World of Warships – Khabing everyone

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I definitely don’t play this ship often I’m a fan it’s playstyle but I can’t say it’s not powerful, quite the opposite.
Enjoy have watching 😉


  1. Monty just converted Khaba to full on cruiser.

  2. I simply cannot play legendary khaba, rudder is too slow

  3. Seal-khabing.

  4. Yo welcome back flam. Hope u enjoyed germany gamescom.

  5. One Khaba to rule them all, One Khaba to find them,
    One Khaba to bring them all and in the fire bind them.

  6. Full stock ship yeh? That detection is global!.

  7. アドミラルヒッパー

    i still do love this ship though rocket pencils are too painful.

  8. Hydro might be able to “highlight” a subs location as long as it’s not in “quiet mode.”

  9. The problem I see with submarines is that with all those HE spammers in the game, battleshps need to use islands as concealment, which often means slowing down or even staying stationery for some short time. Flamu just posted a Yamato replay where he does just that – relies on concealment rather than armor. But this kind of gameplay makes you vulnerable to submarines. Battleships will now have to rely even more on being screened by destroyers. And relying on random people in online gaming doesn’t really work. We adapted to playing against HE spammers by using concealment and not tanking much any more. But I’m starting to wonder if battleships players aren’t running out of options when comes to adapting their playstyle with those submarines coming

    • kysz1 I personally just don’t want subs at all I think they shift the meta way too much and it’s putting too much pressure on dds and cruisers and bbs are kinda useless

  10. Dude went out fighting, got to respect that

  11. Did above 19K on a Khaba at 14km He was running away and it seems like one Shell really connected With the ship. no detonation.


  13. You not talking very nice about other players ??

  14. Rajtilak Sengupta

    Ships need to have better hydro and the anti submarine warfare should be manual and there should be deep water ping torps on ships

  15. Flambass do you think you might consider giving a full screen review of each ship as you use them? I guess what i mean is zoom in bow to stern of each ship. I think it might take 10-15 seconds but I think it would be really cool to see each ship showing more detail.

  16. It feels good to see someone play a forgotten ship

  17. Flambass what are your reccomendations for a Khaba build Im currently grinding the Tashkent

  18. Still on Tashkent but Russian DDs are amazing fun. Sad that matchmaking or carriers screws us over sometimes.

  19. Personally I maintain that an unlimited recharge sonar with 1.5km range that only found subs, coupled with a modified “radio location” that when you pressed U would send a ping and give directionality to what is currently underwater contacts last circle, would be better.

    Less nonsense of circle chasing, subs could make direction changes to trick the arrow cone, active component on DDs part and if sub escapes dd for the duration of their sub sonar they get another chance on life.

    As to now with circle hunter 3000…

  20. How come your videos recently have had some noticable lag?

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