase you around solo had he used it to spot you when several ships could focus you he would have served a valuable role in the game.

    • him and was it boom or peppa had a good talk about that point, this week on stream. (radar on UK Cruiser)
      That Dude sniped (cause he knew there is no danger from bbs as all 3 have been behind the island) OR the play was just stupid af. He tried way to hard to make the radar work. And thats why Flambass got angry. Not cause someone put a radar on those ships per se.

  8. Nice team you have there, allow a radar Minotaur to sail up the middle detected and not get 1 shot. Wish I could do that, I’d run radar on mine all the time…

  9. the mino i am sure he was watching your stream

  10. I’m going to Klendathu! I’m doing my part!
    Would you like to know more?

  11. 3:37 all skill no luck…

  12. 12:04 I thought there were no co-op bots in random matches?

  13. Red Team: “Kill Flambass at any cost!!”

    That cost: the win

  14. That’s how you survive in a T10 match with atleast 4 stream snipers. That just shows how good you are, they can’t even kill you while working together and sniping

  15. It’s a challenge to play this game when half the enemy team’s intelligence data comes from your stream.

  16. Nme: We almost got Flambass.
    Everyone: What did it cost?
    Nme: …everything…

  17. That enemy DD was a worthy adversary: capping twice and almost getting the third, nearly torping Flambass from max range, then carefully engaging him, while staying at an arm’s length, since he would certainly lose in a straight gunfight. He only made a slip at the end, when he got blapped by a Montana and Des Moines behind Flambass. Probably didn’t expect them to react this quickly.

  18. Meme Merchant Freddy

    That Mino was stream sniping for sure. Noticed at 7:30 he shoots exactly as Flambino backs up and not spotted. He’s trash.

  19. Montana deletes Z-52
    “Problem solved, sir!”

  20. “He probably thought he was playing it good.” Lol damn!

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