World of Warships – Khabarovsk In A Close One

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Khabarovsk on Hotspot spawns in the west and pushes immediately toward A in a attempt to capture it at the start. We hide in a little nook, while a enemy Baltimore moves toward the point. Friendlies capture other bases and we try to defend the A point from the enemies. The Baltimore pushes into A and we light him up. Enemies eventually take all but A and try to push us off of A. In a last ditch effort, we try to take out as many enemies as we can before they can finish us off. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk Replay


  1. Notser I really think you should use the AP more … it just shreds through
    the broadside of cruisers and bbs … I even use concealment expert and
    skip demo expert just to incentivize more usage of AP … I had games in
    the udaloi where i easily did more than 70k damage just with AP

  2. Dont you get spotted anymore if you sit in smoke with AA popping of at
    planes? I always turn my of when im hiding from divebombers.

  3. Does turning on AA, while sitting in smoke as a DD, not make you detected

    Saw you sit in smoke with AA guns going more than once in this vid. You
    weren’t detected, either. Did they change that in a patch recently?

  4. MeKanism Lastname

    So! What’s next Notser? Moskva? Hakuryu? Midway?

  5. Notser ::: I hate capping in my Hatsuharu at the start of the match. if I
    go into a cap usually a Fletcher , Benson, or Fabuki will come in to
    contest me. and the gun reload time on the Hatsuharu sucks. I can’t kill a
    gun boat DD with one salvo
    so I have to rely on my torps. so with this DD I usually try to find a
    battleship. I have been killed so many times
    on “”Fault Line “” because there are only 3 DDs and I’m forced to try to
    cap at the beginning of the match

  6. iChase said he would sink you one on one in any boat. he talking shit.

    lol i lied, he didnt say anything. would be pretty cool to watch tho. you
    should totally form a pro fleet with him.

  7. charlie glasser

    i like the background, mint

  8. That was amazing match. So close! I really do love this match in
    particular! Well done Noster :)

  9. Hey Notser, I’m a big fan of USN DD’s and nearly at the Fletcher now, but
    still stuck on the Gnenvy for the Russians ever since I got the better
    spec’d Anshan…are Russian DD’s worth the grind for someone who is a fan
    of USN DD’s playstyle?

  10. The CV did such a good job

  11. Great gun ship. Keep them coming.

  12. wow! your cv won that game. great play captain Notser!

  13. how do you select specific targets for your AA guns and secondary guns?

  14. Thanks for another helpful video!

  15. I think that DD should cap from the get go, can be a situational thing,
    especially on open caps – sometimes I don’t want the enemy to know that I’m
    at the cap (sure they know they’re spotted, but until I enter the cap they
    don’t know exactly where I’m at) until I’ve figured out whom of them is in
    the area and can be a problem for me. In cases where there are fewer
    friendly DD’s than the enemy has, I feel having DD’s alive at the end game
    can be more crucial than just rushing in to cap at beginning of the battle,
    and maybe risking your participation in that end game. Also if you have LoS
    on multiple (fast firing) cruisers when the enemy has IJN stealth boats,
    you may find yourself spotted and under fire before you can take remedial
    action (I think my record is dead 10seconds from the situational awareness
    warning). Even letting a spotted enemy enter the cap in order for you to
    take some free shots from stealth can be a better tactical decision.

    Of course risk can be mitigated, using terrain, not approaching the cap
    straight in – if you’re spotted you need to pull at least120degree to get
    away, and for a lot of the time in that turn you’re closing the range.
    Whereas by approaching the cap at an oblique angle, it takes less time to
    turn and run, but still gives you the option of fight or flight, plus an
    oblique approach has the cap in your torpedo arcs, rather than having to
    make half a turn before you can launch.

    However, once the game is in flow and most of the enemy position is known
    (or can be inferred), not capping is just crazy. I’ve even seen cruisers
    pull out of a friendly cap, when an enemy DD sneaks in unspotted – even so
    far as losing the game because they ceded our cap to a single unseen enemy

  16. The ijn DD argument of surprise is an awful excuse, when you launch torps
    and you count them, analyze the number and what enemy could of launched
    them. I would be afraid of USN and vmf DDs in an ijn

  17. I had a very good game in the Tashkent yesterday. On the last second of the
    game my team won by 1 point. I contested one of the caps as long as I could
    and killed two ships just before I died to get that. Was a stressful but
    fun game. I am liking the Tashkent a lot actually, I heard a lot of bad
    things about it but I am liking it as much as I liked the Kiev. Looking
    forward to working my way up the Russian DD line to tier 10.

  18. I thought you were making a mistake when B cap was being contested with all
    the DDs there. Prime targets down range could have been the game winning
    move play but it worked out anyway.

  19. Finally someone said that! Why on Earth you are not capping bases? Nowadays
    there are two worst things which could happen to your team. Yamato /
    Montana sitting on max range and DDs hugging the wall and sending torps.

  20. I wan’t a Khabab.

    Create plan:
    1. Get Notser to play my account and grind up to Khabab for me. (At Gnevy,
    2. Convince Notser he doesn’t need to be paid for his services, since he’s
    doing a service to the community 😀

    3. Execute said plan somehow….

  21. Mikael Falkenberg

    Hey dude. Dunno if i asked you this before but here goes – where did you
    get “Notser” from?

  22. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    That CV driver was awesome.

  23. Congrats for the 10K subs. Notser, when you are detected by radar the
    Detected! mesage has a sign by the text, a sign like the hotspot sign..
    ((o)) !

  24. Richard Heijden

    As a ijn dd base capping in the beginning of a round can result in a fast
    way to port. Depending on teams I will decide not to cap. And wait for the
    game to develop to get on cap. Most times I will rush to cap. But in some
    games I will decide to spot and see what enemy ships do.

  25. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    Grats on getting Khabarovsk, shall be celebrated with vodka!

  26. you should know by now that dds are a good cv player main target.

  27. Muhammad Zafranuddin

    Notser I know russian got 1% fire chance buff for 130mm guns but use AP on
    broadside target, I am dying inside

  28. Kalle Blomquist

    Great video as always, Notser! 🙂 So which T10 DD do you like more: the
    Gearing or the Khabarovsk (I know I don’t have to ask for Shima in this

  29. i was surpised you didnt use concealment exprert isnt that a necesity for a
    dd? especialy the RU ones?

  30. why does the Khabros so big ?

  31. wooooot? You already have the Shish Khabab? When did you drive RU DDs?

  32. congrats on the Khaba. Did you keep the Udaloi? Do they both feel the same?

  33. Juan Andrés Méndez

    Yey Notser finally has the Khaba :)

  34. 336 hits and 18 fires!!! rock on notser

  35. im 18k from kiev….but I dont feel like i can endure the ognevoi any

  36. it is really easy to hit shots on DD with a DD if u go for chain fire (e.g.
    BENSON). u will hit that easy and annoy the enemy like hell

  37. nice match , i need to grind this ships , but take me so long time ……..
    i am at the ognevoi Know 70k xp needed to get the kiev so boring

  38. Stupid Iowa… Seriously, does he not even pay attention to HP?! Had he
    fired his main guns, probably even just one turret worth he COULD have
    stolen the kill from you without having to kill himself in the progress!

    Makes you wonder how people get to such a high tier like that. I mean, he
    COULD have been going for the race just for the lols and trolls of it, but
    that is still STUPID! There are definitely times when going for the ram
    makes sense, but not when you have a CLEAR advantage – and a very easy
    opening to kill a target with your guns!

  39. Russian Tier X DD = Very Light Cruiser! Russian Tier X CA = Light

    I am VERY interested in the Moskva! But that will only happen AFTER I own
    the Zao and Gearing.

    I wish I were more healthy more often – as I do not play when my symptoms
    act up, as it makes me shaky, sweaty, easily frustrated, and impatient.
    Which, of course, leads to me dying very quickly, and ending up VERY
    frustrated and angry, mostly at myself, but it still tends to leave a bad
    “taste in my mouth” as it were. So as a result, I DO NOT play either WoWS
    or WoT when feeling ill as such, and only play games such as Terraria as it
    is not competitive, and if you screw up it is very easy to recover to where
    you were.

    That is the reason I am only at about 600 games since Open Beta started
    (with around 260 or so in CBT) – as opposed to well over 1000. Same goes
    with WoT, when I started in 2011, I was not nearly as sick nearly as often,
    and racked up about 3000 games within the first year. I still play WoT
    (though rarely now that I am thoroughly OBSESSED with WoWS) but I have been
    sitting at 9000 games total, having gone up 1000 matches in the last 2 to 2
    and half years.

  40. its funny that its one of the bottom 5 main tree ships played on a weekly
    basis. i cant wait to finisj my udaloi and get the khab

  41. Notser – you passed 10k subscribers – woo!! congrats bud

  42. Vegard Løfaldli

    Finally a Khabarovsk game 😀 Even sent you a Khaba replay on friday or
    saturday 😉 I love the Khaba and Udaloi!

  43. moar! Khabarovsk plz xD

  44. Ultimate Shifter

    Probably the fastest destroyer? And the number of guns + fire rate, man
    this ship do really have an excellent firepower! I believe this one will
    probably outmatch the Gearing in a gun battle?

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