World of Warships: Kidd – Radio Location Is Amazing

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Radio Location (RPF) is great. It helps you find destroyers and to avoid the threat of them. I also have an absolutely amazing CV player in this match!

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 US destroyer Kidd in a ranked match on the map Northern Waters.


  1. radio location is amazing for DD hunters (like this Kidd) with relatively less concealment

  2. Lol enemy team chat is cancer

    • Well having such teammate that is so toxic, not only not helpful but also trying to TK you…. I can understand it. And he ended up last on his Atago. Such guy should get login ban for a week or more.

  3. Maybe I’m calling it too early but I bet Kidd is a Black ship this year

  4. Big brains on aerroon for the torpedo tip. I never would have thought of that

  5. I mean, you know what’s amazing? When the Atago on the other team sinks his team.

  6. You and Kuroshiokai need to fight over that, he really has a dislike of how much information it gives to the enemy. Personally I’m kind of in the middle.

  7. That was a nice game. I am currently at rank 7, the highest I have been ever in a normal rank season.

    Seriously why have I never thought of this? This is genius!

    • Basic geometry and math. I guess people amazed by that also drop torps at fleeing ships just in torp range and then worder why they dont hit

  9. Now THAT is a salty team chat!

  10. That turret breaking reminds me of the old days of 2016 when fletcher was preferred over gearing due to low module hp

  11. I don’t play CV’s but am always glad to learn new tactics regardless. Thanks Aerroon.

  12. I run RPF on all my DD’s because it just gives you some extra intel on what the enemy is doing. Great game Aerroon, and it was good to see you the other day (I was in the Hindi taking all the fire whilst you beached and you were in the Pom if you remember 😛 ) 🙂

  13. perhaps if u smoked the cruiser behind you that would be like a 200 iq move lol

  14. This is what happens if you pick priority target over Prev maint. Turrets break a lot.

  15. XP is rewarded for damage done & caps, not teamplay, which is why the CV that played in a way that doesn’t maximize damage was quite low in the team despite being invaluable to the overall victory. Support is so rarely rewarded; even spotting damage (let alone RPF localization) is negligible in terms of XP. It’s a gigantic flaw in the game if you ask me but hey… At this point, it’s the least of WoWs worries.

    • Perfectly analyzed, but I actually think that it is in fact one of the biggest worries of WoWS. Russian bias aside, this very issue is the reason why we see so much passive play. Instead of playing for the team, tanking, spotting, etc.. players play for themselves and farm damage from as far back as possible. Why even risk your ship, when there’s literally no reward in the end?

    • @Cicono I agree with you; do you also fear that this “passive play” is getting even more prominent with the introduction of ships like the Champagne and the Slava, or even the entire new American battleship line? It feels as if, instead of addressing the problem head on, they are embracing this passivity, to an extend.

    • @Anne Onyme Well of course they do. Where there is a problem they only see money. Fixing shit doesn’t make money and WG does not care about balance or enjoyability, only money.

      Eventually they are going to remove caps as a whole and just make the games pure deathmatches.

    • My guess is they don’t want CV’s spending the match perma-spotting for exp so they try to encourage it to attack.

    • It’s a flaw with all WG titles. At least it’s not like WoT where kills mattered a little bit more than the others.

  16. When I do play carrier, I usually end up using fighters to try and keep stuff perma spotted that I wont want to attack directly but do want to inconvenience. like say all the bbs and most of the cruisers on one half a map

    given how inconsistent they are about actually attacking other aircraft it feels like a better use :/

  17. @11:51 Ap rockets still do damge… sure its only like 500 or 1000 but it might be enough chip damage for low health dds

  18. I like to use RL on Shima actually, using the map and the RL indicator have allowed me to sink unspotted ships.

  19. Thanks for the tips Aerron, especially that smart but simple idea at the beginning!

  20. I’m pretty sure the CV thought you were being sarcastic when you were complimenting him lol

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