World of Warships – Kiev Gets Backup

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Kiev on Land of Fire moves to attempt a capture on B in ranked play. The enemy has 4 destroyers, we must find and destroy each one if we have a chance to win. Talk about the differences for Land of Fire domination versus ranked. I have some really hairy moments that could have spelled doom for my team. Two ships in particular help me to continue the fight until the very end. Hope you enjoy this close game and hope you have a fantastic day!

Tier VII Soviet Destroyer Kiev Replay


  1. Can’t wait till I get to rank 10 so I can use higher tier ships than 5 and
    6. Great video as always.

  2. yo, any chance of the higher tier soviet DDs?

  3. gg!!! sorry for the delay:)))

  4. very well played bud.

  5. Good game as always. I suppose you don’t show the others. 😉
    Are you always running away in a straight line in a DD after you popped
    smoke? They were blindfiring at you when you run away and they hit you
    multiple times. Why didn’t you change course a little bit? A change always
    course a little bit even after I went invisible in smoke. I know you loose
    speed that way, but isn’t it saver?

  6. Played rank on fire just the way you did in your other DD vid and won……

  7. It’s a game of teams.

  8. Are you Canadian?

  9. Notser– Key-ev? Keev? Keeyv? I Know there is a Russian version (Kiev) vs.
    the Ukrainian version (Keev).. but I’m a little unsure what ‘accurate’ (as
    if we lived there) pronunciation of words which are also used in English
    (Chicken Kiev) has to do with World of Warships, man. And don’t get me
    started on ‘Błyskawica’. XD. Bwyskahvicah? I’ll just stick with

  10. Wow, excellent aggressive gameplay Notser – and excellent recognition of
    when to move away and get some back-up! Good stuff, bro!

  11. Nuce game Notser, do you Think the Tier 8, 9 and 10 are as good ships as
    Kiev ?.
    I have enof exp. For Tier 8, i dolt Know what to do. I Word Love to se you
    make a rev. Of the next Tier 8 DD..
    IT have the same speed and 8km torps but the turnés are worst and camo is
    like an cruiser lever at 9 km

  12. Progress on the pronunciation Notser. Well done, sir! 🙂
    Now that I hear how you do it, perhaps adjusting to “Kih-YEV” would be more
    appropriate. IIRC, the ‘EE’ sound is pretty short.. sounds like it goes
    quickly into the hard Y sound after the K. Maybe some native speakers would
    have better insight but that should be close enough, right?

  13. Really liking the ranked battles !

  14. KIEV master race got RANK 1 today with mah KIEV fucking awesome ship but
    these terrible terrible 6 tier before her are almost not worh the grind

  15. Is it only me or is the Kiev really more like a small cruiser on drugs than
    a normal destroyer?

  16. Hey Noster, love the vids, have a question for you. I usually play cruisers
    and BBs, but started getting into the American and Soviet DD line. Why do
    you pick last stand over advanced firing training? I’ve assumed that adv.
    firing training is better since it helps you achieve invisi firing. Thank
    you for the vids.

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