World of warships – Khabarovsk

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  1. dunno why but i hope ull get hit by a car 2morrow :y

  2. skeletaur skull night

    The sound was cut a 1:00

  3. Watching that Yamato makes suicide seem like a more attractive option than playing WoWs.

  4. 18:53 Hentai understandably upset that the Yamato came over him .

  5. Finally, Russian DD gameplay. I know you don’t like it, but it’s still a laughing matter when you gun down cruisers and BBs while being spotted 24/7 because you can’t stop shooting.

    • What’s more funny is BB’s failed attempts at mitigating his damage… “Shit, I can’t tank him broedside, better sail away diagonally”
      “Shit, sailing diagonally is also painful, WHAT DO” I dunno… maybe bowtank? Those Montanas are a fair representation of the average Montana player.

  6. Am I the only one who thinks that Hentai has the best chuckle in the world? :-p

  7. llljustcallhimDave

    I’ve been playing the Khaba a lot lately, I find most players have no Idea what the khaba is for. Was told we lost a game because I didn’t rush into the cap at the start. I was told I was the fastest dd in the game with 55 knot speed and that I could’ve taken the cap before the enemy ships got in range.

    One of the players telling me this had over 15k games. Wtf are you supposed to do with idiots like that.

    • Yep I agree, same is true with alot of ships that have relatively nice play styles, and usually it’s people that don’t play them or that type of ship giving the “advice”

    • Same thing happens to me all the time. Always yelled at for not capping early in the Khaba.

    • I would never ask a Khaba to cap.

      But I do it in Khaba. For me there is no other way as a DD and since I do it in Khaba as well I really win games consistently in it.

    • @zen_man Yeah, I agree with you. I guess I would clarify my statement by saying it’s usually a bad idea to cap early if the cap is contested or we’re going to be spotted. I just had a match in Trap on the north side. I rushed my Khaba into A, sat behind that 1 island and took a free cap before the enemy had time to contest it. So there’s definitely situations where you can cap early. We just have to make sure we’re playing it smart in the Khaba.

    • Riddler85 Absolutely!!!

  8. I feel like khaba is a teamplayer. The amount of fire you can absorb by dodging is insane. Every salvo fired in youre direction is a salvo that would have fired at your allies.
    The way this ship is hardly balanced is Battleship Ap. Even when you can dodge, f.e. a Kurfürst salvo, there is this one dispursing grenade asking for your Papieren and takes away 4-5 k health.

    • About the random shells getting a pen not a overpen: you probably know that but the khaba has those 50mm plates that shatter some HE shells but they will be thick enough to arm Battleship AP which will result in some high damage salvoes

    • yes, thats because it takes so many pens, even without angling away

  9. HE Yamato FTW

  10. Is 13.5 km gun range on khaba with AFT? I am pretty sure that every other gun/hybrid t10 DD would get about 1km more with AFT

    • Yes, it’s with AFT. Khaba has a very short range because of its shell speed and arcs. Would be OP with more range.

    • Back in those day where khaba have 10km torps and absurd gun range hahaha

    • Flash123 jak But every other DD can’t hit so relaiably at max range like the Khaba…

    • Bics96 every russian DD can hit reliably at max range. IJN and German DDs can as well, but its going to be a little bit harder. Only in american DDs its pretty impossible to hit at max range (i bought the lo yang today for the new ranked season so i know what i am talking about lul)

  11. In that Yamatos defense. Umm, Err. Yeah I got nothing!

  12. another example why i just dont get why wargaming thinks yamato needs a massive xp multiplier

  13. i Would not consider it selfish game play if you tank the damage in a DD or BB the result is the same keep them busy so they dont shoot your team

    • Only a fool who wants to be the first ship to die early, will tank in a DD. There’s only one type of ship in this game that’s designed for tanking, and that’s battleships. Battleships have the most armor, highest survival, and the most heals.

      DDs and cruisers, with limited to no heals, and paper thin armor, shouldn’t have to be the ones to tank for pussy ass BB players like the retard Yamato player, who want to sit as far from the action as possible, and snipe at max range, because they’re afraid of getting their premium cammo scratched.

  14. The Lolyang

  15. i keep getting a sound bug on some of your videos, where the Audio will just cut out

  16. I play Khaba full concealment and smoke. I take out DDs and cap. I got better WR since then. I only care about wins.

  17. everybody use aimhelp mods or aimhelp hacks in this game,gunboats are so irrelevant & useless!
    leningrad o m g

  18. Had a div mate get screamed at by a player on our team that was from one of the BIG clans. The ones that are featured in the Kings of the Sea contests. My div mate was in a Khaba and the other guy was in a Hindy. Kept abusing my div mate because he was not “spotting”. Even though there was very little concealment difference between them and my div mate was low HP.

    How can someone reach T10 and be in one of the most respected clans. Yet not be aware of the way the Khaba works?

    So it is not just potatoes that don’t understand.

    Oh and your div mate complains A LOT. Wow, maybe he needs to play another game 😉

  19. Yeas everytime Khaba player talk they say how under powered it is and hoa it needs a buff and its the dd in the game bla bla bla. Yeaaaa right.

  20. Nasos Charalampou

    Watching this wasnt fun at all. I mean you have 2 great players struggling and trying to carry peaple that dont even care. I noticed too a gameplay decline but i firstly blamed myself for not trying enough. It seems that ship classes simply dont follow what theyre suppossed to do. Its frustrating and ultimately discouraging to enter a battle. As a fellow GRKEN member greetings to Hentai 🙂 (im sosna83 in game btw)

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