World of Warships – Kidd vs Kaga

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One of the best tier 8 DDs in the game vs one of the best CVs in the game.

Trenlass, Monkey and me decided to run a competition:

Each one of us gets to play 1 match per class per tier 8-9-10. Who ever scores on top more times, wins.

First match of the competition was this one.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Hanz im finaly early : ) !

  2. That Kaga lost 136 planes in a 15 minute game…

    • unshapened python

      kaga starts with around 96 planes, that and how many of those were fighter planes, i wish the game would differentiate between the two so it doesn’t feel like you’re shooting down all these planes. kaga can spawn 6 fighters up to 4 times, per squad type (3 times). however those planes are at a lower tier at like tier 6 i think, maybe 7s for rocket planes.
      bombers have 12 planes per flight, 4 planes per squad.
      and attack aircraft have 2 planes per squad.
      cycling properly you’d be getting about maybe 3 planes a minute, 90 seconds… ish… i can’t remember the full numbers. also don’t forget discount the time it takes to fly to a certain area before it gets to actually attack. so at the start you aren’t generating any other aircraft then the one you have out in play. so that’s if it is a smart carrier, it should be generating 1 plane for for the first 2 minutes. and if he did cycle that’d be 2 planes for the first 4 minutes…
      That being said, the kaga was really fucking bad. it wasn’t supporting it’s team but instead hit an area where it was least effective considering the amount of planes it was losing over that area… it’s the equivlent of a DD doing a “flank” not using it’s guns and only torping at max range. then again i feel like DDs that do that are more effective then this kaga.
      in short, this kaga threw the game, and i’d report that player if i had the chance. in fact i’d send a ticket to WG and hope the dude gets a week ban.

    • maybe a few less because of spotter plains and fighters which count too so make it arround 110 which is still a joke

    • Celtic Ogham123

      U face flambass and ur DED

    • Celtic Ogham123

      Or trenlass or monkey

    • Kanade Tachibana

      He shot down 54 attacking aircraft the other 15 were fighters. Not sure about the others

  3. Wow, pretty intense! Good job!

  4. i got 40 plane kills on leberecht maass once, agaist an enterprise, 2nd highest EVER on that ship

  5. Michael Bannenberg

    Kaga already starts with 96 Planes. Its very rare to see a kaga deplaned.

  6. Hans: How many planes does Kaga get?
    WG: Yes.

  7. Me in any other CV: avoids Kidd
    Kaga: WhY CanT mY pLaNEs sINk yOu???

  8. ‘of course I will just let you die’ 😀 The Three of you brighten my day everytime

  9. Should rename the Kidd to USS Laffey after this battle XD (USS Laffey survived a 90 minute battle with over 50 Kamikazes with 8 successful hits by kamikazes and a few bomb hits. Nicknamed “The Ship that Wouldn’t Die”)

    • Clarification: USS Laffey was the name of two ships: The Benson class one (DD-459) got into a firefight with a Kongo class (Hiei) at point blank range and dodged the BBs ramming attempt by about 6 meters while firing her guns and torpedos at the enemy fleet before being sunk by main battery fire.
      The USS Laffey you’re talking about was a Sumner class (DD-724) so technically a totally different ship from the USS Kidd (which was a Fletcher class) in game.

    • @D3ton4tion Thank you! Laffey is quite the storied name it seems!

    • @D3ton4tion DD-459 ended up in the middle of the Japanese fleet during her final engagement, between Hiei and Kirishima and two to four Japanese destroyers, and still put a serious hurt on Hiei, who couldn’t get her 14″ primary or her secondary guns depressed enough to hit Laffey.

  10. Terrence Anderson

    Hey dont make videos about the Kidd. This dd has been amazing recently and no one knows.

  11. my most planekills 101 with Atlanta 😀

  12. In case you are wondering, the CV player seems to be a FANTASTIC torp boat player, but has CV stats worse than mine (and that’s bad)

  13. @Nguyen Johnathan surface ships shouldn’t have unlimited ammo either =))

  14. Michael Søndergaard

    tremlass, monkey and flambass together. as it should be. i am however alittle suprised that tremlass died before monkey. whats up with that? my clan had a 5 vs 5 clan battle t8. enterprise vs enterpise at the end. total plane shot down from their cv= 128 and they shot down 132 planes in total from our cv.

  15. Hes like that guy who didn’t really come here to hunt.

  16. Ahh beautiful…. Flambass, Trenlass and just Ass in a division again.

  17. @heardistance True, but a half-brained Kaga player would not lose 69 planes to a Kidd doing no damage.

  18. Nguyen Johnathan

    @J C and BB guns shouldn’t able to load shell fast at high elevation either =))

  19. The Tank Commander

    Despite all of that fighting, Monkey still finds a way to be toxic to Trenlass! Wow!

  20. @Nguyen Johnathan depends on the ship

  21. Nguyen Johnathan

    @Matthew Lebo Most practical and common loading angle are at +/-5 degrees though, British 15″ guns have chain rammer enable to load at high angle (around +20 degrees) but it lack sufficient power capacity, some problems has solved by changing from hydraulic to pneumatic pressure but they still face issues which ultimately remove in newer 15″ and 16″ gun designs.

    Japanese 14″ and 16.1″ guns have these high angle rammer too, but found suffered the same issues like RN, this was remove from new 16.1″ turrets.

  22. 8:46 did I just hear “Enemy cruise ship sunk”?

  23. WG: Time to nerf AA again

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