World of Warships – Khabarovsk by The_Reichtangle

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Khabarovsk by The_Reichtangle moves to capture C with a couple friendly destroyers. A enemy destroyer also tries to capture C, but he eventually must retreat. The_Reichtangle moves to the center where there isn’t too many ships. He has to retreat and sustains a pretty good amount of damage. They push back after the enemy captures three bases. The_Reichtangle with low health tries to stop the enemy team from winning the game. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk Replay


  1. I think I will research soviet DDs

  2. Zao extreme Good

  3. Wow, they’re really just a few seconds away from losing, amazing that they
    could pull it back but they’re also very, very lucky! xD

  4. Are you sick when you’re doing this video? If that’s the case, get well

  5. That team lost it. Keep them coming.

  6. Ist Anschluss zeit! All clay now belong to Reichtangle!

  7. `another intense battle! nice team! :D

  8. The enemy team made the mistake of not defending B. They do not need
    everyone to go to C.

  9. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    real nail bitter….woots.

  10. Should have said “Doing the reich thing”. I know you wanted to… (8:33)

  11. Great Game, now I know what ship line to do next :)

  12. Every time i hear your voice the picture of Tobey Maguire comes into my
    mind…great videos tho keep it up!!

  13. FaithfulScrubHD

    At the beginning he says Des Moines is shit Zao is better, or something
    like that. Even Germans agree

  14. +Notser i’m trying to grind RU DD line and i’m wondering if it’s better to
    give up concealment on Khabarovsk and just go for other skill like
    demolition expert to increase Damage output still go for traditional DD and
    go for concealment?

  15. Hi , thx for Fight <----- BlondeHans :(

  16. That was a nail biter. Very cool replay.

  17. Sir Orrin Productions

    Anschluss time!

  18. “Gives the island a love tap, a love tap of joy.” Good Lord Notser, how can
    you be awesome and adorable at the same time?

  19. Great replay! The drama was real.

  20. I did send my 180k damage Kamikaze replay, but haven’t heard about it for
    sure 😛 So maybe there were better ones. Or there is a chance it might show
    up later on?

  21. The HE damage on my khab is straight up garbage. Needs a major buff.

    i constantly have 35k – 40k damage games with this ship shooting HE

  22. Notser’s, I sent you an iowa replay this week. 190k and 52 planes killed.
    also a very tight game. hope you will take a look!

  23. In his most successful game in the Khabarovsk (which I assume this is, as
    he only played 7 games with the ship thus far) The_Reichtangle caused
    127.800 of damage (according to his WoWs player stats)

  24. Khabarovsk is ridiculous. Basically a 42 knot light cruiser that can’t be
    critadel’d. If whomever’s running it can aim at all, it will murder any
    other destroyer, and often heavy cruisers too. Nuts.

  25. Haha in my games in destroyers it’s like the entire enemy team drops
    everything to shoot at me whenever I’m spotted >< I think I might have to get that 4 point skill that gives me more health in my US destroyers haha

  26. would be helpful to see captains skills + module/upgrades

  27. “he is doing the reich…thing” 8:31 xD

  28. The little cruiser that could!

  29. Perhaps the funniest name I’ve seen in a while :’)

  30. Simon De Meester

    Oh man, this just happened to my team like an hour ago, we were ahead on
    points, 1 min left and a BB gets torped in his face, bye win…
    Keep these great videos coming :-)

  31. pinkyandbrain123

    Wohhhoooo my buddy is featured by Notser!!! Wooohoooo!!! ????

  32. lol i love it when Notser has to pronounce german names 😛
    but the name is a bit strange, yes :)

  33. Felix Anglhuber

    When the DM Donskoi appeared…. so fu*****. close 😉 So exciting…. GG

  34. That looked like a really fun game that was enabled by some really, really
    bad awareness on the enemy team. Reichtangle played very well, but he was
    incredibly lucky here.

  35. Love the chat too, Go forth imperial minions 1:05

  36. i lold when i saw reichtangle

  37. so lucky 🙂

  38. Hey Notser, love watching your vids of this game. Was just wondering if you
    would happen to know if this will come to console’s?

  39. Do you keep older client versions of the game? I have quite a few
    interesting replays, but all of them were played on ~0.5.4 :/

  40. ho ho ho I can’t breath those 2 DD almost just almost they were about to
    die but thank goodness they were very lucky lol
    what a game XD

  41. Looks like the Khabarovsk is pretty bad ass. What’s better tho? The
    Khabarovsk or the Gearing? Herd the gearing isn’t as great as it seems.

  42. The_Reichtangle, illuminati and nazi combine. Hmmm good naming sense there.
    And I have to say, he’s pretty mature the entire game even when you team
    and enemy team badmouth each other.

  43. Just wanted to say that my clan and I are such huge fans of your content,
    and we regularly use your videos as refrence material for less experienced
    members. Keep up the fantastic work. The London Crew salute you!

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