World of Warships – Kidd Review

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was recently released, it is a solid premium US . I take her out and discuss the stats of the vessel. Pros are utility, brawling, and premium. Cons are torpedoes, dedicated commander, and low velocity guns. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Destroyer Kidd Replay


  1. Heal on destroyers, eh? For those who believe DD = pinata, this is a fatter, somewhat self-replenishing pinata that you can slap around for longer.

  2. “Really good now *after* the buffs”
    As if it wasn’t good BEFORE the buffs. It was already overpowered beforehand and then they fucking BUFFED IT

  3. IJN DDs suffer from having been the ‘OP’ ones at the start, certainly at lower and mid tiers. That means WG has nerfed them and will take their customary sweet time in rebalancing them given they’re the old DD line, despite having been through the split. Meanwhile Soviet DDs remain a terror because reasons.

    • Soviet DDs are powerful (apart from any Russian bias) because gun damage is simply more reliable than torpedo damage, particularly when those torps are so damned easy to spot as IJN torps.

    • IJN DD’s keep getting nerfed because BB noobs would rather WG nerf anything that counters them, then actually learn how to play the game. IJN DD line is total garbage, wish I could trade all my ships and XP for something else. I stopped at Shima and went Yamato, Curryworst, Montana and Conq and its like…wow… BB is EASY MODE

    • Also the Shima and Yugumo have very potent gun power when speccing full gunboat build actually. Compared to Mahan with bft, 4.5 second reload with higher fire chance, flat almost russian arcs and almost the same dpm. If invisifire was not removed they are epic mini zaos(Aeroon did 103k with HE and fires back in the day). Coupled with 12 km super heavy torps they still are very competitive while having similar guns as kiev. Once wg decides to buff the detection of jap torps ijn dds are great again. #makeijnddsgreatagain

    • Btw in 7:31 the Yugumo had a slight chance if it was an 8 km engagement. But it’s Notser and he can’t miss!!! And he only had 1 turret firing so it’s gg for him anyway. And not many people TRUST gunboat builds in ijn dds would even work. But it definitely had a chance against anything not American.

  4. A premium tier DD that can wipe out a whole squadron from a tier 10 Carrier.

    Yep, Year of the Carrier indeed. ( More like the last year you will see Carrier) XD

  5. I rammed a Giulio Cesare with my Giulio Cesare and we still lost.

  6. I bought this BEAUTY! But I have yet to play her (will be doing so in an hour!) Because I have become VERY effective and accurate with the USN 127s, as I have spent MANY battles between my Atlanta and the USN DD line up to the Mahan so far, AND The Sims! Sims is the tier 7 counterpart to this DD! 1 less gun, but 2×4 torpedoes, defensive fire WITH speed boost, IIRC (will re check soon!) and of course that AMAZING USN SMOKE! Which WOULD have saved Notser’s life in this match had he used it!

    Hell, Sims and Kidd – ALSO have similarly lackluster torpedoes! Though Sims can choose between 49 knot, 8.9k damage and 9.2 km ranged “sea mines” as i call them, as the target ALMOST has to run into them, OR Much faster 65 knot, 11.2k damage 5.5 km ranged torps that CAN BE VERY STRONG IN SMOKE! But are situational otherwise, as 5.5 km is certainly lacking!

    Anyway, I LOVE USN DDs! And I am willing to BET that I will love the Kidd MORE THAN the Benson!

    • I’m not particularly excited about the Kidd because of the lack of decent torpedoes. For crying out loud, the devs could have at least let it keep its best Fletcher torps if it was going to be stuck with only one launcher.

      I have the Sims, but I doubt that I’ll buy another USN premium DD until they produce one that has pretty decent torpedoes.


    • crucisnh Whatever fits your playstyle best m8! But I will tell you right now, Kidd is FAR better than Sims!

    • Disagree. This ship has major concessions for what it brings to the table. For one, the lack of good torpedo power of x2 torp tube launchers is a massive drop. Every other DD in the tier has torpedo power to put any ship down instantly if the chance is there. With only x1 launcher, the overall loss of power is considerable. You can’t do safer torp spreads to cover a wider area or a concentrated drop to maximize damage for the right situation. Not with Kidd. Only 1 launcher.

      Secondly, one that isn’t really brought up here, is that Kidd has a larger turning circle and longer rudder shift time than Benson. She’s more clumsy even if you have SGM2 fitted.

      Not saying the ship is great or terrible. But it is a balanced ship with strengths and weaknesses.

  7. Yay, more defensive fire’s running about. Because as a CV, if there’s one thing I notice the game lacking, it’s defensive fire…

    • lol, I agree and it will only get worse now that Defensive Fire is so strong for US and Soviet DDs

    • Defensive Fire on any DD is such nonsense. DDs can only put up a mere fraction of the Anti-Air firepower that any high tier (i.e. WW2 era) US BB can put up, or plenty of other nations’ high tier BBs. This is one consumable I wish would go away. And force all ships to depend on their own innate AA, plus any bonuses from upgrade modules and captain skills.

  8. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Error 404 Balance not found Also this ship is a big middle finger to the Akizuki And pls don’t let me get started on the IJN DD current state

  9. So how long till it gets a Karate camo?

  10. Would love to see do a dd vid with strategies on how to slow the game down. In an older player and have fun playing dds but beat myself too often.

  11. I’m not really sure if defensive fire should really even be in the game. But this ship kinda shits on the Akizuki except for the gun handling part. More so that the Akizuki was made to be an escort destroyer, but it doesn’t get defensive fire. They both have torpedo tubes just one doesn’t have torpedo reload. Idk is it possible the Akizuki gives that up for defensive fire? Or you can choose one of the two?

  12. Dude! That was a good, old fashion Notser stomp! Great gameplay and ship demo!

  13. I️ would agree with you about the defensive fire if CVs were more prevalent in the game, but I️ played all morning and not one CV.

  14. i have her and she suits my play style…shes a AA monster

  15. ok going for the obivous joke are you “kidding” me?!?!?!?!?!:P 😛

  16. Went with everything aa and holy crap this thing works. Feel so bad for tier 7 – 8 cvs. One match killed over 28 aircraft.

  17. I think the Kidd is an excellent ship. You can extend the gun range out to ~15KM and just pepper ships at range. You can pretty much play it like a Khabo. Great AA firepower, concealment and speed. Definitely one of the better premiums WG has done.

  18. God, I wish I could play as good as Notser… >.<

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