World of Warships – Kiev Pushes East

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Kiev on Fault Line pushes the eastern flank with a couple destroyers, we don’t run into much opposition. A enemy destroyer attempts to torpedo the mighty Kiev, but is no match for the power of the 130 mm guns. Talk about minimap play, intuition, and how to successfully hold a flank. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Destroyer Kiev Replay


  1. nice work
    enjoyed that

  2. Here comes the pronunciation Nazi…for the love of God notser, watch a 007
    movie and you’ll learn how to pronounce Kiev!!!

  3. Insane DD gun damage! Maybe the Russians are a bit bias lol about who’s the
    boss. In any event, I’ve been having good fun games with my lil Gremy. I
    have a great win ratio with it. I should have even more fun in the Kiev :)

  4. Too many fires. US destroyers were limited to a 5% fire chance.
    That’s because they were setting fires too often, considering how many
    rounds per minute they could shoot. Japanese destoryers were given a 9%
    fire chance because their guns took so long to reload. Now Russian
    destroyers shoot just as many shells, if not more, than US destroyers. But
    the Russians are allowed a 9% fire chance like the Japanese. Wargaming
    leaves itself open to accusations of Russian bias, and I have no reason to
    think them untrue.

  5. Another great demonstration of sound tactical awareness and astute aiming.
    Makes me want to think about playing the Gnevny more, but I’m so close to
    the Mogami it hurts!

  6. im loving my kiev it breaks all my reacord for most XP and damage dealt in
    a game just on my first game on it… my problem is i feel like i dont want
    to play any other ship lol.

  7. Notser – thanks for displaying a masterful battle in the Kiev! You played
    it to its full advantage, and out-gunned all comers. Very enjoyable to

  8. I did 63k damage in my hosho, got no kill and lost 5 : 12 :(

  9. deadly. I never noticed you using speed boost.
    Have you noticed that post patch initial HE impact damage is very very low
    but that actual fire damage has stayed? That’s how they equalized it. I’m
    guessing that they felt seeing fires and that element was a better
    experience than keep initial DM and nerfing fire. Fair enough.
    Last stand module seems mandatory now on all the weaker hulled boats. I’m
    getting wrecked a lot.

  10. you def need more subs 🙂 I love these WoW content

  11. Awsome play Notser as always great vid keep up the good work.

  12. Respect Notser 🙂 carying the game :)

  13. I love my Kiev so much – it’s a complete beast. Granted, everything leading
    up to it was fairly rough, especially before the Gnevny, but well worth the
    grind. It’s also refreshing to play the Russian DD line for how differently
    they play for a DD.

  14. Man that is just an evil little ship.

  15. Amazing game Notser, so much insight on how to play the Russian DD’s now.

  16. Any tips to earn more credits, my XP on all my ships can easily upgrade,
    but I don’t have the credits?

  17. I hate Kievs.

  18. I am currently paying the Gnevny…. and have BIG fun with it. Saw some
    videos of the Kiev, but wondering how the T6 russian DD performs. Any infos
    on this?

  19. I have nick named mine the (HBS) Harry, brawl, sniper :)

  20. Defo my all time fav DD so far, in fact prob my fav ship in the game:) Its
    an outstanding gun boat particularly when holding flanks with BB support
    but just as good at most lead point maneuvers through open water with
    company or solo lol………it can harry, brawl and snipe all at the same
    time …….fantastic little boat :)

  21. At the end there. Did you see those AP shots from the friendly battleship
    landing on the Kongo and dealing nearly no damage at all.

  22. this is why I love russian DDs they are more like a hybrid Destroyer +

  23. Hey Notser…

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