World of Warships – Khabarovsk Repair Party Preview

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The Khabarovsk is a powerful destroyer but soon it will have access to the repair party ability. I take it out with the repair party and see how it performs on Two Brothers. I move to the eastern flank and engage enemies who push forward. Unfortunately the entire enemy team chose this flank and I’m forced to pull back. I perform a moving retreat while keeping up my fire on the enemy. The use of repair party is interesting and I can’t wait for everyone to try it out. Hope you enjoyed this and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Soviet Destroyer Khabarovsk Replay


  1. Hey..I’m not english, i didn’t understand: why his name is Nahkodka ? And will it 2 tier 10 russians dds with Grozovoi ? or 3?

  2. Got my kebab last night… Bring it on :3

  3. BIA World of Warships

    Notser, great video but I feel on this so called “light cruiser” build that you get rid of IFHE and use the extra HP. Since its percentage based, you would theoretically get more HP back over the course of the game. Just something to think about.


  4. can’t wait for the destroyers

    I imagine that they’re decently close to release

  5. WG logic: Let’s give the DD with the highest WR in the game a repair party!


  7. Khaba and Leningrad are TIED for the fastest ships in the game! And IIRC – Leningrad has better rudder shift stock – but can’t mount the tier 8+ rudder shift module you are using. I would probably still use concealment just to give me a bigger buffer to escape enemy fire – ESPECIALLY when you are running with no smoke and the Heal instead!

    Personally, if I were going to run the Khaba with heal instead of smoke, I would build concealment so I could somewhat mitigate the lack of smoke by more easily disappearing from sight when too many shells to be able to avoid start flying.

  8. Notser I noticed that you always say: “der Große” but the ships real Name is Friedrich. Der Große means something like the big or the great (so you should rather say this enemy Friedrich) not der Große 😀    greetings from Germany

  9. Can I have a heal for the Akizuki pls? XD

  10. no thanks, not with the T7 range it has

  11. Hey Noster! I think it’s time you change the icon of propulsion module.

  12. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    I’m not sure if I want to endure the Tashkent again to unlock the khaba 🙁

  13. is this video really allowed to be released?

  14. Fuck that the destroyer did not smoke and had a group of rescue ! Wg you normally exaggerating the destroyer . Who support my opinion?

  15. Wait are they taking away my smoke?

  16. I like what I see of this line, even tier X. Hey now 12.5- 12.9 km. range on DD isn’t bad. That’s knowing if a DD begins firing its guns, something’s gone horribly wrong, in my op. ?

  17. Notser you spell it Nacodca just like that.

  18. The number of butthurt BB drivers pitching a fit about this in the comments is glorious.

  19. Charging in a Minotaur with a DD….you have big nutsers, Notser! 😀

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