World of Warships – Khabarovsk Holds The Flank

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on North heads out to the western side and A point, we run into the majority of the enemy team. Very quickly the game becomes a struggle to keep the enemy from breaking through in the west. Our eastern team does a great job pushing forward and taking out the weak side of the enemy. The enemy carrier locks us into his sights, I have a split second to react. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Khabarovsk Replay


  1. 14:07

    Aggressive Criss-Cross Torpedobeat Go!

  2. In asia server, cvs usually go first for DDs. And usually they one shot
    them with that anvil drop. Specially Shima and Khaba.

  3. See this video ??? Seger how you a good player kills battleships like
    butter ??? This is the reson i have finaly My UDALI DD…jest to shoot and
    kill evertyning in My Way…And i have extra hel with 15 Torpedos….Love
    this ship!,,,,

  4. I am looking for information on the smaller AA range circles on the mini
    map. I am guessing that it is a mod. Where can I find it?

  5. Flatulierendes Manatee

    Could you make a new vid about the binoculars?

  6. lol we have PAN (pulled a Notser) and now we have HAS (he’s aggressively
    sitting) O…..M……G….. lol Btw Notser, ty so much for live streaming.

  7. wow!!! :)

  8. Cyber Cyclist (Yugumo 夕雲)

    I feel Amatsukaze, the enemy CV, was trying to go for Notser everytime, but
    Notser is always sailing close to the fleet or coverd by fighter. Bombers
    targeting an activly maneuvering DD under AA protection will be quickly
    Even at the end when Notser is alone, the 45 knots will save it from the 40
    knots torps if the drop is not perfectly perfect.
    Enjoy this play, but feel kind of OP.

  9. Hey Notser what do you think of the dynamic crosshair, do you find any
    advantage to using it?

  10. I won the mission flag and it wasn’t worth it. Keep them coming

  11. I a recent QnA with the Devi on the RU server, people asked what the dead
    were going to do about Moskva and khab being op, and they said they weren’t
    because of their high detect ability lol. But I heard that they’re planning
    to nerf Zao.

    Nothing must come close to overthrowing the obviously superior Russians who
    played such a large part in WWII

  12. The Khab is one of the most ridiculous of the DDs.

    And not in the good way.

  13. “He’s aggressively sitting” …not words that I thought I’d see placed next
    to one another ;)

  14. maaaaaan i love my tashkent, cant wait to get to khab, someday…….

  15. Jake van der Veen

    I demand a Cleveland game!!!!!!

  16. Notser did the stopwatch trick work for torps

  17. CynicallyObnoxious

    A t10 that makes money wuuut

  18. When the enemy Izlasyav popped up in your bino’s at 4.5K, in full
    broadside, with synchronized drumbeat & rowing oars… and you disengaged,
    I was screaming!!! HAHA!! Then the lack of torpedoes sent… But dude, you
    completely redeemed EVERYTHING when you dodged those torps at the end. You
    always get a “like” no mater what :)

  19. Lol it was the tier x I was there

  20. Man this was a fail. Prime rule when you see a Khaba, kill it. If you
    don’t… it will kill you. Great game!

  21. Thy Izy and the planes can damage you, but the Des Moines is a total other
    issue. Dont feel bad about running away, I would have too. Is there any
    advantage to the dynamic reticle other than it being less cluttered?

  22. nice torpedos beats XD

  23. How is it the Khabarovsk’s AP shells do more damage than the Scharnhorst’s?
    Fix your shit WG.

  24. Notser u sound alot like Jeff Dunham which is a hilarious comedian.

  25. Guillermo Fischer

    Notser, i’ve a replay from 2 months ago with the 4th max damage on the
    Khabarovsk. Can I send it?

  26. What a game, I’m on my way to the Khab, currently at Tashkent

  27. Admit it. All of your games are epic. You just share the ones where you get
    to pull a notser and entertain the cheering crowd.

  28. Des Moines running from a DD. Khaba is love, Khaba is life.

  29. Hey! stop doing videos on this ship it’s supposed to be a secret.

  30. I enjoy your destroyer videos more than any other type. Keep going Notser!
    Love watching your videos everyday.

  31. Notser, what time on friday will you be streaming? I missed the first one
    and I’d love to join you tomorrow. Cheers

  32. IBTV - Internet Broke the Television

    Nice !

  33. fully upgraded, the stats of the Khaba are wildly OP

  34. Boy you can really see how the repair costs eat into profit, without the
    repair discount. Great game, Noster.

  35. enjoy the khaba before it gets nerfed… in my experience the khaba is the
    most OP ship in the game. Not complaining it’s just my opinion.

  36. GG WP !!!

  37. why no clemson vid while i already have like 4 kraken in that thing

  38. did i just see t4 dd?

  39. I’m so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!!

    My opinion below:

    ▶ ?──────── 00:44

  40. i love this ship. only played it on PT, but i still love it.

  41. Anybody noting the EU schills spending EU money on ads? How much of our
    money are they spending…

  42. notser showing a shameful display running from a t4 dd xD

  43. i’ve tried playing khaba with acceleration but it just takes too long to
    turn, whats your opinion about that?

  44. The best ship in game, I’m #1 Kebab player NA if you select 250 minimum
    games and I’m pretty proud of that! You did an excellent job with it

  45. Hi Notser can you please investigate and test out more about the dynamic
    crosshair and let us know what is your conclusion in regards the leads and

  46. 14:05 intense torpedobeats ^^

  47. SO, you say Notser that Soviet destroyers have the best guns, i wonder why?
    *cough cough Russian bias cough cough.

  48. oh shit… just 599 hits… :D

  49. will there be a Notser replay without a pulling a Notser? Perhaps on
    Christmas? :D

  50. Are you going to try to stream in the evening time sometime? Sometimes I
    can sneak on during work for a quick fifteen minutes during a break but
    can’t do a stream. I would to catch a stream. I’m not home until after 5:30
    central time. I’m sure I’m not the only NA follower in that situation and
    would imagine someone on the westcoast would have an even harder time
    catching you. Anyways, I was just curious.

  51. Pulled a Notser at 8:09

    Keep up the good work :D

  52. I just got my Trashkent, loving the Soviet DD line. Would you say
    Demolition Expert is more important than Survivability Expert for these
    Soviet destroyers?

  53. The khab was my first T-X. I almost never play her since we went back to
    the “original” Tier X stats.

  54. x599 hits dear god. That’s less than 4 battles needed to complete one of
    those ARP missions.

  55. somehow, strafing planes is harder than torpedoing destroyers, those planes
    get over 160 knots

  56. I’m actually happy to see that you switched to the dynamic crosshair. It’s
    so much better than the static, because it’s so accurate with 30 knots per
    tick mark and even extremely fast targets are no problem to hit if you zoom
    out one or two steps with the mouse wheel.

  57. Who would bring a tier 4 destroyer into a tier 10 match with a tier 10

  58. its funny how noone has complaining about ships shooting through mountains
    at planes

  59. Top Speed : 45.1kts (looks at speed readings..45.2kts) 😀

    don’t get me wrong 😛 just trying to make fun

  60. Yeah, a Notser is pulled again. I always ram ships instead of islands 😛
    Which is not much better actually.
    I hope the village didn’t laugh at you…

  61. hey notser love your vids can you please play the amagi?? byeee

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