World of Warships – Kidd – Jedi Mind Trick

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Another replay from Kingpin61, I know twice in a week? 😛 But it’s a good one, with one heck of a play at the end. Enjoy!


  1. Cmon notification squad!!

  2. 2 replays from the same guy? Lucky bastard! 🙂

  3. Best World of Warships narrator 🙂

  4. Another great replay! Thanks for the share.

  5. i don’t really like this camera view ichase, looks a little confusing ? , i’d like the default view one

  6. The tubes launch in a fixed order. If you turn the launcher around the bow and stern are switched relative to the tubes.

    If tube order changed depending on the direction of the launcher you could tell which way a destroyer was moving depending on the spread pattern.

    My question is, in game, is the spread noticably tighter on one side or the other?

    • Sangtrone Its just the order of the tubes. What i guess WG have done is they have defined each tube individualy and forgot to account that if you turn them 180 the last becomes first. 🙂

  7. The rear to front torp launch is not different from one side to other

    let’s say four tubes on one mount, “A-D” as to the port side A to bow, D to stern when and tubes set that the last tube fires first so D fires first.

    Then launches rotates to starboard side of ship then D is now to bow A to stern and tubes still set as the second fire D is still the first to launch this would have been change so A launched first.

    It’s not different it’s the rotation of the tubes and should be reset so stern tube fires first on either side of ship.

    • WG probably hasn’t changed anything and this is how it’s probably always been with the torps popping out of the tubes in order 1-X. Aimed to one side, it’s historically accurate but the other it would be something that would get a poor sailor keel-hauled.

    • Yup, only if WG changed it, then you could tell the difference and i dont think they will bother to do so

  8. Well played Kingpin-just another sample of proof that it’s not just the ship-it’s the commander as well

  9. I’ve open fire on cruisers and battleships shortly before I hit them with torpedoes all the time. It’s a great distraction making them think about your guns and they forget about the torpedoes. I’ll send some better replays of mine to your email then.

  10. This is a very common trick dds do to get targets to turn. NIce play.

  11. I wonder… Did you realize that when a torpedo launcher fires the rear tube first when pointed to the starbord side, that when it turns to fire from the port side, the rear tube has become the front tube, and thus fires first?

  12. Time to make fun of [OPG] players because that was absolutely one of the stupidest plays when your team is up in caps and points.

  13. lol I played the the surviving zao in this match.
    Good job Kingpin!

  14. That guy in henri was just greedy for kill, thats all about it

  15. Here’s a bad idea: In real life, a lot of Destroyers only had one salvo of torpedoes. There were not able to reload their torpedoes at sea, it could only be done in port. Can you imagine if the DD’s in WoWs could only launch one salvo of torps?

    • with japanese ones being ultra stronk for having second reload and reloaders on board 😉

    • on a serious note though if they went for it they would have give a hell of alot of rebalancing to a hellalota of ships and I do not think that WG would be up to such challenge… considering how they are doing with rebalancing carriers

    • General Cartman Lee

      As bad as the idea to not instantly stop flooding, not being able to see torpedoes that easily, not being able to repair your ship within seconds…

  16. It would be nice if there were screenshots at the beginning that show the captain skills being used, the ships that are in the game, etc. I know the ships are shown on the side and at the end during the recap, but it would be a nice way to set up the video. I’d like to know what kind of competition the captain is up against.

    • dcpetemoss Can’t really do captain skills since the replay isn’t his own.

    • Quin USS Requin I should have been more specific and said that he could ask players to send a screenshot of their captain skills, or tell him what they were running so he could either make a graphic or put it in the video info. Not a big deal, but it’s interesting to see what people run.

  17. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    imagine if you only had 1 set of torps, and 1 reload to use, it would make DDs have to be way more tactical. They jut couldn’t float in the 6 or 7 km range and shoot torps for half an hour.

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