World of Warships – Kidding Around

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Caught a cold when I was out yesterday but rather than leave you all hanging, here’s a little something I threw together featuring SG_Kage in the USS Kidd.

Music in play order:
“Dodging Questions” by Magnus Ringblom
“Chairman of the Board” and “Swagger Stagger” by Martin Landh
All licensed from


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. This is a great way to start a Friday. Watching aircraft get deleted by a destroyer

    • @Frostburn Phoenix midway’s bombs are bs, but torps are damn awful. Lexington was better. With 3 torps it does 13K +/-. Quite funny

    • @BigLBA1 as long as you choose your targets carefully (like not attacking a worchester) and have map awareness (like not letting a Worcester get within 8km of you), you can still get decent and consistent performances in a CV

    • @Jeffery Zou : In the game with the wuster, I tried to scout a DD, but it wasn’t possible. So I just hid behind a rock till the AI wuster showed up, I scrambled my planes and they got deleted within 2 seconds. So I just waited the whole game actually.
      There’s no balance when it comes to cvs in the game.

    • I made every ship able to do so a dedicated anti air vessel. Hate those pesky planes with passion. I love to play AA destroyers and cruisers and scort the fleet. Gives me more pleasure than sinking ships lol

    • @BigLBA1 I wouldn’t hide behind a rock. CVs need to keep moving along with their team. A stationary CV is a dead CV (as soon as a flank gets overrunned). Since it’s an AI Worcester who doesn’t know when to hold fire, what you should do is keep the ship spotted and let your teammates handle the job. In a random t10 battle, go for dds since they have lowest hp. Going for low hp targets is also good. Just avoid ships that can put up alot of flak and continously AA (such as minotaur, worchester, smolensk). I’ve been down tiered in a kaga, shokaku, and lexington before and I still managed to pull 100k games by keeping the enemies spotted and going for low hp targets. CVs are also strong late game ships when the enemy (presumably) has lost alot of AA defense via HE damage (especially British bbs and HE spammers). Honestly, in your case if you were the last person left alive on your team, then theres probably not much you can do against a Worcester. But dodging flak does save ALOT of hp. Hope this helps!

  2. News Headline – Gnome Overlord has Man Flu 😉

  3. You’d think they would learn at some point

  4. Hey Kidds, wanna buy some

    Plane kills?

  5. Never had that many planes kills in a DD usually only mid 30s but it’s always a sure sign of an easy win when the enemy CVs throw the game by focusing on me rather than actually reading the mini map and helping their team

  6. The USS Kidd is a museum ship in my hometown, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s a beautiful example of a Fletcher class destroyer.

  7. 126k plane damage, and 95 kills.that’s almost a TX hangar capacity in old system.

  8. Shoutout to the guy who thought jingles was getting sick last video

  9. “… Some thing a little different…”
    The only thing that’s different here is that this section was not broken into clips and interspersed with other similar section/clips.
    Bring back “Why You Heff to be Mad?”!

  10. Jesus Jingles, you’re gonna get yourself banned for showing porn on Youtube.

  11. Prep to initiate quarantine protocols, we don’t want to risk an outbreak of the Man Flu.

  12. Now that Amazon are sampling celebrity voices, shouldn’t they put together a Jingles text to speech package?

    Obviously have the classic phrases on the function keys.

    “That’s a paddling!”
    “If it’s stupid but it works… it ain’t stupid”.
    “It’s made of citadels…”
    “Let’s just call him Dave”

    And of course the long hearty laugh when someone does something particularly stupid and gets deleted. 🙂

  13. “An’ all that without a single drop o’rum!”

  14. 6:13 At least their Japanese Carrier was a good sport about it 😀

  15. “oh no i am a pink player, i must atone for my sins” *Proceeds to destroy entire enemy airforce*

  16. This reminds me of a joke involving a bear and a guy trying to kill it with a whole bunch of different types of guns.

  17. @Rei Hakushi Yes please! It’s been way too long since the last one.

  18. Ah my cousin Robert the Bruce’s best friend.

  19. Carriers: “I fear no man! But that thing…”
    *cuts to scene of Kidd eviscerating 16 planes in under 10 seconds*
    “It scares me”

  20. i would dearly love to see a new “why you heff to be mad” and “the good, the bad and the ugly”

  21. Anyone remember random acts of violence?

  22. @Greywolf same

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