World of Warships – Kiev Gets To Torpedo

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Kiev on Land of Fire starts out on the eastern flank and pushes to secure the C point. We engage multiple destroyers, but with the assistance from the team they are easily destroyed. After capturing C, we push near the B point and engage enemy cruisers trying to escape our wrath. Finally, we assault the A area as the remnants of the enemy team put on a last stand. Hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Destroyer Kiev Replay


  1. Notser, the Kiev will be miss you ? or you will not sell this for the T8 DD
    Soviet’s ?

  2. any thoughts on adding mines and depth charges for destroyers

  3. Hey, thanks so much for these videos. I absolutely love them and I’ve been
    notching up a lot more damage in my Kiev with the AP info you’ve given. One
    thing I’d like to humbly suggest is giving a bit more advice on why you’re
    choosing what area of the map you do when first starting out and such. I
    feel like positioning is an area I could use some improvement on.

  4. Wow Notser – beautiful final video of the Kiev!! It makes me more motivated
    to grind my Tier VI Ognevoi! Really look forward to the Tashkent and
    Admiral Hipper videos!

  5. Thank you once again for you game play…..Of all the wold of warship
    utubers you..,by far…
    ..would be one of them!.lol.
    I recommend everyone watching this to sub as Notser always puts out good
    quality content.

  6. Tashkent!!!

  7. Yesterday I had a really awesome game, I would send it to you… but it was
    in my Atago again I did 600k credits and 11k xp also… but the real thing
    is that I had so bad lag it appears in the replay, such a shame… anyways,
    I’ll let other users to submit their replays, I will send it to you just to
    watch, the thing is caps gives a lot of xp my base xp was, ready? 3675

  8. You are like one ship ahead of me in each line just got Kiev today and
    Nurenberg last week so look forward to Tashkent and Adm Hipper vids

  9. The Kiev is ridiculous….

  10. I hope you throw some extra vids together for the holidays. Stocking
    stuffer Notsers…..

  11. Hey Notser, how do you cope with general selfishness of so many players? I
    always try to play the objective, support the team, push forward and tank
    when driving BBs, and I must admit I’m really starting to feel fatigue
    because of so many team mates who don’t care at all about any of this. So
    many times they just cut and run at the first sign of trouble, lemming off
    to one side, or just ignore caps altogether. Frankly, it’s wearying.

  12. I just love when a DD stops and throws it in reverse thinking hes going to
    fool another DD like that Hatsu did just before you ended him.

  13. 12:22 LOL your one single secondary acutally set him on fire right before
    you killed him XD

  14. Sigh. I just can’t deal with watching largely BS Soviet ships killing CAs
    and BBs with what are, in naval terms, popguns.
    I don’t care what reason they give, it’s just plain absurd if you know
    anything about the weapons, armour and damage control capacities of the
    I suppose we’re supposed to think “It’s an arcade yippee-shoot so just
    forget they’re pretending it’s got anything to do with real ships that
    fought real battles and embrace the silliness”.
    Sadly I’m not very good at doing that.

  15. I just got the Tashkent yesterday… I already miss the Kiev

  16. Just had a 234 hit game in the Kiev this morning. I absolutely love this
    little cruiser. 😉 Flamu has a great guide on offensive smoke, and I feel
    as though I have mastered it at this point. I can usually score 60-90 hits
    in a typical offensive smoke.

  17. cant wait for admiral hipper, very sexy looking ship

  18. A real solid game. I would call it GREAT.

  19. you should play the new mexico, fuso just cant compete, fuso cant even
    citadel the damn thing

  20. Very nice bud as always…….

  21. Watching a Notser naval vid: “Oo.. careful. .there’s an island just there–
    watch out! You’ll beach yourself again. Turn turn! TURN.. whew…” XD

  22. Notser, what are your opinions about the upcoming Russian DD nerf?Have you
    played the Kiev on the public test server? The guns seem to be shooting
    peas there, I couldnt get 1000 + damage in a salvo.

  23. Didnt know they where gonna nerf Kiev, im sad! How much HP will it get
    after? Do they nerf enything else on it?

  24. you are an inspiration to us all 🙂 i have learned so much from your vids.
    Tell me please, 80k dmg per battle on Amagi OK or should i try harder?

  25. Kiev needs a nerf but Tash is also getting caught in the crossfire Lil bit

  26. yay! tashkent video :D

  27. Hey Notser, the audio seems to be off timing 20 seconds or so.
    Looking forward to see some Admiral Hipper Videos! 😉
    Cya Gjor

  28. Hi Notser,

    This is half off topic :–))

    Could you please tell me the shell travel time at max range with advanced
    firing training on the Mogami for the 155mm gun and on the 203mm?


    Now back to actually watch the vid itself :–)).

    Have a great weekend!

  29. Great video Notzer! Keep it up :)

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