World of Warships – Kiev Tier 7 Russian Destroyer Overview

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It’s taken a bit for me to find my comfort zone with the . Still not sold on it but there’s no denying it’s a dangerous ship!


  1. I was trying the Kiev in ranked, and it’s interesting. Odd thing is, I
    didn’t find much use for AFT. There are just so few BBs and an
    overabundance of DDs. I’m not skilled enough to effectively hit DDs beyond
    about 11 or 12km, so I specced out of it and ran DE and SE instead. An 18
    point captain would be nice though to allow for all three.

  2. I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that the AP of all of the RU DDs has had
    its normalisation buffed from 8° to 10° as of 0.5.10. I feel bad for you
    for having to toil away with it in that old UP condition ;)

  3. Talkin shit bout the Kiev? Hell naw.

  4. Thank you! I’ve been struggling with this ship and you’ve absolutely shown
    me why.

  5. I still think the Kiev ist just very StronKK. Because russian navy is best
    navy ;-P
    Its just fun warping around the maps and set everything at fire, just by
    the look at an enemy 😀
    And the Tashkent afterwards is no stinker either ;)

  6. Over all I think your ship overviews are the best I have seen keep up the
    good work.

  7. Although I unlocked Ognevoi, I’m still at Gnevny and waiting for the 14th
    point before I start retraining, and I also need to respec EM out. However,
    USSR DD damage output seem very inconsistent to me.

  8. business what do you think if I use for the captain XP I use expert
    survivability I think the extra health would be helpful especially if you
    go one O one vs the mahan or any other DD how have higher health i’m i
    right or not i want to know because I almost close to buy this ship.

  9. Lukáš Pořízek

    Another perfect review. :)

  10. loved this ship even post nerf. excellent harrasser. and the torps DO make
    a difference, as a Fuso can take all 10 of stock torps. With the upgraded
    ones there’s a small chance that it’ll just sink outright.

  11. It was much more fun to play when this ship had 15,500 HP

  12. IMO Kiev is the last ship in the line where its small profile / speed is
    used to mitigate damage. Tash and forward I found that playing them more
    like a cruiser was very necessary. I still contested caps with Kiev but
    after that it became harder and harder with T8+ usn DDs roaming caps and
    people being able to shoot better at higher tiers.

  13. what i see there is exactly what i miss in the mahan and makes me still go
    back to my farragut from time to time…if you fire ant kinds longer ranges
    and you go fast…those arcs curving in to the target…damn, that ooks
    sexy 🙂
    oh and regarding AP, i havepretty solid 2-3k salvos agains nagatos and
    colorados (broadside/superstrukture). i like to light them on fire at least
    once tho before i switch to ap :P

  14. Almost done with the Ognevoi. Looking forward to the Kiev.

  15. Hey Business, i just have to ask because it seems like no body else does
    it. How come you dont use the right mouse button while youre holding
    sustained fire? like from 17:30 while constantly raining on the Amagi, i
    would have held down the RMB after finding the lead which would have kept
    the aim exactly where i had it, even while turning, while also allowing me
    to look around at my surroundings, then let go and see if i need to
    re-adjust my aim.

    Im only really asking because i never see anyone else doing it, which seems
    off when it feels quite useful.

  16. I don’t think Blys have the AP penetration like Kiev because of the arc
    shells. Kiev is more like a type of ship that never stop shooting.I think
    if you have to knife fight with others destroyer, I suggest you should kite

  17. Are you going to do a Tashkent video? I’m on it now and my god, so
    situational. OK it can tank some damage (I will definitely be taking SE
    when I get 14 points) but it NEEDS to. I’ve had 100k+ dam games in it but
    they’re rare compared to the slaughtered soon as seen games. It’s just so
    friggin huge!

  18. One of the toughest adjustments to playstyle, in the RU DD, is not early
    capping, and maintaining range while keeping the guns hot. I don’t even
    bother with CE, because you should always be firing.

  19. Another great video Business! You helped me out a couple of weeks ago with
    my Kiev gameplay. I tried playing the Kiev like a US/Japanese DD, and you
    pointed out that it doesn’t work that way, and it helped.

    What are your thoughts on the changing threat environment for destroyers?
    It seems like everyone n’ their mother is starting to get radar or hydro,
    extended range secondaries, etc, especially with the upper tier German
    BB’s. Being primarily a DD driver, I can’t help but feel like it’s getting
    more and more difficult to operate effectively. Guess that means I have to
    adapt better. 🙂

    By the way, the premium cammo on the Fletcher is worth it. Fletcher is my
    favorite ship (dare I say, over the Gearing, which I just got too), and
    with the premium cammo and associated skills/modules, my surface detect is
    down to 5.8km.

  20. yeah I was also a bit overhyped for this ship. It’s a very cool ‘little’
    gunboat and it’s basically my main ship now, but I expected a bit more. The
    low HP is the downside of the kiev, I think it should have a bit more
    (around 14-15k)

  21. just had a 120k dmg game with it , I just love it

  22. I guess first

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