World of Warships- Khabarovsk Being Removed, And Submarines Are Coming To Random Battles

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Hey guys! Today we have even more news from the onslaught of DevBlogs over the last couple of days. Enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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0:00 Channel Intro
0:05: Video Intro
0:55 Submarine Next Steps
23:19 Khabarovsk Being Removed And Replaced
29:51 Closing


  1. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    It’s taken 6 years, but I finally got the Khabarovsk! A nice bonus was this Transformer camo I didn’t even know I had plus a 10 point captain to go with it. And then 1000 doubloons from the Supercontainer 👍😊

    • @omaiwa hentai!!! I put the legendary mod on the Kharba, which i used research points to acquire. I also put a 21 skill point commander on her as well with a strong emphasis on gunnery.

    • @Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More Yeah, i wouldn’t go for the mod either if i was you, not when you have that many Research Points already. Definitely go for a ship. The next upcoming ship for RP is the Gibraltar, basically a Goliath which only fires AP.

    • @UCtMWHCexnZRuLJGX7KOED7Q Khabarovsk Heavyweight Artillery slot 5 Unique (Legendary) Upgrade
      gives -6% main gun reload, +10% main gun range (and +20% penalty to the consumable reload). It’s only available through the research bureau. Its a big investment but worth it if your not interested in the RB ships, which i wasn’t at the time. I generally find with the Russian DD’s that they are captain skill reliant, so just improving your captains skills might be best for you.

    • Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

      @Amadeo Komnenus oh cool I’ll look it up. Where did you find that info and do you know when the RB ships will be updated?

    • @Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More Will probably drop next patch in all likelihood or even sooner with a little bit of luck. Its wargamings development blog titled ”WAYS OF DISTRIBUTION OF NEW SHIPS”. My replies with the link keeps getting deleted.

  2. I have been grinding the Russian destroyer line and after getting past the horrible Minsk, the Kiev is now my favourite tier 8 destroyer.

    • The Phengophobic Gamer

      I’ve been a cruiser player for so long, but in the grind up to Kleber, I found out I kinda liked Le Fantastique and Mogador. Then subs came to the PTS and I used the British DDs during that and enjoyed them, so FXPed the line and have somewhat enjoyed Lightning and Daring, then recently did the same for Soviet DDs, only Khaba’s line so far, and have liked them in co op as well. I’m almost sad I never tried to push past the low-mid tier DDs in these lines.

    • I usually sell line ships I am passed…
      I still have Kiev.

    • Minsk is actually very strong when you play it as a long range gun and run boat

  3. The use of damage control to break the homing lock of torpedoes is not as counter-intuitive as you might imagine. Early homing torpedoes were distracted away from the ship by streaming a nixie. A nixie is a small collection of pipes chained up in a way that they will bang against each other as the assembly is pulled through the water. Guess which crewmen have a battle station that allows them to assemble and stream a nixie, without letting some other essential task slide? It is, of course, a damage control party.

    • Still sucks that on top of all the HE spam, and whatnot you’ve got ANOTHER thing to worry about that uses DCP to fix, putting it on cooldown even more.

  4. Lol wargaming logic if you have a strong enough engine or shells you dont care about game mechanics and terrain 26:44

  5. I just wish they’d either forget about subs or at the very least get rid of the ping homing torpedoes mechanic….. but they’ll just ram them through …. the player base be damned.

  6. Hey SLM! Just an FYI, there is a downside to firing the ping for subs, it does increase the subs detectability substantially in the last round of testing, making it very vulnerable to DDs, Subs, and ASW planes. ^^

  7. I’m sitting on over 2 million FXP, and with no new FXP ship announced and none of the current FXP ships looking particularly appeasing, I think I’ll fast skip to the Khaba and GK to get them for free in 0.10.10.

  8. They are just taking all the ship’s that became unpopular after being power crept into the ground, removing them and introducing new ships to promote those lines again

  9. While I also understand why they gave them homing torps, they shouldn’t be able to take a 90° turn to hit me in my cruiser as I maneuver, and on top of that do unhealable damage and quite a bit of it as well.

  10. if they want homing torps make it normal torps instead of citadels which is BS

  11. There was a another development blog today tier 11 might be coming out

  12. Yes people “enjoyed” dropping depth charges. It’s not like it was forced on the players in a gun fight game

  13. Delny is a VERY poor exchange. It has grozovoi shells which deal less damage then the gunboat line so it has less dpm then tashkent. Somehow better detection by 1km but has 6.7km air conceal?? Worse AA then Khaba. Has the same range as Khaba, but has 1 less turret. HOW is this thing supposed to replace Khabarovsk??? I’ll tell you how, since they plan to introduce a t11 Khaba, they made this hunk of junk so that whoever doesn’t have it will buy it for coal since it’s better then both.

  14. And Flamu covered another dev blog just a little while ago – they’re going to be extending the tech trees to add in “superships” – basically, Tier 11 – that will supposedly cost upwards of 2 1/2 times the amount of credits to buy as a Tier 10, and will have twice the service cost per match of a Tier 10 – and of course with new gimmicks – like an IJN DD with 18 torps and the ability to switch between types of torps while in match – a four turret DM with a new type of Main Battery Reload Booster – etc, etc.

    • Good sounds like wg is expanding the game. Like flamu, all you do is complain.

    • >”basically, Tier 11 – that will supposedly cost upwards of 2 1/2 times the amount of credits to buy as a Tier 10, and will have twice the service cost per match of a Tier 10″
      Given the recent clarification of the Pan-Asian cruiser line not possessing anything above Tier 5, I wonder if WG is on the cusp of ‘consolidating’ tech trees, removing Tier 2-3 from the game since most players skip through those stages.

      >”a four turret DM with a new type of Main Battery Reload Booster”
      Ha. Oh. So that’s a thing now.
      With the recent T10 VMF DD and KM BB overhaul, I was crossing fingers that _Buffalo_ and DM might have their positions swapped around, with DM at T9 and _Buffalo_ rearmed with four of DM’s 152mm/55 Rapid Fire turrets.

  15. Have they addressed whether special captains like Kuznetsov will remove pings when they activate their healing skill? For Kuznetsov it’s “will to victory” which acts like a free DCP and heal. I’m curious whether that will behave in the same way?

  16. The “cost” of pinging w/out shooting their torps is that they are not shooting their torps. They are dealing no actual damage.
    Edit to add – This is similar to how a CV can bait out the AA consumable by turning out from the attack before entering the AA bubble.

  17. Suggestion to sub’s ping: mark them on the map the same as a surface ship’s firing.

  18. Let this sink in for a moment::: New player needs 19 games to open the armory and soon that armory will give those new players with less than 20 games tier x subs.

  19. They need to increase the reload time of pings to like 20s. Either that or give me some way for my poor cruiser to not get ganked by incessant pings followed by a pair homing citadel torps. Also allow hydro to detect subs at any depth. If full dive is supposed to work like smoke, then hydro should counter it.

  20. Earliest homing torpedoes were experimentally fielded in 1942-43ish,and these were woefully unreliable both interms of the seeker system.
    The Us navy revived the idea in 1950s and these deployed to service 1960s these were wired guided to be adjustable over the distance but the explosive power and the speed were affected, further more even the wire guidance system wasn´t spot on and too hard maneuvers usually lead to loss of the wire, causing the torpedo to become a rogue.

    DD´s should be given a better sonar to offset the SS-classes broken torpedo and sonar spam, other option would be to give high level aircraft.
    Further more DD and some cruisers should be able to hear launch transient´s from quite a distance away in favorable conditions maybe introduce this to the game in form of Ui indication similar to the current system of the white pulse from the origin point of the launch.
    Along reducing sonar spam, sonar should not be usable in aft of the ship further more reducing the ping lock in change when the target is both bow and stern on towards the submarine

    Degaussing was only good against Magnetic detonators and if the ship was sailing the same course for a long period of time earth´s magnetosphere would create a natural bias of north and south poles around the ship, it wasn´t water proof solution, the researchers learned this and developed methods to counter act this.

    Further More us did make a case study about submarines and Degaussing, and it was proven to have reduced the MAD detection efficiency and radius.
    Degaussing wouldn´t affect the sonar return signature in real life.
    Germans did test rubber and polymer based coatings during the war leading to return ping from the submarines reduced as much as 15%,,and another fact both sides did test wide variety of noise making devices to confuse enemy hydrophone operators or mask the ships own signature, this is the basis of modern day noise makers

    Along with depth charges squids and hedgehogs should be implemented, and early cold war design’s could have ASW rocket launchers for further extended range
    There are already games like wows that have modelled the use of K and Y projectors allowing to launch DC´s without sailing over the threat.
    Naval mine warfare would be a new step to affect the game.

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