World of Warships – Kiev Ranked

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Kiev on North in ranked battle pushes the eastern side of the map to capture B, the Kiev is super fast and able to get into the point before anyone else can react. After successful capture, we pushed back toward A to support the team and eliminate some enemy destroyers. I got a great attack run on a battleship with torpedoes and then we push to finalize the game by damaging a carrier. Hope you enjoy this ranked battle in the Kiev and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Soviet Destroyer Kiev Replay


  1. i rly like your vids, keep up the work.

  2. well played

  3. notser surely loves ramming the island

  4. “we slam into the trunk” … lmao

  5. i don’t understand “last stand” skill what is the penalty

  6. Nice one mate :). Maybe you can try and stick 2 games of ranked at a time
    if you think this is to short. Cheers buddy

  7. Well done, you make that ship look op.

  8. Nicely done. Thanks for the Vid.

  9. Congrats on Rank 8!

  10. It’s my fav T7 dd by far but I find that my guns get knocked out easier
    than any other ship in the game.
    How about a double play vid for ranked considering how short they are. I
    needs me Notser fix…..

  11. THANK YOU noster :D

  12. I’m glad you realized this ship is still way better than the Tashkent. It
    is really hard to beat that 48 knots. One suggestion: try using the
    propulsion modification on this ship. The stock rudder is pretty snappy as
    it is, and with all the zig zag you do at range when maneuvering, the 20%
    back to speed boost makes a big difference. As far as game crashing and
    rebooting goes.. Get a SSD if you don’t already have it. You can usually
    get reloaded and back in game within 20-30 seconds.

  13. what do you think about the tier 5 BBs? everytime i use them i overpen
    everything but american BBs

  14. Advance firing training is better then last Stand on keev(LOL) IMHO

  15. Just made it to T5 in the Soviet DDs love the 130MM guns on them. Hate the
    very limited trop range. Awesome ranked battle, GG. Played in a game on the
    same side with you in the Izumo yesterday, looked as if you had an GG. To
    bad I ran into a Montana in a New Orleans. Got to swim with the sharks
    after that.

  16. such a FAT dd 😛 keep on doing those vids! ^^

  17. Excellent game….

  18. I still LOL @ your “keev” pronunciation. hehehe

  19. waiting for your North Carolina ranked :)

  20. Cant wait for the kiev, unfortunately im still only on T3 of soviet dd’s

  21. It’s pretty funny that the Kiev actually has a secondary gun. XD

  22. Nice!Cheers for ranked video Notser!(More of that!)
    I am watching the vid right now so dont be angry if you already said it:
    Do you think the Tashkent (its the name of the T8 dd right?) is better for
    ranked or the Kiev?

  23. nice to see someone really having fun playing this game, Notser you got my
    thumb’s up.

  24. Good game play. When you get to rank 5 and above, you will have more fun up

  25. Very nice. Recently bought Kiev. Getting to grabs with the awful
    concealment. I should think of it more of a small cruiser.

  26. Love it!

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